Modus Vivendi swimwear 2014

Modus Vivendi always creates super fun underwear and swim. The new collection has a denim look. As you can tell by the silver pair above! Styles that are in this collection are a boxer, brief and low cut brief. The styles are available in gold, silver and khaki.  My personal favorite is the Low Rise Brief, this is a true bikini and something we definitely need in swimwear.

I think this is definitely a fun collection. The metallic material is shiny but not over the top like some metallic fabrics can be! Being just released these should be at your favorite retailers soon or on the Modus Vivendi Site.

Modus Vivendi ( is proud to announce the release of its new swimwear collection 2014. Inspired by the eternal elements of the Greek summer, the collection embraces the gold of the sun, the silver flash of the sea and the deep, tranquil greens of the forests and mountains. Available in luminous gold, shiny silver and khaki, this first part of Modus Vivendi’s new swimwear is the perfect start to a dazzling summer – Greek style! 


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