Jockstrap Central‘s most popular mesh jockstrap disappeared from their site a while ago, but due to all the requests to bring them back, they performed a little JCPR (Jockstrap Central Pulse Resuscitation) and now they have not only been revived but they’ve brought them in a couple of new colors.

The original Pulse Mesh Jock is not only the hottest mesh jock ever, but perhaps the most comfortable as well. It’s completely see-through and made with a super soft four-way stretch nylon mesh in case something comes up! In fact, when you first see the little pouch you’ll wonder how you will get you boys in there but trust us, these jockstraps will “stretch” and grow along with your excitement level.

As expected, Jockstrap Central has given the Pulse jocks the JSC treatment. No mannequins or blurred naughty bits for them, they’ve got their most “out there” model Stefano showing off the jockstraps in all their glory.

They’ve got the Pulse jockstraps in five hot colors – turquoise, red, navy-blue, yellow and black.”

NOTE: the jocks are mesh so we can only show it from the back, check out the site for more pics!


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