Over the last few months the underwear companies who have been on Kickstarter continue to grow. This time brand Jake Joseph is taking to Kickstarter to get more funds to make amazing underwear.

I love the crowdfunding model because it gets money to companies that may not get them through traditional means. Jake Joseph has been a great brand over the last few years. We have reviewed them and they have always done well with our reviewers.

You may ask why are they turning to Kickstarter? One of the reasons is they are trying to bring the price point down for its undies. Currently they are around $36 and they want to drop them to $14-21. Which is a price our readers are used to paying.

Second they are wanting to introduce the ZenSho Trunk and Boxer Brief. The ZenSho. Nameed after a Sumo Wrestling term and is branded the “first underwear not to bunch.” If this is the case then sign me up! That is the biggest gripe behind sizing for me!

There are man levels you can join. We suggest you go to the Jake Joseph Kickstarter page and see them and invest if you can!

3What made you do a Kickstarter for the new line? 

We wanted to some up with a selection that men would want to wear. Our idea was to have this interactive platform where guys could vote on their favorite designs and get what they wanted. It was all around a great way to connect with our audience and do something a little out of the ordinary!

You have having people vote on the new collection, are you energized or scared about having your fans choose the new collection?

We’re loving it! Our customers have a great sense of style, and by seeing what their taste are, we feel like we’re getting to know them even more.

What are some of the levels in the Kickstarter?

We tried to make our rewards the most fun and attractive possible. It goes from 1 pair of underwear at $20 (shipping included) to levels where people can come hang out with us at one of our photo-shoots or customize 3 pairs to their unique liking.

The biggest is the “Be a Model”  has anyone claimed this level? Why did you choose to include it? 

Yes! Someone already pledged for this level and will be flown to Vancouver for a special photo shoot session where he will be the star of the shoot! We’ll also spend some time together and make sure he gets the time of his life! We thought it was a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level with our fans. There is nothing like honoring our fans and making them the stars of our brand.

When does the Kickstarter end?

The campaign ends on January 10th, 2014 – so there is 25 days to go and for people to enjoy great rewards. We’re aiming at shipping the second collection out early February, so that backers can get their premium undies for Valentine’s day!

Check out the Gracon Model Kickstarter or check out the Garcon Model Site!


When it rains it pours! We have another Kickstarter for you guys. I think it’s super cool to pass along an opportunity for you guys to get involved. here is the press release for The Quaterly Underwear Club

The Quarterly Underwear Club has transformed mens underwear. Men choose their style, size, fabric and colour and then have their new underwear sent every three months- the NikeID of underwear delivered quarterly.

Mens underwear has seen little innovation in decades- dominated by designer brands and high street stores churning out the same old cotton underwear in tacky plastic packaging. Hamish Lawson, founder of DaDa Underwear believes that something worn more than any other item of clothing for the majority of a mans life, deserves some innovation.

“Compared to the innovation you see in sportswear and the variety of women’s lingerie, we felt that men’s underwear has just been left behind. The Quarterly Underwear Club turns an often forgotten chore into something fun allowing men to select the underwear that suits their lifestyle and receive it quarterly.”

Men can select the style, fabric, size and colours most suited to their lifestyle and have a pair delivered direct to their door every three months for $95 per year.

DaDa has spent over three years creating the most comfortable underwear available. After speaking with hundreds of men, they realised men needed more choice and more variety so started by working with various fabric manufacturers to develop the softest yet most functional fabrics available.

The Bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and temperature regulating with natural UV protection. The Seaweed fabric is also quick drying and also fights ‘free radicals’ on the skin as well as activating cell regeneration with remineralisation of the skin. The Coconut fabric uses coconut uses activated carbon from coconut shells to create a fabric that dries very quickly and helps maintain the body’s ideal core temperature of 37.5 degrees.

DaDa have developed nine different styles so men can choose what suits their lifestyle and taste- from a boxer for relaxing in the summer to a long-john for winter sports, the Quarterly Underwear Club has every man covered.

Each subscriber receives this card with their ‘unique code’ in December, which also makes it the ideal gift for any man. The card explains the Quarterly Underwear Club and allows them to choose their ideal underwear for the year ahead. What a great way to start the year.

Find more about them at the Quaterly Underwear Club Kickstarter and Quaterly Underwear Club site


Have you ever wanted to help an underwear company come up with new pairs? Then you need to check out Garcon Model new Kickstarter campaign. Right now they are allowing people to vote for their favorite designs and then the most popular will be made into underwear. I can’t remember any brand putting up and letting their customers pick what should be included in their next collection. I think this is an amazing thing for them to do. How many times do we wish we could get our favorite brand to listen to our opinion?

I know there are many times when I want to say, hey do this. Luckily having the blog I have done this occasionally. Brands listen but I’d like to think I have more power in the industry, but there are still pairs I want to see made! But, Garcon Model is giving you that power, make sure you vote and give money to make this happen. They have some amazing rewards.

Here is part of the write up on Kickstarter:

Why Do We Need Your Help?

Your support (and yes by support we mean your money in exchange for sheer awesomeness), will allow us to keep moving forward. The more money we collect, the more styles we can manufacture and the more choices we can offer YOU!

Please support at whatever level you’re comfortable with. We’ll pay you back with some really fantastic underwear, crafted for comfort with super-high quality materials you’re going to love.

We’ve priced our REWARDS to make sure we bring you great value. Our goal is to get our product in the most hands and also to bring you the underwear you really want.

As a start up, we’re not able to compete with $2-3 underwear the big brands get. BUT what we loose in competitive pricing, we earn in quality control and ensuring we deliver you the best product we’ve encountered in men’s underwear. And, believe us, we’ve tried them all!

Here is the breakdown of what Kickstarter money will be used for:

  • Manufacturing (40%)
  • Freight (1%)
  • Taxes (2%)
  • Customs (9%)
  • Photo-shoot (4%)
  • Shipping (20%)
  • Additional inventory (18%)
  • Others: web hosting, merchant fees, storage, logistics, etc.. (6%)

Our goal is to reach $10,000 to bring 20 new styles to life. So help us out by pre-ordering your underwear today. And share with your friends to help us reach our goal.

The important thing to remember with Kickstarter is that we need to reach our full funding goal or we get nothing.

Find the complete info at the Garcon Model Kickstarter page

imageAre you looking to get in on the ground floor of an underwear company? Then you are in luck Crochet Empire has started a Kickstarter to bring Crotchet Jocks and Bow Ties to the Market. Its a really cool idea and the jocks look like a cross between a jock and a sock!

They first cam across our radar on Twitter. They talked to us and we shared the link there, but I thought it deserved a post of its own, on the blog.

Andy the guy behind the Kickstarter says: “I create handmade accessories for men, and I do tiny crocheting them. This includes jock straps. I form the pouch and see it onto bands. They’re super comfortable and durable and I think they’re pretty sexy. With funds raised through Kickstarter I plan to experiment with materials like leather and am looking for the right material for a more sports friendly jock. I think it’ll be something the underwear connoisseurs who read your blog will love. ”

He says the Kickstarter is doing great, we want to see him reach his goal and start making the jocks for the mass market. To find the Kickstarter go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1469383534/the-crochet-empire-badass-handmade-items-for-men