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New Swimwear is out! I think Modus Vivendi is a company that is under rated in the States. They have some of the most amazing swimwear on the market but you rarely hear about it here. We hope to change that, first with our swimwear shoot coming up! Next by showing the best swim of the season from Modus Vivendi. One of the newest is the Mondrian Swimwear

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Modus Vivendi is proud to announce the launch of its 2015 swimwear campaign. Over the last six months, the brand has presented a multi‑faceted campaign with new collections and handsome models being shot in breathtaking locations all around the world. This last part of the series presents a collection that will be released over the coming weeks and takes us on a visual trip back to the home of Modus Vivendi: Greece. Santorini is definitely one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands, and it is here that photographer Nikos Papadopoulos chose to shoot the new swimwear collection, taking advantage of the spectacular views over the renowned caldera.

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We start this new mini series of campaigns with the Mondrian Line. A real gem in the new Modus Vivendi collection, the Mondrian Line swimwear is handcrafted and meticulously made with the finest materials. Blue, red and yellow are combined with irreproachable taste with white or black, taking the colour block fashion trend to a new level. The line is inspired by the work of the great painter Mondrian and comprises two distinctive cuts (briefs and brazil cut trunks) each in two colour combinations. Art meets fashion in these vibrant, unique and timeless designs.

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Swimwear: Modus Vivendi (

Photographer: Nikos Papadopoulos

Models: Christos Artemiou

Location: Santorini, Greece


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