11138496_885107658215311_2636125777889047964_nWhat are somethings all guys like? Amazing undies at a cheap price! That is what Cheapundies.com is doing, taking on the world to give them amazing undies at an even bette price. They aren’t just doing close outs, they have their own line that is good quality and as the name says, “CHEAP.” The latest in the lines they are producing is the Neon Line.

“NEON is an all new, exclusive collection of underwear only available at CheapUndies. The NEON collection is for those of you who like to stand out in a crowd. These vibrant styles are even perfect for more conservative men who just want to have a party in their pants! Each garment is custom dyed to create the most vibrant colors, and the premium nylon is so comfortable it feels as if you’re wearing nothing at all. Be the life of the party, and go NEON!” This is what Cheapundies.com has to say about the line.

So you maybe asking what colors and styles are in the neon collection? The current colors are blue, pink and yellow. All bright and fun and as they say you will be having a party in your pants. The styles are pretty basic and include a brief and trunk. The brief retails for $9.95 and trunk is $12.95

If you want to try them go over to the Cheapundies.com Neon Collection Page!


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