It’s always intriguing to learn of new manufacturers who are investigating new technologies and applying them to stylish and functional new fabrics.  Having the opportunity to review my first pair of Ergowear underwear, I did a little research on the company and this specific pair—the InCopper Max Premium Boxer.  This particular line offered by Ergowear is differentiated by the antimicrobial fabric that they call InCooper.  This material was specifically developed by Ergowear and takes advantage of the latest innovation in copper antimicrobial year technology to help protect your skin against infections by microorganisms.  According to Ergowear, the powerful germicidal properties of this fabric do not decrease over time or with washing cycles.

In terms of construction and esthetics, the boxer is designed with a three-dimensional pouch with the intent of offering an exclusive shape-enhancing and yet comfortable lifting effect.   As shown in the picture, the pair comes in a thin pin stripping fabric in a flesh tone color.  In my opinion, a flesh tone color is not flattering on any skin tone regardless of body shape or size.  The pair I tested was well constructed and fit quite well with no problems to mention.   The 1 1/3” waistband offers extra support and a more athletic look.  The Ergowear logo travels across the front of the waistband and thus far, continues to keep its shape after multiple washes.

My only concern with this pair, besides the color choice, is the manufacturer’s ability to create something that is both fabric technology forward and crafting a boxer that further enhances the pouch that is successful—stick with one or the other.  These contrived attempts to create an enhancing pouch leave a lot to be desired.  It appears that every manufacturer is on the same bandwagon which unfortunately is the current trend.  Either you’re anatomically blessed or you’re not.  Gentlemen, feel comfortable in your own body and let a good pair of functional underwear speak for itself.   What’s next, two little Viagra pills with each pair?

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As an admirer of art, I’ve always appreciated the role that underwear has played in men’s fashion. For me personally, underwear serves as a catalyst for allowing men to present their style and fashion sense while remaining masculine and true to themselves. Since fashion is an expression of oneself, this allows men to do so privately, intimately and socially….it’s the best of all worlds! I'm currently a resident of Atlanta, GA. and work fulltime as a Project Manager for a large Computer/IT company.

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