While in Vegas I got a great chance to talk to Justin Case Underwear. I had briefly heard of them before but didn’t know a lot about them. I got to sit down and go through the new collection and find out some things they will be doing soon. They really impressed me, not because they had great underwear, but they had a big passion for it!

The one thing that really made me take notice of them is they aren’t afraid of color. They used just about every color in the spectrum, which to me is awesome. I hate it when companies do the Calvin Klein treatment, meaning they just use black/white/grey. One color they have used that makes me super happy is green! It’s one of those rare colors in the world of men’s underwear. So when I find a green pair I must have it.

The picture above features their new swim. It’s more of a gingham rather than stripes, it reminded me of Dorothy’s dress in the Wizard of Oz. Which is a good thing cause I love that print. There is a pair in a different color that I love (you will have to wait and see it) that is not used in men’s swimwear too often.

Their new line will be out soon and we will be covering them and giving you a lot of info about the new pairs. I hope to have an interview with Ryan, who I always call Justin, after the line is released.


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