I was super excited to receive a Male Power Herringbone Jock to review.  I’ve never purchased any of their underwear, and I always love trying out different brands.  I tend to wear briefs and jocks in all sorts of colors and cuts daily, so it’s not really a stretch for me to wear something that might be a little more flashy on occasion.

Male Power is known in the industry for creating sexy underwear for men.  This includes cotton briefs, mesh jocks, silk thongs, and everything in between.  The Herringbone is one of their newest collections. It has a super soft crocheted pattern that offers just a glimpse at what is underneath.  I decided to wear the jock on my day off while I was running errands.  As soon as I put it on, I realized that this jock seemed more like a jock I would wear to get things going in the bedroom more than one I would wear all day.  The pouch is shaped well but doesn’t offer much support, as the material has a lot of give.  And the straps are extremely thin and also don’t offer much support in the rear.  A couple of times throughout the day I found myself thinking I may as well have gone commando.

This jock is 85% nylon, 15% spandex.  The pouch is created with a 4-way stretch herringbone crochet that is super soft against the skin and is available in red, black, and nude.  My thoughts are that the sizing created the lack of support.  The jock is available in sm/med and lg/xl.  I have a 30-inch waist, which puts me right in the middle of their sm/med sizing.  So while the waist is comfortable, overall the jock proves to be slightly too big for me.










Daily Wear



*Out of 5*


The Male Power Herringbone Jock was provided for review by MalePower. Reviewed by BriefsATL


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