Joe Snyder has been around for over 30 years. They are still going strong and we got to ask them a few questions about the history of the company, best seller and whats in store for the future! We hope you enjoy!

How did Joe Snyder get started in the men’s underwear industry? 

In 1958, Mr. Jesús Vargas Abín established in México “De Vargas”, a store where he sold shirts, trousers, suits, ties, underwear, accessories, etc. In 1977 Mr. José Vargas Snyder started working with his father. He continued offering the same products until his father died in 1977.
In those days men underwear covered men’s virility, failing the objective to support men’s virility. 
The customers were looking for sensual underwear; Mr. Vargas Snyder noticed people’s needs due his vast experience in men’s clothing. He produced the exclusive Exclhom (Exclusivo para hombre – Exclusive for men) design, a garment made of Polyamide Elastane, which perfectly fitted men’s anatomy. He manufactured and sold the product in his own store. The customers bought the underwear since the first day. Proving he was right.

Joe Snyder is known for their bright colors, how do you choose the colors? Is there a color you would like to do?

The colors are chosen because at Joe Snyder we like to make things differently and in an original way. Starting with the fabric used (80% polyamide – 20% Elastane) and by choosing bright and original colors that cannot be found in other brands. Our idea is to keep a fresh, modern, fun and versatile image.

We’ll certainly be bringing some exciting new colors and have already some in mind but we’d like to keep the mystery! We never want to stop surprising our customers

What has been your most popular style over the years? Also what has been the best selling color? joe_snyder_pride_frame_blue2

The best selling item is the Bikini 01, the first style ever made. The best selling color of that Bikini is in black.

Lace in men’s underwear has been popular; Joe Snyder was one of the first to include it, what made you use lace? 

Like previously mentioned, in Joe Snyder we like to do things differently and provide new options to our customers. To be honest with you, Mr Snyder had the idea to release a lace collection since about 15 years ago but thought that the market was not ready for that at that moment..untill recently.

The last release was the Pride Frame. I Love this line, how did the design come about? 

As we are always trying to make a difference, many samples and ideas where developed and shared amongst the Joe Snyder’s design team.

Also, we listened to our customers and after combining our ideas and the customer’s opinion; the result was the Pride Frame. The idea behind the name is literal… to put a frame around what a guy is most proud of!

Are there any plans to add more lines or colors soon? 

We are constantly in search of new ideas to create original designs and colors. In the 2nd trimester of 2013 we’ll bring a new collection that will be where classic meets sexy and functionality.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. I have bought 6 pieces of Joe Snyder over the years. The last 4 aren’t the same quality or fit as the first two. Something changed at Joe Snyder I imagine cause the pieces aren’t as good as before. The sexy models are the best thing about the brand IMO. Probably wont buy anymore but will keep looking at the hot models! Thanks. Robert.

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