Unknown-33Let’s face it, you guys LOVE mesh! It crosses all sexual orientations and lifestyles. I have heard from gay, straight, and bi guys who all love Mesh. They love showing off in it for their loved ones or just to show off in general. Mesh is a trend that is now a main stay in men’s underwear. McKillop is no stranger to mesh undies at all. Since I started covering them they have always had one form of mesh or another.

The pair we are profiling is the McKillop Elevate Brief (Mesh). What’s speical about this pair? Well first it’s got a great silhouette. The pair has a solid waistband and larger leg openings than most mesh pairs. Also this pair is part of the enhancing collection from McKillop. Some of you may be saying “Enhancing, I hate underwear that has foam and such to enhance me!” This pair uses other methods to enhance you rather than pair you take off and your partner go, WTH?!

Here is how McKillop explains it: “Mckillop Elevate Collection is all about Male Enhancement, whether it is the rear or the front McKillop is here to help. Our specialty is that we do not use foam to enhance, we actually use a selection of custom elastics, fabrics and a very talented team specially trained to create your lift.  But it is not only the lift, the elastics create an optical illusion making you look smaller as well.”

This pair is $40 on the McKillop site! And make sure you check back next week for something we did with McKillop!

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