IS_Cheetah_02_150306103538Lets face it Animal print swimwear is hot! Its sexy and fun and something that always catches peoples attention. If you see a guy walking down the beach and see a leopard print you are going to sit up and take notice. How many of us are brave enough to let the wild side out? I’m willing to bet more than a few of you. So, if you wear animal print you will command attention at the beach or pool and I think most of you prefer it.

aussieBum released the new Animal Instinct. Which is a set of briefs and turns in three different animal print. Those prints are Chetah, Giraffe and Tiger. Each one designed for aussieBum. The Hipster/trunk they have listed is a tiger print. Here is what aussieBum says:

“Animal Instinct” will bring out your wild and fiery side this season with three in-house custom designed animal prints making it a truly aussieBum unique swimwear range. Available in Tiger, Giraffe and Cheetah in our sexy brief swimwear style. Get wild!”

I think these are super hot! I love the cut and the prints. Would I wear one on the beach I just may! Why not, I mean if you wear a swim brief wear something to get noticed and not blend in! I think that aussieBum has out done it self with this line. They have been a brand of super fun gear and this just takes it to the next level!

The pairs are made out of 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane. The instructions say hand wash rather than machine wash. Each swim brief is available for $34.33 from the aussieBum site.

If you’re going to look for something fun then I think you should look no farther than this range. I think its’ some of the best swimwear I have seen this season. I know that there are tons more pairs coming this summer! Stay tuned for more great swimwear from aussieBum!



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