Ten years ago Ergowear developed the worlds first three-dimensional pouch with no vertical seam in the middle. FEEL stands for Fully Ergonomic and Elasticized. In this new upgrade they have reduced the average width of the pouch a little bit taking it closer to a “U” shape than a “half-moon” and they have moved the bottom seam slightly back. This revolutionary pouch concept will make you FEEL even more comfortable and fully supported anywhere and anytime and just like before the adaptable design enables you to place your genitalia to the front or sideways. Now you can forget about restrictions chaffing and friction and start feeling much much comfier and smoother down there.

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Do you love Erogwear and bold bright colors? If you answered yes, then the new collection of Ergowear is out in some super fun color. Those colors include purple and Electric Green (seen above). This collection features the incredible Max collection.

MAXimum freedom is guaranteed with Ergowear’s Mesh underwear, thanks to our pioneering & enhancing MAX pouch. Our 3-dimensional, nose-shaped MAX pouch gently lifts your anatomy and provides enough room so that everything stays in place.

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Every SLK garment is meticulously crafted using a state-of-the-art polyamide/elastane microfiber blend. This extraordinary material boasts remarkable qualities that guarantee unparalleled comfort. The smooth texture glides effortlessly on your skin, providing a heavenly feeling you’ll love to indulge in.

The SLK line comes in a bikini, thong, trunks, and boxer briefs. No matter what style you love, Ergowear has you covered and you will feel amazing wearing any of these styles. Here are some of the features:

  • 100% ergonomic design 3-dimensional pouch in SLK design
  • Flat seams for minimal chafing
  • Manufactured in hyper-soft polyamide/elastane microfiber

The SLK pouch lifts your goods softly and keeps them out of reach of your thighs – a smooth hug for your most sensitive areas. The SLK line boasts a nose-shaped pouch that perfectly adapts to your natural contour and makes sure everything stays in place.

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The new Ergowear Max line it out and it comes in two bold colors, yellow and purple. Not to mention it has this super fun prismatic waistband. It will stand out any where you are, the locker room, bedroom or just hanging out at home. The entire new Ergowear line is on sale for 20% off until tomorrow with code Ergocolor at check out at the UNB Store. Shop now for Ergowear. Because the sale ends tomorrow at Midnight

The Max pouch is designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for men. The Max pouch is strategically crafted to provide a snug fit and gentle lift, offering a supportive structure that ensures a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day. By gently cradling and supporting the male anatomy, the pouch helps to reduce friction, minimize chafing, and prevent discomfort during physical activities or extended periods of wear.

The Max pouch is constructed from high-quality materials and offers excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties. This allows for optimal airflow, keeping the wearer cool, dry, and fresh. Additionally, the pouch’s ergonomic design promotes proper ventilation, reducing the risk of excessive heat buildup and promoting a healthier environment for the intimate area.

One notable feature of the Max pouch is its unique three-dimensional shape. This design element provides ample room for natural movement and expansion, offering a sense of freedom and flexibility. The pouch’s contouring and stretchable fabric ensure that it adapts to the body’s contours, creating a personalized fit for maximum comfort.

Its innovative construction, breathable materials, and ergonomic design provide a secure fit, reduce friction, and promote a fresh and comfortable experience. The Max pouch exemplifies Ergowear’s dedication to creating high-quality undergarments that cater to the needs of the modern man.

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Ergowear just dropped a spring color update to the Max SE line. The new fresh colors are lilac, light blue, and mint. Get 20% off this line and other Ergowear at the UNB Store with code Clever32.

Every MAX SE Bikini is manufactured using our polyester-elastane microfiber, that is soft, fast-drying and also highly elastic.

Polyester is one of the strongest artificial fibers, but thanks to its construction as a microfiber, it becomes extremely smooth on the body. Elastane is blended in to make it adaptable to the body. Moisture can easily evaporate through the fabric, making it fast-drying both on the body and after washing.

The FEEL GR8 line is constructed of Ergowear’s popular polyamide-elastane microfiber, which is incredibly soft on the skin and extremely elastic to adapt to your body’s form and movements.

Fully Ergonomic and Elasticized pouch is referred to as FEEL. The first three-dimensional pouch without a whole or partial seam down the front was created with this unique look. The spacious FEEL pouch provides you plenty of room to position the goods forward or horizontally.

The Feel line is for a guy who loves a pouch that hangs naturally. The pouch is not tight around your body and gives you a little space. The Max and X4D are a more body-forming pouch that encapsulates the good and holds everything tight and inplace.

Check out the new colors just released.

Ergowear’s new X4D is an avant-garde men’s pouch men’s. It is the upgraded version of their previous best-selling X3D underwear designs: Now, with the main body cut from fewer pieces of fabric for minimal seams, all sewn together using flat-seam technology. However, similar in appearance to its predecessor, the new design fits your body like a glove and represents a technological achievement.

The new line comes in four of your favorite styles. They are the thong, bikini, trunk, and boxer. The new colors of the X4D line are White, Stonewash, and burgundy. Get this entire new collection at the UNB Store! Get 20% off until January 19, 2023 with code Ergowear20231 at check out.

Every year Ergowear releases their Long Johns/Compression tights. Until this year, I was under the impression that these were just long johns. But NO! They are also compression gear for the gym. My mind was blown. Two of the three pics I received are of the model working out.

This collection features the Max pouch. One thing about Ergowear is that you will show off your goods while wearing these compression tights. At the same time, they are made for ergonomic reasons (and they feel and fit great). It may be a little much for a gym. It will depend on the gym as to where you can wear these.

Here are some of the features of the Max XX Pouch Leggings

If you want to stay warm with a fantastic pouch and incredible fabric, then the Max XX is for you. Check out all three colors for 2022.

With Ergowear’s ground-breaking pouch design, you’ll ALWAYS FEEL safe, secure, and supported. You can position your genitalia to the front or sideways with this flexible design thanks to its cutting-edge, half-moon FEEL pouch from Ergowear. You can now stop experiencing constriction, chaffing, and friction, and you’ll start feeling incredibly comfortable and smooth down there. The slight back coverage in this particular thong design connects from the waistband wrapping all the way to the front.

Only the finest fibers and materials are used in the production of every piece of FEEL XV clothing. Ergowear’s most popular and frequently requested goods are constthe Ergowear Feel thongs at the UNB Store ructed of this soft, quick-drying, and extremely elastic polyamide/elastane microfiber, which is created specifically for Ergowear.

This thong has a unique shape that makes it easy for body sweat to pass through the cloth and outward, and it also demonstrates our never-ending quest for better materials. This evaporation helps avoid stains while making it simpler to wash as it is swept away from the skin. This burgundy pouch thong has a modern style and ultra-modern fibers, making it suitable for use in any activity or season.

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The nose-shaped X4D pouch gently lifts your genitalia from between your thighs by following their natural form. You have complete flexibility of movement because of the ultra-soft polyamide-elastane microfiber, which is soft, quick to dry, and very elastic. The robust, concealed waistband provides quick access while perfectly supporting the weight of your genitalia in a position that looks natural.

The X4D Thong has Ergoewar’s most cutting-edge pouch design to date. It has a similar appearance to other pouch underwear you may have tried, yet it has numerous small but crucial nuances that add up to a significant difference. As a result, this pouch design offers 4-dimensional comfort in addition to 3-dimensional support, making it even more unique. There’s more to these thongs, though…

To minimize seams, the main body of the X4D bikini was cut from a single piece of cloth and the pouch region was attached using a flat-seam technique. The new bikini style, despite seeming similar to its forerunner, fits your body like a glove.

Ergowear’s most innovative pouch design to date can be found on the X4D Mini Boxer. It has a similar appearance to other pouch underwear you may have tried, yet it has numerous small but crucial nuances that add up to a significant difference. with a nose shape that enhances the size and contour of your anatomy while keeping it pointed downwards

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If you have wanted to try pouch underwear but didn’t want to show off all the goods, Ergowear has released a collection that is for you. The Hip pouch is an ergonomically designed pouch. However, they are a little bit less pouchy than the other Ergowear pouches. Both the Max and X4D can enhance your bulge in ways you may not like for work or other social occasions.

This pouch is manufactured in a blend of polyester and elastane fabric to give it the long-term performance you expect: The polyester fibers are responsible for the resistance to wear and tear, whereas the elastane fibers give it the stretchiness needed to adapt to your body’s shape.

The line comes in three different styles: Bikini, Thong, and Boxer. There are three new colors as well with black, lemon, and red. Each pair has the signature black waistband with the Ergowear logo and black trim.

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