I spend way too much money each year on new swimsuits but I find myself consistently wearing the few pairs I own by Andrew Christian. I was very excited to get the chance to review their Almost Naked Swim Brief. Upon arrival, I could immediately tell the swim brief was made from the same great quality materials that I’ve been used to getting with Andrew Christian. The tag line for the product line is “Be a Devil, Feel Like an Angel—and that pretty much sums up my review here. For starters, this style is not for the shy. There is no lining on the pouch of the suit so every little contour shows through. The front pouch is designed as “hang free” so it really “puts it all out there.” This is not a suit I would wear in front of my family. However, if you were planning a quiet evening of night swimming with a partner or someone you wanted to “impress,” this might be the suit to grab.

The material is Sport UPF 50 Fade Resistant Fabric, which means, if you take care of it correctly, it should keep its vibrant color even after multiple wears in the sun. I’ve never tanned through a bathing suit before nor have I sun burned through one, so I’m not sure how the UPF works for your actual skin. The material stretches quite well but I did find the size small a bit too small around the leg opening and waist. The pouch has plenty of room for all different sized men.

I will probably wear this swim brief less than my other Andrew Christian designs, and maybe only when feeling a little risqué.

Pros: Great Quality fabric and construction, per usual Andrew Christian

Con: Wearing the suit gives onlookers a free class on the male anatomy

Fit 4.5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4
 Wearability 3.5

** This swimsuit was provided to me by Andrew Christian **


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  1. I haven’t gone for the Almost naked brief, but the Almost Naked Trunk, but this is probably still the best place to review

    Completely right on the I wouldn’t wear it in front of the family…. but my partner loved seeing my dive into pool in these & better cuddling up to her in the pool
    The build quality is fantastic as always from Andrew Christian. The site reviewers “free class in anatomy” is probably slightly alleviated by the trunk version. Don;t get me wrong the “almost naked” brand still works fantastically well, but with the leg fabric does mask some of the blatantness of the bulge.
    Personally I don’t find the pouch on the Almost Naked swimwear as supportive as the underwear versions, but with the swimwear fabric I do probably find it more comfortable as it feels so nice against the skin

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