Our friends over at Planet Undies sent us this about the Manstore revealing five new lines, sexier than ever, based on fabrics manufactured in limited series. Here are three of the lines!

Satin Weave a sensitive erotic spell around many men. Some like the satin as a kimono, others writhe sensuously between satin sheets. Manstore now provides the ultimate erotic Satin Bodywear Series. It has  the addition of a little bit of Lycra of course so that the masculine contours are shown off to their bet advantage. Black, magenta and cyan are highlighted with a  contrasting insert in tone-intone. THe Jock-string pant is very hot; it only looks harmless from the front. When he turns around, he turns on because of the unreserved view. For a cool clubbing appearance there is a matching Raglan shirt which is rather sexy due to its deep cut v-neck.

the call for “invisible” underwear is loud, especially for wearing under white summer trousers and white sportswear or when white clothing is a part of the job. Manstore has answered the call in a very stylish manner. The flesh tone articles are in no way reminiscent of granny’s corset. Just the opposed in fact. the thin micro-jersey ha the sexy effect of lightly sun-bronzed summer skin. In the current Manstore catalogue the Skin series has proved to be a hardcore outfit. Together with Army caps, Leather Bands and Camouflage Baggies this fine fabric has become part of the bold, through come on. The selection consists of a Tower String, Hip Brief, Micropo Brief and Mini Pant. New is the V-Shirt with a deep cut collar.

The snake is, and always will be the symbol of the skin of temptation in paradise. Manstore shows, with the M213 – a realistic photo reproduction of snakeskin – the best place to be under the sun. The print is reproduced either in stone grey or completely crazy in light pink. In addition to the, now almost normal Towerstring, a Cashestring is shown as a Semimini version; also a Silver String which connects the three narrow bands to a chain triangle in the back. These undies range from scanty to classic. The whole wrange of course with perfect fit.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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