I love ingenuity in design and I love underwear. When I was doing my normal browse through “What’s New” online, I stumbled across one of the more unique designs I have seen lately—the K’Mando Strapless Pouch which I immediately purchased.

The K’Mando promised to feel like you were wearing nothing at all while worn under jeans or gym clothes. When I received my product in the mail I was severely disappointed. Upon inspection the K’Mando seemed to be a tiny sock like pouch with two metal snap buttons on the side to close. The fabric/material indeed also seemed like sock quality.

One advertised feature of the K’Mando was three separate compartments to “hold all your parts gently in place”. I still can only find one unless they are counting the tiny room in front and the barely noticeable seam on the bottom.

I just had to try this contraption on which was where my struggle began. Now I consider myself fairly average to slightly above in the size department and the K’Mando simply does not fit. It is available in one size and unless I spent an hour in a freezing pool of water, I doubt I would ever be able to get it to fit properly. The material did not stretch enough to accommodate much.

Fit 1
 Materials 1.5
 Construction 2
 Look 2
 Daily Wear 1

Normally I can find something I like in a product that isn’t my cup of tea, but I am sorely disappointed in this design. Hopefully a version 2.0 will be made and I can try again.

I spend way too much money each year on new swimsuits but I find myself consistently wearing the few pairs I own by Andrew Christian. I was very excited to get the chance to review their Almost Naked Swim Brief. Upon arrival, I could immediately tell the swim brief was made from the same great quality materials that I’ve been used to getting with Andrew Christian. The tag line for the product line is “Be a Devil, Feel Like an Angel—and that pretty much sums up my review here. For starters, this style is not for the shy. There is no lining on the pouch of the suit so every little contour shows through. The front pouch is designed as “hang free” so it really “puts it all out there.” This is not a suit I would wear in front of my family. However, if you were planning a quiet evening of night swimming with a partner or someone you wanted to “impress,” this might be the suit to grab.

The material is Sport UPF 50 Fade Resistant Fabric, which means, if you take care of it correctly, it should keep its vibrant color even after multiple wears in the sun. I’ve never tanned through a bathing suit before nor have I sun burned through one, so I’m not sure how the UPF works for your actual skin. The material stretches quite well but I did find the size small a bit too small around the leg opening and waist. The pouch has plenty of room for all different sized men.

I will probably wear this swim brief less than my other Andrew Christian designs, and maybe only when feeling a little risqué.

Pros: Great Quality fabric and construction, per usual Andrew Christian

Con: Wearing the suit gives onlookers a free class on the male anatomy

Fit 4.5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4
 Wearability 3.5

** This swimsuit was provided to me by Andrew Christian **

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Flirt Brief

My Second outing on my Enhancement Underwear journey was with the Andrew Christian Shockjock Flirt Brief. This particular style is what inspired me to start thinking about the different styles of enhancing undies.   When I first saw Shockjock Flirt Brief I thought “This has gone too far!” Andrew Christian is one of my favorite brands, so put my initial thoughts aside and gave them a try.

The Shockjock brief, according to Andrew Christian, can add up to 2 inches ( 5cm ) to your frontal measurement. This enhancement is accomplished by means of an insert which they call the “Active Shaping Technology Cup.” This “cup” is inserted into the brief in a pouch. This cup is essentially a padding that is shaped to look like a man’s bulge.

As with virtually every pair of Andrew Christian I have worn, the Shockjock brief was extremely comfortable. It is made of 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex so the stretch is apparent.

Here are my thoughts on the Shockjock Flirt Brief:

  • Fit –5/5-  The size provided to me was a small, and the fit was perfect for me. The stretch of the fabric will provide anyone with a great fit. Plenty of room up front, even with the cup insert put in.
  • Comfort –5/5-  Since the enhancement is provided by the cup and not by your own goods, you don’t have to put them in a cup or pouch or sling. It feels like you are wearing traditional undies with a tiny pillow up front.
  • Enhancement Factor – 5/5- Whether naturally big or small, the cup really will add 2 inches to your front. The male features on the cup attempt to make the bulge look natural, but to me it just looks like you are padded.
  • Deception Factor – 5/5- I gave the Shockjock Flirt Brief the highest Deception Factor because I have a few problems. If you are close enough to someone where they are going to see you in your underwear and be so close as to see male features on your bulge, then most likely that pair is coming off. I think it would be an embarrassing moment when they determine the package doesn’t match the wrapping.

Final Thought – My second wear of the pair I did without the cup insert in place. This is how I will wear this pair in the future–just another comfortable stylish Andrew Christian design that is better off without the cup gimmick.

These were furnished by Andrew Christian for review. You can find them on the Andrew Christian Site!

I have owned a few pairs of Aussiebum’s line of Wonderjock briefs. Needless to say I was excited to try their new line of Wonderjock Pro. The Wonderjock Pro, at first glance, looks just like the older version of the Wonderjock. As soon as you feel the fabric though, the difference is clear. The Pro is much softer and has a “stretchier” feel than its predecessor. The style is traditional Aussiebum with their signature logo waistband and colored piping along the borders of the brief.

The enhancing effect is once again, like the original Wonderjock, accomplished by a sewn in pouch in the front to which you put your entire package. The Pro feels much more comfortable than the original, and allows for more movement so you don’t feel so compressed. Aussiebum is using the term “free swing technology” which I think is a fitting name and a praiseworthy upgrade from the previous design. I was comfortable all day and never once felt like I was wearing anything but traditional stretchy underwear. The enhancing the briefs provide is noticeable but not laughable. The Wonderjock Pro provided with a boost but no one would be the wiser that you are wearing enhancement briefs.

Here’s how I rated the Wonderjock Pro:

  • Fit – 5/5  – I wear a size 29 waist and the size small fit great. Lots of room up front and the waistband and leg openings were comfortable and true to size.
  • Comfort – 5/5 – Stretchable high quality cotton and a scratch free tag.
  • Enhancing factor 4/5 – A natural looking boost, but I feel unless you have something of substance to put in the pouch, not much would happen
  • Deception Factor 0/5 – No one would know you are wearing enhancing undies through clothes, without clothes, or when they come off.

These were furnished for review by aussieBum. They can be bought at the aussieBum site.

Joe Snyder Buldge Bikini

The latest trend in men’s underwear is enhancing underwear. Virtually every brand and line is experimenting in ways to boost, well, a man’s confidence. I thought it might be a wise and fun idea to more closely examine what some of the different companies are offering and really put them to the test.

Different companies use various ways to plump up your front; I’ve seen everything from slings and rings, straps and pouches and even padding. With all these options out there, someone was going to have to wade through them and find out what does what, and what does it well. Yes UNB readers, I shall put my goods through the trials and tribulations and give you my honest opinion on what these enhancing undies can do for your junk.

I will evaluate the different pairs using several criteria. Each pair will be rated in fit, comfort, enhancing factor, and a little something I’ve come up with called the “fraud factor”. The Fraud Factor is simply this: should someone be intrigued by your newly enhanced front, how embarrassing or awkward will it be to a) remove your boys from the various contraptions and b) explain the sudden deflation. A score of 0 means that no one would be the wiser, but a 5 is equivalent to gym socks stuffed down your front.

So far I’ve had a blast with this little side project and I hope you will find it to “enhance” our postings here on the site! Look for reviews starting this week!


Check out these hot undies from the UK!  They are made by a company called James Tudor and the style is “Battalion Crystal Brief.”  These briefs are quite unique!  Upon first sight, the metallic features stand out against the black and white fabrics.  Each pair features 3 metallic accent buttons lining the pouch area on each side.  To add even more flair, James Tudor has basically bedazzled their name all over the waistband.  It’s unclear from the pictures provided whether or not this is accomplished by integrated metallic woven fibers or if they are indeed an embedded gem like material.  Either way, the effect is eye popping.  A hint of this waistband above your pants and you are sure to draw attention.

The overall look is robotic or industrial with a hint of disco.  Contrast piping line both the pouch, a seam down the front, and an accent along the back.  The style is available in both black and white with black/white crystals or black and white with black/red crystals.  I’m a sucker for the combination of black and red and would, for sure, opt for those.

While I am a big fan of underwear being inventive and fun, this pair being both, I have a few concerns.  Anytime there is an accent button, I always worry about one falling off after repeat wears.  Since there are 6 on each pair, one popping off could really upset the whole look.  I also hope the “crystals” in the waistband are either integrated or glued on with a super strength substance.  I wouldn’t feel great about shedding glitter everywhere.

With that being said, I still think this pair could be a showstopper.  Hit the light just right and you basically have a disco ball in your pants.  Make sure to check out all the other great styles James Tudor has to offer.

We all have one; That favorite pair of undies, that pair we always keep coming back to. Let’s face it, these favorite pairs get worn a lot and get worn out. When is it time to say “Sayonara” and finally let go? Though it may pain you to do so, there are some tell tale signs that your favorite pair of underwear needs to be sent packing:

  • Rips and Holes: Sure it can look stylish and sexy for jeans, but if you can see bits you don’t need or intend to show, its time to let go.
  • Elastic Waistband Death : Fairly straightforward, if they can’t stay up on their own then you probably shouldn’t be wearing them. Wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.
  • Stains: Gross. Enough said.
  • Overwashed Fabric: Is paper tissue stronger than your undies? Toss em!
  • Shame : Would you want to be caught dead in them?

So now that you’re able to move on, what are your options? Here are a few things you can try.

  • If you have the room, just keep them as a memento! Honestly, I have a couple pairs from my past that just sit on the bottom of my drawer. I know they are there but I never wear them. Call me crazy!
  • See if your favorite style is still available – Check the designer web page to see if the style can be still ordered. If not check ebay or a similar online auction site. Some stores like TJMaxx and Marshall’s often carry styles that are no longer available in regular retail stores.
  • This might seem a bit strange but use the fabric for a craft project. Just from a simple internet search, I was able to find instructions on how to turn old (clean) undies into a book cover or even a wallet!
  • My favorite option – Use it as an excuse to find a new pair. Out with the old and in with the new! Find a new favorite, and learn from your last favorite pair….stock up!

So UNB readers, do you have any other ideas for old undies or a story about a pair you can’t part with? Comment away!

Hey UNB readers! I’m Kevin and am happy to be helping Tim out and the UNB gang putting in my 2 cents about one of my favorite things…underwear! Finally I get a chance to put a good use to my obsession. Ever since I was a kid and got my first pair of “Underoos” I was hooked! Now my underwear drawers…that’s right plural… overflow with fun styles and comfortable pairs. I look forward to giving you guys my honest opinion in the days to come.

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