manview-campus-gym-brief-6Before starting at UNB, Manview was not a brand I was familiar with.  They seem to be more under the radar than their competitors which is a shame because they have a very innovative mind when it comes to design.  They think outside the box which is great in an underwear world of so many different brands.  I received my first pair of Manview underwear and what came to my mind was “hmm this is unique.”  I immediately noticed the sporty inspired design of a lace up front.  I also wondered how comfortable all of that would be under a pair of jeans and if the laces would get caught up in your zipper throughout the day.  As for a brief, this pair is definitely on the wider side of the spectrum.  The overall coverage of the brief almost makes you think it is a short trunk rather than a brief.  This will definitely be a plus for the men who appreciate a fuller fitting brief!

The brief is made from a cotton and spandex combination that offers a nice comfortable, soft touch.  The black waistband features the Manview name in the center, which contrasts nicely to the white and green color of the brief.  The two toned front pouch adds a pop of color in the right place to accentuate the package.  With the color and laces, eyes go wear you want them to.  I slipped the pair on and prepared for a day of errands, chores, and dinner with friends.  I wear a medium and they fit true to size.  They were not too tight and looked good on.  I tend to go for smaller briefs than these but I was pleasantly surprised with how good they felt and how comfortable they were.  For my day, the pair held up nicely.  My initial concern was that there was too much going on in the front of this brief for a comfortable, functional wear but I was wrong.  Don’t let looks fool you on these!  The leg openings do not ride up, the back offers full coverage, and the front pouch has enough room to keep everything comfortable and in place all day.  manview-bodywear-campus-gym-boxer-brief-underwear-green-white-mv2002-303388959

All in all I have to say my first experience with Manview was a positive one.  I have looked through some of their inventory and their design scheme is amazing.  They really aim to offer something different to set themselves apart in the marketplace.  On a side note, I mention design as both a positive and negative because it can be very appealing to the eye but some may find it to be too much for a pair of underwear for daily wear.  Overall, I hope they continue to gain attention and spread the underwear love out to the men in need of some variety in their drawers!


  • Innovative Design
  • Well Fitting Material
  • Color combinations


  • Fuller brief (trunk like)
  • Busy front design


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 8.5
  • Construction Materials = 8.5
  • Styling = 8
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 8

GDD World furnished this pair for review.


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