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In the world of underwear it seems there can’t be much new. But then someone comes out with a pair you never thought was possible. The same goes for technology. Skiviez is doing something that is pretty awesome, they have created a mobile site to shop for undies on your phone. This is one of the few sites I have seen from an underwear company that is specifically for mobile devices.

Skiviez has created a site that is pretty easy to navigate and has a big selection. In my real life I work in marketing and deal with social media and emerging media. So, I am quite familiar with mobile and what is happening in the space. Currently very few companies are really utilizing mobile sites. Here in the US anything mobile is still a new thing. Skiviez has always been on the cutting edge, it’s awesome to see an underwear company venture into a new territory.

Skiviez Main Mobile pageSkiveiz by BrandsCandyman on the Skivies Mobile site

The mobile Skiviez site is very easy to navigate. I played around with it this morning and you will be able to find underwear easily. From the main page you can see the following categories: brands, sales, styles, new and top sellers. But you are not limited to just these, you can also search for a particular pair. Let’s say you were out at a bar and someone told you about a new pair of Baskit, you can open your phone’s browser, find it on the site and ask the friend if that is the right pair! Underwear shopping never was so easy!

2xist Color Product Page on Skiviez mobile site2xist Colors Info on Skiviez Mobile Site

Once you get to the pair you want simply click the pair. Then you will be brought to the product page. On that page, we couldn’t have said it better then ourselves, this is from the Skiviez blog: “we display only the most pertinent information without the fluff: images, fabric information, and customer reviews.” You will not have to wade through tons of info and there is nothing worse then trying to read a lot of info on your phone.

Skiviez Check outSkivies Check out page

Once you found the perfect pair or pairs you need to buy them. They have two options buy directly on your phone or computer. If you choose to buy on your phone you can check out through PayPal or Google Check out. But, say you are somewhere and you don’t have time to break out your credit card and put in all the info, and you don’t want to shop all over. In this case you can email your shopping cart to yourself or a friend to complete the order process on a computer. To use this feature, when in your cart use “Email Cart.” Instructions will be sent how to finish the order. Don’t worry, any email used in this feature will not be added to the email list. You must opt in on your own!

Lastly, once your order is placed you can use the phone to track orders. I know many of you are like me, you placed and order and takes longer then expected. Again, if like me a day is longer then expected, cause you want it NOW! But the US Postal service, UPS or FedEx work at their own speeds sometime. The mobile site will let you track your order and you will know exactly when your new undies will arrive.

If you have an internet enabled phone I highly recommend you check out the Skiviez mobile site. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or what ever! You just need a mobile browser and time to shop! To get to the mobile site just go to the regular Skiviez site, and you will be automatically redicrected!

The pictures in this post were taken from my phone. I will say this is one of the best mobile sites I have seen. It’s very easy to navigate, has just the right amount of info and its UNDIES! I hope you will check it out. GOOD JOB SKIVIEZ!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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