You have heard us say this many times, so I thought I would go into detail more about this concept.  It is “what will I wear today since I’m going to the gym?” Granted there are guys out there who will wear what ever and not give it a thought, and I used to be one of those. But, most guys, I tend to think that they must wear more conservative underwear to the gym.

When I was younger, back in the day, I would go to the gym and wear a thong as a jock. Yes, I said it. I would go in and I would put on the thong at the gym, work out, and then change back. The gym I worked out in was a small one and not many guys were ever in the locker room. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was crowded I still would have worn it. I just liked it. I know we have a lot of guys that say, “A thong? Really?” Hey, the things you do when you’re 18.

The average guy I don’t think takes many risks when he knows he’s going to the gym. It appears most guys wear just traditional underwear. Traditional underwear is white briefs, white boxer briefs and some black. I haven’t seen a lot of colors in the locker room. For both gay and straight guys, I think many of them won’t say they love underwear. I know our readers here freely admit it, but I think for the population at large it’s kind of off limits to admit your love. It’s one of those topics you don’t talk about. I have talked to guys and when I mention the blog or I love underwear they go “I love underwear too.” Its like it’s a secret they cant’ share.  I think there is still a little stigma attached to admitting you like underwear. I wished more guys would wear what ever they want and not worry about it.

It goes back to the whole locker room thing in high school. I remember the days when if you wore anything different, you were immediately made fun of and shunned. Back in the day, I used to wear bikinis and very few guys actually wore them. I remember three guys total wore them out of 70. Which I was in the minority and changed really fast! I never got made fun of though, but then again I changed FAST!

This brings me to what is the gym factor we use on the site. It is a more conservative pair. There could be some color but pretty much it sticks to just black and white. The styles are briefs and boxer briefs. The perfect example of this is the C-IN2 Core Lo No Show Brief. It’s very comfortable but very classic in styling.  So, when we say “Gym Factor” on the site, its more geared to the conservative guy.

I am curious to know who follow this and who is daring to wear something maybe from Bjorn Borg, Joe Snyder, Gigo or Cocksox? Also, do you guys think a lot of guys follow this? What is the wildest thing you have worn to the gym? Lastly, what is the wildest undies you’ve seen a guy wear at the gym?

BTW, if you’re curious what I wear to the gym now, it’s usually a jock, when I go….


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. I don’t have a “conservative” gym factor pair of underwear lol. When I go to the gym I’m usually in a JM, Body Tech or Cocksox thong, and If I hit the pool-Joe Snyder Cheeky Boxer is my suit of choice. I like all different types of underwear and I’m not going to go all Sister Mary Convent about my underwear because somebody might see me in the locker room for ten seconds lol.
    P.S. if the guy is that concerned with your underwear, he either really dosn’t have enough to do with his time, or he wants to see what’s under the underwear lol.

  2. I usually take a jock to change into when going to the gym. I have been know to wear a thong too. I love showing off my undies in the locker room it is more fun when guys give you and look out of the corner of their eye.

  3. UNBTim Reply

    See, I knew our readers didn’t have this problem. But I think the general public at large does. Although we should see Alex in his undies at the gym obviously!

  4. When I go to the gym I like to wear sexy underwear so I will be noticed in the locker room. I also like to check out the underwear on other guys to see what kind of underwear they are wearing. I just love underwear. I have several different styles on underwear in my underwear drawer which consist of bikini briefs and square cuts. Right now at the present time I am wearing a pair of blue Merona bikini briefs I got from Target.

    • If you wear a thong,alot of guys will look.And plus you feel so sexy,and feminine.

  5. ClosetCurious Reply

    wear a jock to work out but usually dress at home then go to gym. at the gym, after showering, i’ve always been too afraid to break out the thong to change into. yesterday i mustered up the courage to do this and it was awesome. it was certainly a thrill to be standing there in just a thong. it wasn’t very crowded and i do know an old guy walked by to go to the toilets. planning on doing the same thing tomorrow.

  6. Any of you guys wear your jock or thong to work? I am tempted to do so but am nervous someone will notice and think I am weird, haha. I love seeing a guy in their jock or thong and I kinda want other guys to see me in mine. Anyone have any tips?


  7. I always wear a thong to the gym.And I don’t care what anybody thinks.A lot of guys have seen me at the gym,putting it on and taking it off before,and after I shower..And I don’t rush it either.And I’m secure.They give me self-confidence.And make me feel feminine,and sexy.And yes I’m gay.

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