Thanks to Croota, even guys from the United States can parade around in our underwear and be patriotic.  With some red, white, and blue, we can show our pride on Independence Day as we walk around our parties and as we lie down by the pool.  Who wouldn’t be proud to sport these as you celebrate our freedoms…including being able to share what underwear we love!

In the same fashion as the Australian pair we reviewed earlier, there are pockets for storing the important things for your celebratory events.  The pouch does a great job storing important things as well.

Maybe it was the pair I wore, but waist seemed to fit a tad lower than the other.  Not every pair is going to come out of the factory the same.  You can only count on a certain percentage to come out of mass production as twins.  Nevertheless, this pair was just as wonderful as the one preceding it.  I failed to mention in the previous review how much I loved the waistband.  The inner side of the waistband is an unbelievably comfortable cottony spandex feel, making it smooth to the skin.  There is nothing more irritating than having a waistband cutting into your midsection, especially if you plan to have pictures taken of you later in the day.  The red cut marks aren’t appealing.  Models, you have nothing to fear with this World Collection offering.

Fit 4.5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

If you are ready to set off some fireworks outside or in the bedroom, head over to and give the World Collection a try.  If your country is featured, definitely buy a pair, pull them on, and salute!


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