Andrew Christian has a new style, the NanoFIt No-Show Boxer. Its just out and check it out

Shop at: wants you to get some recommendations from the experts! Check out the essentials, RAted M, Swimwear and Valentines Suggestions.

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  Men’s Underwear Store wants you to shop for your Valentine! Do you want something sexy and fun? Check out the Diesel line and more!

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   New at Topdawers: the fun new Gladiator Kilt Thong! This rugged rubber-look Gregg Homme features a fully mesh pouch which is bottom center-seamed for added support and comfort, and culminates in a t-back. Completely hiding this is a medieval-style kilt made in a rubber-look fabric with rugged metal rivets on the straps.

The perfect oufit for all your Gladiator battles!

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  MaleBasics has some of the sexiest styles for Valentines Day. You can get 15% off you order with code “Cupid

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