cocksox sheer rangeCocksox is known for their super sexy underwear. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any sexier they release the Sheer collection. You maybe asking “Is it 100% sheer?” No, it’s not showing all your business out in the open but a more subtle mesh. From a distance you may not tell it’s mesh but the closer you get the more you will show off!  In fact the tag line for this collection is “for those who like to Tease to Please.”


I saw this collection in Vegas. It looked amazing there but now that I see it on the model  WOW! It’s even hotter. The mesh is available in the CX01 (bikini) CX16 (Bikini), CX68 (trunk) and CX76 (sport brief). Each of these are some of their best selling styles. My personal favorite is the CX01. The fabric is an Italian fabric specially sought for this line. The mesh adds just a bit more sex appeal to the line!

The Sheer range is only available in black and Aqua Splash. Aqua Splash is a lighter blue. This I believe is the cost of the fabric and availability of colors. I would love to see this in a red or dark blue, but that’s my wishful thinking! But regardless the range is awesome and fun!

Cocksox says “get you through the day, the night & the morning after!” We are going to show you each of the pairs and colors. You can also click each image to go to the Cocksox page to purchase each style and color!

CX01SH Black 

cx01sh-blackCX01SH Aqua Splash

cocksox cx01sh Aqua SplashCX016SH Black

Cocksox CX16SH Black

CX016SH Aqua Splash

Cocksxo CX16SH Aqua Splash

CX68SH Black

Cocksox CX68SH Black

CX68SH Aqua Splash

Cocksox CX68sh Aqua Splash

CX76SH Black

Cocksox CX76SH Black

CX76SH Aqua Splash

Cocksox CX76SH Aqua Splash




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