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Male Power presents three virile and vibrant new collections for men who like to stick out.

KaleiDickscope is duo chromatic dynamite. This eye-catching undergarment is made from easy care nylon spandex, ensuring a perfectly sculpted fit. The tone-on-tone, swirl patterned, stretch metallic fabric is all dazzle and no frazzle. Designed with low cut waists, high cut legs and contoured comfort pouches, these fashions enable a full range of motion, allowing you to get right down to business. They come in Mini Short, Bong Thong, Strappy Ring Jock, and Posing Strap G-string.

Those who prefer a tropical touch will find Cabana Banana to be a very sweet selection. Catch some rays in these pale yellow, heather grey and white striped beauties, made from butter soft, ultra-supple poly cotton spandex. Choose Classic Mini Short, Bong Thong or Posing Strap G-string, all tailored with contoured patches and low-cut waists. Holy Havana!

Still puzzling about “what to underwear?” Labyrinth is the simple answer. This classic, basic brief features traditionally patterned poly spandex fabric, imprinted with a maze-like design that makes intimate just a little more intricate. Standard body types include Mini Pouch Short, classing Bong Thong and Posing Strap G-string.

KaleiDickscopeCabana Banana and Labyrinth are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. They are all limited editions, so get them while they are red hot, only from Male Power!

Double your pleasure with two hot new collections from Male Power.

Petal Power gives your stamen more stamina. These groovy, 1960s-inspired flower print undergarments are made for good vibrations. They are created from sheer, stretch mesh fabric that is as smooth as a leaf and soft as a daisy. Dig the thin, deluxe, matching spandex waistband, making for a combination that is form-fitting and far out. You pick the body type: Pouch Short, Micro Thong, Jock, or Posing Strap G-string.

Dirty Denim is designed for mischievous minds. Forget your clean jeans and slip into these chaps.  Cool cotton creates comfort; stretch spandex provides the shaping. Full-cut styles are tailored for an athletic fit, enabling easy movement. Wrangle the Mini Short, Bikini Brief, or Thong, and ride ‘em cowboy!

Spice up your store shelves with both of these unique fashions. They begin shipping in September in stunning, high-quality Male Power packaging.

Male Power announces a pair with flair – two new collections designed for the modern male.

Infinite Comfort provides unlimited pleasure. It is underwear that is barely there. These garments are ultra-light and very thin, ideal for everyday wear. They offer an amplifying pouch that presents and protects your package in a snug, cozy fit. The deluxe, satin finish elastic leg and waistbands are enhanced by a new “Infinity” Male Power logo for added style, and can be worn high or low. Choose Amplifying Strappy Pouch Short, Amplifying Strappy Thong, or Amplifying Strappy Jock and flaunt your stuff.

You can also show what you’ve got with Show Stopper, a dancewear inspired line that gets you ready to perform. These styles are made from super sheer stretch mesh fabric, embedded with glittering sequin dots. Intricate, stretch elastic lacing is threaded through the cutout hips and adorned with silver tunnel beads. Take the stage and stop the show in four delicious designs, Mini Short, Thong, Jock, and Posing Strap G-string. You’ll be a hit with your partner.

Infinite Comfort and Show Stopper are available for October delivery. Both are sold in state-of-the-art packaging from the masters of male lingerie, Male Power.

When it comes to underwear, comfort, and freshness are paramount. Male Power understands the importance of these factors and aims to provide men with a truly remarkable underwear experience. Introducing Male Power 2023-2, a collection combining style, softness, and sustainability to bring you the ultimate intimate apparel. Crafted from Bamboo Lycra fabric, these underwear pieces are not only antibacterial but also perfect for those with sensitive skin. Prepare to indulge in the luxurious comfort of Male Power 2023-2 and elevate your underwear game to new heights.

Unveiling the Bamboo Lycra Fabric:

At the core of Male Power 2023-2 lies the innovative Bamboo Lycra fabric. Sourced from sustainable bamboo fibers, this fabric offers a range of exceptional qualities that set it apart from traditional materials. Bamboo Lycra is renowned for its antimicrobial properties, making it an ideal choice for maintaining freshness and hygiene. Additionally, it provides natural moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day. This fabric is also exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin, making it perfect for those with sensitivity concerns.

A Fusion of Comfort and Style:

Male Power 2023-2 combines superior comfort with stylish designs, ensuring that you not only feel good but also look good. The collection offers a variety of cuts and styles to suit individual preferences, ranging from classic briefs to daring thongs. Whether you prefer full coverage or a more revealing silhouette, Male Power has you covered. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in each piece, resulting in underwear that fits like a second skin and accentuates your natural contours.

Sustainability Matters:

Male Power recognizes the importance of sustainability and has consciously chosen to use bamboo as the primary material for this collection. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires minimal water and no pesticides or fertilizers, making it a highly sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Opting for Male Power 2023-2 contributes to a greener future without compromising quality or style.

Male Power has always been synonymous with exceptional comfort and style in men’s underwear. With the launch of Male Power 2023-2, the brand takes it a step further by incorporating the antibacterial and skin-friendly benefits of Bamboo Lycra fabric. This collection represents the perfect fusion of comfort, freshness, and sustainability, offering you an underwear experience. Step into the world of Male Power 2023-2 and rediscover the joy of wearing underwear that feels incredible and supports your well-being. So why wait? Treat yourself to a few pairs of Male Power 2023-2 and embark on a new level of comfort and confidence.

Male Power introduced three exciting new collections in early 2023 and they have become instant best sellers.

Heartbreaker has proven to be a heart-stopper. This garment is made from very fine, stretch mesh fabric woven with a subtle heart pattern. Plush tone-on-tone embossed elastic waistband and leg bands complete a look that enraptures. It’s truly a lingerie that says love – and lust.

Hocus Pocus is pure magic. It features a unique, stretch poly spandex fabric that actually changes color as it reacts to light. The curved, contour uplift pouch boosts your proud parts. The Uplift Mini Short, Uplift Jock, Uplift Thong and Uplift Posing Strap all have low cut waists and are stamped with a rubberized Male Power logo. What a way to brighten the bedroom!

Galactic is an undergarment that is truly out of this world. A multihued, sheer stretch poly spandex fabric is imbued with a cosmically inspired, other worldly pattern. Choose Mini Short with high cut legs, Bong Thong with narrow comfort pouch, or Strappy Ring Jock with branded waist and leg bands and metal back rings. All three popular styles look heavenly.

Each collection is available for immediate shipment, and can be viewed in the vibrantly illustrated Male Power 2023 supplement. Ask your sales representative for a copy and see the cutting edge in men’s intimate apparel.

If you relish fetish, Male Power has got your getup. They have just expanded their cool and kinky PU Leatherline due to widespread customer demand.

Nine new styles have been added to the popular leather harness/underwear collection, including eight unique harness styles and a full body sling. That’s a bounty of bondage.

All garments are made from soft nubuck split leather with polyurethane coating added for strength, durability and comfort. Decorative and functional heavy metal, including rings, belt buckles, studs, snaps and zippers, are thrown in for unrestrained pleasure.

The harnesses and underwear are fully adjustable, creating a genuine one-fit size. The outfits are sold in a newly designed box that complements the existing men’s fetish planogram.

View the just released, 2022 MP PU Leather catalog for additional details, or contact your sales rep at Male Power – the dominant name in fetishwear.

Male Power introduces the perfect undergarment for today’s active man – the classically masculine and strappingly sporty Modal Rib collection.

Looking for comfort? This garment is made from an ultra-soft, four-way stretch fabric tailored from fine ribbed, modal spandex. It is lightweight and moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry through any physical exertion. Your exercises may be tough, but your briefs should be smooth and supportive.

Three different styles are available – Pouch Short, Bong Thong and Classic Jock. All of them feature a contoured comfort pouch, perfect for all day wear. They come in a choice of the most essential colors – black and white.

The Modal Rib collection from Male Power. It works for your workout and your workday.

If you want to find out how to you build a sex room, by all means tune into the new Netflix series “How To Build A Sex Room,” and learn the tricks of the trade from luxury designer Melanie Rose. She specializes in creating mini pleasure palaces designed to stimulate and titillate.

But if you want to know what to wear in a sex room, check out the ultra-sexy intimate apparel from Male Power. Their fashionable fetishwear will get you in the mood to really romp that romper room.

Orlando Martinez and Matthew Morris did. This couple appears in Episode 3 of the naughty Netflix program, consulting with Melanie on the construction of the ideal room for their sometimes long distance relationship, a coupling that requires making the most of often limited time together. Their garments of choice – Male Power, of course.

Martinez and Morris both enjoy the look of leather, and their playful pad reflects a partiality towards Tom of Finland. But they also enjoy lacey underwear, as evidence by the red, black, and teal Male Power bikinis and thongs seen on the show. Matthew enjoys these particular fashions because “they go against the stereotype of what men are supposed to wear.” Just as importantly, “they make me feel so sexy and (Orlando) loves to see them, which makes me feel even better.”

Matthew favors the red scandal lace thong, and Orlando particularly enjoys the garments that leave your essential bits half exposed. “That’s very sexy,” he enthuses. Both men well appreciate the comfortable design of the Male Power collections. “I think there are brands out there that try to do what they do, but they don’t really consider the male anatomy as much as they should,” Matthew adds. “And the way that they’re built not only enhances but makes room for what you’ve got. It’s designed with the male anatomy in mind.”

Best of all, Male Power offerings are “not ridiculously overpriced” according to Orlando. “They don’t break the bank” and are “very affordable and cost-effective.”

So, when you build your new sex room, build your wardrobe as well. The rule is simple. If you want to look becoming, you should be coming to Male Power!  

Leave it to Male Power to uncover the great lover. Their latest collection, Casanova, is the sine qua non of seduction.

These undergarments are made from extremely fine, ribbed poly spandex fabric, topped with a contrasting color trim. They are sleek and slim and offer a boosting uplift pouch to accentuate your assets. The branded waistband and leg bands contain a satin finish for a touch of class.

Three seductive styles are available, Uplift Micro Thong, Uplift Jock and Uplift Mini Short. All are offered in black or grey.

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a legendary sensation of temptation, your time has arrived. Casanova begins shipping in late-January.

Here’s something for the rough rider.

Male Power introduces The Helmet, a new collection of sexy undergarments designed to shape, enhance, protect, and display your precious parts inside a padded snap pouch. This stimulating frontage snaps on and off for rapid access but remains attached underneath to keep the garment fully intact.

The Helmet is made from a soft, modal fabric trimmed with contrasting modal piping to ensure an alluring and ultra-comfortable fit. The sleek, satin finish branded elastic waistbands and jock leg bands further set the stage for a dramatic reveal.

Choose from three different styles all featuring the padded pouch snap off – Helmet Thong and Helmet Short both with cutout pouch underneath, and the Helmet Jock with branded elastic leg bands. These items begin shipping in mid-August, in beautifully designed Male Power packaging.

Born to be wild? Slip into The Helmet and you will be going for a ride!

Here’s something for the unbridled man – the new Harness collection from Male Power. 

These two-piece outfits consist of plush elastic straps fully adorned with small metal studs. The harness top connects to a waistband by detachable metal clips. Adjust the metal sliders for a perfect fit, and enjoy the soft, stretchable, silicone rubber C-ring that hangs down in front.

Two color choices are available, red plaid with gold toned hardware and solid black with silver toned hardware. One size fits most. Shipping is available starting in mid-July.

Untether your testosterone in a Harness from Male Power. Every stallion needs one.

Discipline is in, and men will look absolutely strapping in Male Power’s newLeather collection.

These edgy outfits are made from soft Nubuck split leather coated with polyurethane for unsurpassed strength and durability. They are appointed with heavy metal hardware, rings, belt buckles and studs to create a fearlessly fetish finish. Key padlocks close and secure the thong, to ensure a proper fit (and prevent escape).

Four severe styles are available, including two reversible shoulder harnesses and two chastity belt inspired thongs. They are adjustable, and one size fits most. 

Shipping begins in July, in newly designed boxes with bold graphics. Alternatively, the garments are sold loose with hang tags for display purposes. Shipping begins in July.

The new Leather collection, made just for the powerful male by Male Power

Pure Comfort has just become even more pristine. One of Male Power’s best-selling collections is now available in white for a clean and natural look.

These undergarments are made from Modal, an ultra-comfortable alternative to cotton. This fabric is renowned for its supreme softness and excellent wicking properties. 

Three classic styles are offered: Wonder Short, Sport Jock and Bong Thong. They are all made with a no roll waistband for a sleek, modern look, and a supportive wonder pouch that defines and accentuates, finished off with a rubberized, stamped Male Power Logo. The jock features butt-lifting leg straps for added sex appeal. White is always right, but other color choices include black and red; pick the hue that’s right for you.

The entire line is available for immediate shipment, in high quality Male Power packaging. Check out Pure Comfort and other sensational fashions at:

Game time has arrived, and Male Power has the perfect uniform. Retro Sport is the undergarment designed for peak performance.

It is made from cool, breathable cotton spandex, assuring maximum comfort. Deluxe, supportive one inch leg bands and two inch elastic waistband imprinted with the Male Power logo create superior fit. Color blocked panels trimmed with sporty white stripes brighten the field of play. 

Choose from three different styles – Panel Short, Panel Thong and Panel Jock. A variety of sizes is offered and will be available to ship at the end of January. So, too, is Male Power’s high quality packaging that makes their products really stand out on store shelves.  

Every season is Retro Sport season. Blow the whistle and let the games begin.

You’ll “get the picture” when you slip into Private Screening, the latest innovation from Male Power.

This collection of novel mini-shorts put the focus where it belongs, on the micro-mesh pouch. It is screen printed with a choice of illustrations – Skull and Crossbones (for buried treasure), Fishbowl (for aquascaping) and Pot Leaf (for an all-time high).

The tattoo inspired images accentuate a lightweight, Modal garment that assures a supremely comfortable fit. Male Power lets you look cool and feel cool at the same time.

Size does matter, and you can select the one that fits best: S-M-L-XL. Immediate shipment is available in the company’s high quality packaging.

Private Screening – it’s the perfect showcase for the private parts.

A diamond is perfection, and Diamond Mesh perfectly accentuates the masculine physique.

The latest collection from Male Power is made from sheer, stretch mesh fabric imprinted throughout with diamond shaped panes. The see-through qualities and rich, royal blue color of this garment blend beautifully and sensuously.   A coordinating waistband with imprinted, brand name logo further embellishes this scintillating fashion.

Choose from four provocative styles: Mini Short, Micro Bong Thong, Posing Strap/G-string, and Jock Ring (with plush, elastic, butt-boosting leg bands and nickel-plated hardware).

The collection is made in a variety of sizes and sold in Male Power’s state-of-the-art packaging. Immediate shipment is available.

Savor every precious moment in the bedroom. Diamond Mesh is designed for the hard man with a soft touch.

Male Power continues to dominate the men’s intimate apparel industry with two of the most popular products now on the market.  

The company recently introduced Cock Pit, the perfect hangar for the well hung. You can rest easy or rest hard in this ultra-erotic underwear that’s literally flying off the shelves.

These garments are made from stretch windowpane fishnet and feature a fine athletic mesh pouch to support your full payload. And yes, it snaps off easily for sudden departures. 

Other adornments include an ultra plush elastic C-ring, sturdy nickel plated hardware, and a bold, printed waistband with a sleek, satin finish.

The collection comes in Male Power’s most popular body types: Mini Short, Thong and Jock. All are available in either black or burgundy. 

With Cock Pit, you’re in control. Just don’t overshoot the runway!

Another Male Power con-cock-tion, Hoser, is the ideal pocket for the pumper. It is made from sheer stretch mesh fabric, and contains a special, sheath-like pouch that is tailor-made for your tallywacker. Other features designed for rapid response include an incredibly comfortable, no roll modal waistband, and a discreet MP rubber logo, the mark of distinction.

Three blistering styles are offered: Micro Mini Hose Short, Hose Thong and Hose Jock. All come in either red or black.

When there’s a four-alarm fox in the bedroom, hit the hot zone in Hoser and your partner will melt with desire. 

For more information on Cock PitHoser and other top-selling under-fashions, visit:

Here’s something manly enough for the male animal: The Cage Matte collection from Male Power. You’ll leave all inhibitions at the door when you enter in this fetish masterpiece, made with the faux leather look to enhance your dominant traits.

Four daring styles leave no doubt about who is in charge – the Cage Singlet, Cage Short, Strappy Ring Jock and Cage Thong. All are made from easy care polyamide elastane for durable stretch, second skin fit and maximum comfort. Strappy cutouts allow you to show just enough skin, and the shaped thruster pouch keeps you flaunting what’s daunting.

When you’re planning on a “rough night,” go to the matte – Cage Matte. Order it now, from Male Power. 

The party’s on you! Male Power presents a lively new array of costumes and dress-ups for fun and fantasy.

Hose Me Down is a fireman outfit that will ignite your partner’s passion. It features a solid nylon short with a sheer mesh open shaft pouch, perfect for emergency service. Included are removable and adjustable suspenders, to let you look five alarm foxy. 

Hard Time will make you the sexiest stud in the slammer. This prurient prisoner outfit is a one piece singlet inspired by old fashioned jail stripe uniforms. Included are a matching cap and prisoner number patch on the front. But Male Power also adds a daring escape plan – a cut out rear that creates full exposure of the bum. Oh, yes, Male Power makes the jailhouse rock!

Gay Pride Month is in June, but gay people can show their true colors anytime with Pride Fest. The latest addition to this bright, bold collection is Pride Durag, a fitted, shaped headpiece that ties to your size. Tie one on, and tell the world that your head – and your heart – are in the right place.

Finally, check out the newest addition to the Stretch Net collection. Tank Top has a racer back, and comes in black or white. It is available in sizes S/M and L/XL.

There is something for everything from Male Power, the company that offers style and confidence – and playfulness – where it matters most.

Male Power presents something gymtastic – the Peak Performance collection, the perfect sportswear for working out, or just being out and about.

These lightweight and breathable garments are made from a stretch material that truly heightens performance. Your athletic build will really emerge in four sporty selections. The long leg enhancer shorts are smartly designed to assure complete coverage while you exercise. The multifunctional zipper muscle tank top becomes a mock turtle neck when zipped and collared neckline when open. The sport thong and sport jock have enhancing pouches that offer all the comfort and support you expect from Male Power.

This entire line is made in a two tone fabric with a subtle burnout patter, offset with contrasting trim and a plush elastic, embossed waistband. Select from two color combinations, grey/black or blue/black.

Peak Performance, from Male Power – it is “in” at the gym, and magnifique on the physique.


Need something cool for the family jewels? Male Power has got you covered – but just barely!

Introducing Cock Pit, the undergarment that’s a snap. In fact, the emphasis is on the snap off pouch with built in elastic C-ring underneath. It is made with micro mesh for ultra-breathability, and attached with sturdy, nickel plated fasteners on top and bottom. They are easily removable in case of a passion emergency.

The rest of this sexy lingerie is woven from stretch windowpane fishnet and comes in two colors, black and wine. Three styles are available: Mini Cock Ring Short, Cock Ring Thong and Cock Ring Jock. All are complimented by a sleek, boldly printed satin finish waistband.

If you want your crank will look swank, enter the Cock Pit. It’s the fashionable trunk for your junk, and it’s only from Male Power.

Male Power now offers something very unseamly – Seamless Sleek, a soft and shiny undergarment that wears like a second skin. 

This form fitting masterpiece is bonded without sewn seams and is completely tagless. A slightly sheer and smooth pouch and stamped care labels create supreme comfort and unmatched style. The rubberized MP logo ensures that you are scantily dressed in only the best. 

Seamless Sleek is made in two very popular body types, Lo-Rise Mini Short and Lo-Rise Thong. Both come in three beautifully understated colors, black, wine and blue. Immediate shipment is available in high-end Male Power packaging.

Men – looking for something cool and classy? Seamless Sleek is flawlessly fashionable