Thom Evans



Italian bodywear brand D.HEDRAL opens its first store on London’s iconic Neal Street at the end of this month.

The flagship store will offer innovative luxury mens and womens underwear and beachwear designed and manufactured in Italy.

Award winning architects Lazzarini & Pickering have been enlisted to design the store that will fuse both the digital ecommerce and physical retail experiences.

The interior concept described by Lazzarini & Pickering as ‘striking, sophisticated and user-friendly’ is designed to be modular, versatile and adaptable. D.HEDRAL plans to hold events in-store and it was therefore important to create a design that could be flexible and accommodate a particular stage or setting. This concept will be rolled-out internationally over the coming years in key territories around the world.

With a nod to D.HEDRAL’s beachwear collections shoppers will be embraced with two structures of nautical sailing rope that suspend silhouettes showcasing the product offering.

“It’s a new image to what one finds in the traditional retail landscape so it’s going be very striking. Sophisticated because of the detail and materials that represents the brand. User-friendly because it’s about dissolving the barrier between the web and physical presence. It is the best of both worlds.” – Lazzarini & Pickering

AngleFit Technology used throughout D.HEDRAL’s underwear and beachwear is a brand-new fit concept that will be communicated. To achieve this, shoppers will experience a state-of-the-art, interactive ‘Minority Report’ viewing platform that screens D.HEDRAL’s product offering, an introduction to AngleFit, and acts as the gateway to the ecomms experience.

D.HEDRAL AngleFit underwear and beachwear offers a more tailored fit by introducing an angle that increases the elasticity of the fabric covering the glutes. This improves support and creates a more flattering silhouette.

For customers that desire a more bespoke custom fit from their underwear or beachwear D.HEDRAL offers ‘Gigolo Joe’ for men and ‘Gia’ for women.

These styles with the iconic thermotape Y-back present three angles per traditional waistband measurement for a slim, average or full shape bum. These additional angles create a perfect figure-hugging second skin.

Store Address: 38 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9PS

A new video is released called, La Sirena, a love story shot by Daniel Jaems on the sandy beaches of Barbados, stars former Scottish international rugby player Thom Evans and Brazilian model Paolla Rahmeier exploring the fragility of love.

The film celebrates D.HEDRAL’s flagship store launch later this month at 38 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London (previously the M.A.C Cosmetics store).


D.HEDRAL introduces its debut men’s beachwear collection that factors the size and shape of the bum for an improved silhouette and perfect fit.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, D.HEDRAL BEACH offers beachwear with tailored fit beyond a waistband measurement that enhances the natural bum shape with maximum comfort.

D.HEDRAL’s patented AngleFit Technology introduces three angles:
95° (Full), 115° (Average), 135° (Slim) that alter the capacity and support of the beachwear to create a perfect second skin with figure-hugging precision and zero sag.

The iconic ‘Gigolo Joe’ underwear style has been reworked into sporty beach briefs with a tonal thermotape ‘Y’ to further emphasise the man’s curves.

The ‘MF’ range offers exclusive luxury with a deep waistband, grey cord and branded metallic toggles whilst the classic ‘Hermann’ briefs add a splash of colour with bold brights including red, taxi yellow, violet and samba orange with contract cords.

‘Hector’ is the perfect style for men looking for slightly more coverage with a retro aesthetic whilst quick dry water-repellent fabric makes the ‘Horacio’ short (featuring just the one AngleFit) the ideal style for the guy on the go.

  • ‘GIGOLO JOE’ Thermotape
  • AngleFit Briefs: £98
  • ‘MF’ AngleFit Briefs: £92
  • ‘HERMANN’ AngleFit Briefs: £89
  • ‘HECTOR’ AngleFit Trunks: £92
  • ‘HORACIO’ AngleFit Shorts: £190

Sizing: S, M, L. AngleFit Briefs are available in the three angles per size. 95° (Full), 115° (Average), 135° (Slim)D.HEDRAL BEACH Man available online at dhedral.com