Yesterday the boys at PetitQ showed us some great pics of their underwear on some amazing acrobats! Today we bring you the new line that was just released. PetitQ is a brand that is not afraid to show more skin than just about any other line. They are creative, erotic and super sexy.

My definition of the brand is “ultra skimpy”. They have a very unique take on underwear. Arthus and Nico have made underwear that seems to defy the laws of physics! Pouches that seem to float and pairs you go “how does that stay on?” It is some of the most creative I have seen on the market. They always seem to amaze me with all their designs.

The new collection builds on the previous ones. There are about a dozen new pairs in the collection. I am going to focus on few pairs that stick out for me.

The picture above features the Jockstrap Pise. The pair has a pouch and just one strap that attaches in the back. The front is just a bit off center, here it attaches and that gives it a wrap around effect. So it’s sort of a hybrid of a jock and thong.


We profiled this picture yesterday but it called the Bikini Bondage (on right). It’s a brief with straps that come off the waistband and go down the leg. Its fun and is not something you may wear to work but a fun night or maybe one where you stay in!


Maybe you want a pair that you could wear to work. The Brief Anthony is a pair that has a solid base but a pouch of a different color. So those who you want to see it, their eyes will be drawn to the important areas, without showing it all off!

Where can you see the full collection? Check out the page on GDD World PetitQ page!



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