PM1 N2N Bodywear Power Mesh Jock

The new N2N Bodywear collection has been released and it is MASSIVE! I think this is the largest collection they have ever released. Everything from underwear to loungewear has new lines, styles or both. Some of your favorites have been refreshed, while others like the Power Mesh have been added to the N2N lineup.

N2N is known for making sexy underwear that fits great. Andrew really knows how to design underwear that fits a man perfectly. So when you look at the Power Mesh line you may think that they have gone conservative. If you did make that assumption, then that assumption would be wrong. Yes, the waistband and colors are on the conservative side but the mesh material is anything but…N2N always puts their sexy spin on everything they create.

The Power mesh line has a really bold waistband that is red and black with the N2N logo woven into it. Like I mentioned above the colors are white and black but the material is a mesh. It’s not one that is 100% see through but if you look close you will see just how see through the material can be.  The material is a 76% micro polyester 24% spandex blend.  Which means it will conform to your body and fit great.

The styles of the Power Mesh collection are: Jock, G, Bikini, Brief and Trunk.  Prices range from $24-$30 depending on the style. You can find this on the N2N Website or at your favorite online retailer. We will bring you a few lines over the next two weeks, so keep checking back for them!

PM2 N2N Bodywear Power Mesh GPM3 N2N Bodywear Power Mesh Bikini

PM4 N2N Bodywear Power Mesh BriefPM5-13-Full


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