9736 _3_Singlets are one of the hottest things in the world of men’s activewear and eroticwear. Each year we see more and more of these being released. Andrew Christian is no stranger to the world of singlets! He’s released one that is super fun. That is the Glitz Singlet.

We won’t say where to wear this pair. We will leave that up to you to figure out! But this is what AC says about the singlet: “You’re part athlete, part dancing disco diva… and fully sexy. We understand you. That’s why we’ve brought you the all new stunning Glitz Singlet. In shining, shimmering metallic silver, this piece let’s you be everything you want to be, and let’s everyone in the room know that you’ve arrived. Its super-stretchy material leaves you feeling comfortable, and the bright neon contrast leaves you feeling more confident than ever.”

The material will catch the light and it will create a prismatic effect on the fabric. The gold/yellow trim is a perfect match for this singlet. The neon trim will also glow in black light. It is low cut and has a built in pouch that should fit a guy of any size. This is also a limited edition pair, so if you want it get it fast before its gone.

The Glitz singlet retails for $43.96 at the Andrew Christian site.

andrew christian glitz singlet


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