3What made you do a Kickstarter for the new line? 

We wanted to some up with a selection that men would want to wear. Our idea was to have this interactive platform where guys could vote on their favorite designs and get what they wanted. It was all around a great way to connect with our audience and do something a little out of the ordinary!

You have having people vote on the new collection, are you energized or scared about having your fans choose the new collection?

We’re loving it! Our customers have a great sense of style, and by seeing what their taste are, we feel like we’re getting to know them even more.

What are some of the levels in the Kickstarter?

We tried to make our rewards the most fun and attractive possible. It goes from 1 pair of underwear at $20 (shipping included) to levels where people can come hang out with us at one of our photo-shoots or customize 3 pairs to their unique liking.

The biggest is the “Be a Model”  has anyone claimed this level? Why did you choose to include it? 

Yes! Someone already pledged for this level and will be flown to Vancouver for a special photo shoot session where he will be the star of the shoot! We’ll also spend some time together and make sure he gets the time of his life! We thought it was a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level with our fans. There is nothing like honoring our fans and making them the stars of our brand.

When does the Kickstarter end?

The campaign ends on January 10th, 2014 – so there is 25 days to go and for people to enjoy great rewards. We’re aiming at shipping the second collection out early February, so that backers can get their premium undies for Valentine’s day!

Check out the Gracon Model Kickstarter or check out the Garcon Model Site!


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