11108949_494382757379703_12847538714898931_nColby you have been around the world of men’s underwear/swim wear for a while. You have done videos for a few companies and more recently cheapundies.com. What made you team up with your boyfriend, Rocco Ybarra, and start a line? Who’s idea was it and how did the conversation happen?

I have been trying to get a line started for almost a year now. Rocco also had interest in starting a line. We decided to team up and utilize each others strengths and make our dream a reality. We both have similar bold styles and love of prints so it was an easy process.

Your have done something really different from other brands and are using fun prints. I am loving the Hammerhead print, what made you guys go with prints? Why did you choose such fun and whimsical prints? 

I think menswear has been kept in a very bland place for a long time. I think with the LGBT movement and the emergence of metrosexuals, men are finally ready to wear clothes with personality. At least that’s what we want, and we couldn’t find it in the market so we decided to do it ourselves.

soar clothing 1

Do you guys have a favorite print out of the collection? While you are out have you spotted anyone in pubic at the beach/pool in you swearing SOAR yet? 

My favorite is either the hammerheads or the cherries. Roccos favorite is the hammerheads. When we were in Miami we had a couple people come up to us on the beach wanting to know where we got them and asked to purchase some on the spot. Luckily we had some with us!

What has been the biggest challenge you guys have faced and over come producing the initial collection?

The biggest challenge has been putting together all the bits and pieces it takes to launch a collection. There are over a hundred steps to just get the initial run up. You really have to be dedicated and realize that the process takes 6 months or longer before you start seeing any sort of return on your work.

The collection is super fun what feed back are you getting from the industry and from potential customers? 

Everyone has loved it so far! The only request we have gotten is for more!

Soar Clothing 2

In our previous post you said you have shorts and shirts coming and a Onesie. So can you give us a hint at what the onesie will be like? 

I can say that the onesie is technically underwear, but meant to be worn as street wear. You’ll be able to wear it to the grocery store, the club, or Sunday Funday!

Thanks for you time guys. Just in case our readers don’t know where to find your brand SOAR, where can they find you guys online. 

Everything is available at www.soarclothing.com


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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