EW0175 (3)If you read the Ergowear X3D Bikini review, you know I LOVE Ergowear. It was great to try a new pair from a classic I have had in my drawer for a while. So, this review I wanted to step outside of my box a little. I wanted to try something I don’t normally wear, a trunk, AKA mini boxer.

I was excited to try this pair. One, because of the amazing Ergowear pouch. It’s one of my top 5 pouches of all times. To me a pouch is easy to do in a brief. But put that in a trunk/boxer brief and that’s where the trouble comes in. Some are able to pull it off while others aren’t! Second, I love the X3D line. The fabric, pouch and design is one that just feels great on me!

And before I get started I didn’t wear this in Vegas! I know you’re shocked. I wore it when I got home and was feeling better. I put this pair on and it really had a great pouch. I was impressed they carried over the pouch into a trunk. My biggest gripe with turnk/boxer brief pouches is you fall out of it. This pair, that never happened. They made it to give more support than most trunks out there.

My day wasn’t too busy but I did have some errands to do. So I was on the go for a few hours. I loved the support of the pouch. Yeah I can’t get over it. The fabric felt great. The fabric blend is 80% polyamid, 20% spandex. To me the more spandex the better. I love undies that conform to my body and hold everything in place. Some of you may not like this but, I have since I was young.

As the day went on the back of the pair rode down some. It was very noticeable to me when it was happening. I was hoping it wouldn’t fall all the way down. I had that happen with a pair a few years go. It was not fun to walk around with no coverage on the back. This pair never gave a full moon but did go down a bit. I don’t know if I had a smaller size if this would not have happened.

The sizing is awesome in Ergowear. They have one of the best sizing charts on the market. If you look at it, they will tell you when you should go up a size. If you get the wrong size in Ergowear then you are doing something totally wrong. !


  • Amazing Ergowear Pouch
  • Rich fabric
  • Available in a few colors


  • Fell down in the back some
  • Other may not like a tight pouch


  • Fit – 7
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Performance – 7
  • Overall – 8.2

GDD World furnished this pair for review. You can find this pair at Candyman Fashion for $33.48 –



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