NX2-15-FullN2N Bodywear released a new line this year appropriately called “XXX.”  If the name alone doesn’t appeal to you, I am not sure what will!  What’s not to love with those initials right?  In the tradition of N2N Bodywear, they know how to make a sexy cut when it comes to bikinis.  Their String Bikini in the XXX line reminds me of their previous Mojave Cutaway which is a staple in my drawer.  It was nice to have a cut that was a personal throwback to that pair for me.  The bikini has a smaller pouch in the front instead of having a wide brief like front and a simple back covering that covers what it needs to.  What I like about this style is the high cut on the sides, basically only the waistband connects the front to the back.  It is a practical yet sexy fit.  The bikini is a black and grey combination made from 100% nylon.  Both the front pouch and back are sheer, leaving little to the imagination.  The black waistband features a big XXX in grey across the front and the N2N and Made in Los Angeles in the back.  So if anyone gets a peek at that waistband above your pants, they know your secret intention!

I wore the N2N Bodywear XXX bikini to work for a busy day.  In the grand tradition of N2N, the pair held up beautifully.  Through the ups and downs of the day, I never felt any discomfort in the pair.  I wear a medium and all aspects of the bikini fit great.  The waistband is not too tight, the pouch holds everything nicely, and the back offers adequate coverage without and running up.  It is very important to find a pair that you can trust NX2-15-Cthroughout your day without having that desire to sneak home and change them out.  N2N Bodywear continually delivers that trust in their underwear.  This underwear is a great combination of practical and sexy.  Wearing a comfortable and attractive pair of underwear with an elevated sex appeal to it is exciting.  In my mind all day, I knew I was sheer underneath and curious what you would say if you knew that!

Overall, N2N Bodywear has been able to excite me again with bringing back a cut that was so popular for them with me.  The string bikini is a perfect fit for any guy who is looking for practical and comfortable yet sexy.  The XXX line also features a jock, brief, and trunk, all available in the classic black or white.  I would encourage anyone to wear this pair over the course of their work day, set up a great date night dinner, and then slide them off for the XXX to take over the night!


  • Comfortable
  • Slim fit with bikini style
  • Sheer material for sexual appeal


  •  Colors (only available in black and white, would like additional variety to pop)


  • Daily Fit = 9.5
  • Sizing = 9.5
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 9
  • Overall = 9.5

This pair was furnished by N2N Bodywear and is available for $25.00

UNB Model Profile featuring Bruin Collinsworth


I had the privilege of connecting with Bruin on Twitter after seeing some of his work through some photographers we know.  With that face and that body, who could resist the chance to profile him.  Bruin talked to UNB about his Nasty Pig beginning, the fun he has had in front of the camera, and the modeling gene in his blood.

UNB Kyle:  Thank you for taking the time to share some of your career with us.  What was your first modeling gig and how did you come to get it?

Bruin:  My first legitimate gig was shooting for Nasty Pig Spring 2014. Earlier that year I went to MAL and visited the NP booth and told a random guy who was working for them how much I loved their jocks. Low and behold the person I told this to was David Lauterstein and he asked if I modeled.  At the time, all of my gigs were so small I usually got paid in the underwear or all I got out of them was the photos for me to use in my portfolio. I told him yes and we kept in contact until Easter weekend.  I was planning a trip to NYC with friends at which point I told David that I was visiting and we planned our shoot.

Kyle:  A great start for what was just a simple fan interaction at the time.  What made you want to pursue modeling?image

Bruin:  My grandmother was a model and I always thought she was so glamorous that I wanted to do it. I’m also a performer at heart and that’s why I enjoy doing runway work so much because its like a performance.

Kyle:  So modeling was definitely in your blood.  Which shoot do you consider your breakthrough in your career?

Bruin:  Without a doubt it was the Nasty Pig shoot. After those photos were released I would go places and get recognized. to say I felt famous was an understatement. They were picked up by and it really took off. It was because of that shoot that I moved to NYC last summer to really pursue modeling.

Kyle:  Great first story which ended up being your breakthrough!  Does any shoot stand out as a favorite?

Bruin:  At the end of my summer in NYC I got the opportunity to work with Marco Ovando just as a portfolio builder but I had been wanting to shoot with him for so long that there was a lot of build up it. It was everything that I expected and the shots turned out so well. I ended up using them for most of my portfolio.

imageKyle:  That is where I first saw your pic and it was beautiful!  Any difficult shoots that you have had?

Bruin:  In Chicago I worked with Colin Davis for one of his still life shots in which I was a table with a table top sat on my back with multiple things on it. Fortunately there was a support table under me but I was basicly sandwiched between these 2 things and had stay there for a long periods of time while they staged the photo. I’m a tough guy but that was rough. The shot tuned out great and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.

Kyle:  I can imagine something that seems so simple to an amateur can end up being so demanding and difficult.  Are there any brands or photographers you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet

Bruin:  Because of how well the shoot went with Marco I would love the chance to work with him again and shoot for Slick It Up. Rick Day was another photographer in NYC that I wish I would have gotten a chance to work with. His work always looks so polished.

Kyle:  I am sure your phone will be ringing with the chances.  What is something that your fans don’t know about you outside of modeling that you want them to know?

Bruin:  I love to learn new things. I watch the History Channel and play games like Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit because I learn some of the most random facts and it really changes me mentally.

Kyle:  You enjoy exercising your mind.  Your body looks great too.  What kind of diet and exercise do you do to prepare for shoots?  And how about when you sneak in a cheat meal?

Bruin:  My diet really never changes for a shoot. I always tend to eat well. Every night for dinner its some sort of protein (steak, flsh, chicken) with light seasoning and roasted vegetables, usually green beans or diced peppers. The exercises vary depending on what type of shoot I’m doing. If its underwear I’m going to work on getting my butt a little bigger and my core a little tighter but if its more clothing then I’m going to work more upper body to get the shirt fitting a little more fitted.  

There is nothing better after eating well all week than a huge Chicago style deep dish pizza! It has so much cheese and meat that after a couple slicesI  have to call it quits and save the rest for lunch.

Kyle:  Good routines.  They work for you as we enjoy the butt and underwear shoots!  Speaking of underwear, what do you prefer? % boxer briefs, % briefs, % jocks, % thongs.

Bruin:  I’m not sure on specific percentages but the majority of my underwear collection is briefs with jockstraps as a close second. I have boxer briefs and thongs too.  On a day to day basis I don’t wear them nearly as much as briefs or jockstraps.

Kyle:  I appreciate a man who isn’t afraid to own some thongs!  And now, the craziest pair of underwear you have ever worn?image

Bruin:  For a runway show I wore a pair of black mesh briefs so it left very little to the imagination. They are extremely hot but I have to be strategic about where I can wear them.

Kyle:  Keep those for special viewing only I’m sure.  You sometimes have to put a lot out there on these shoots.  Stuff happens sometimes though I’m sure.  So, most embarrassing photo shoot situation?

Bruin:  This didn’t happen on the photo shoot but during shoots I try to be very professional but on my Nasty Pig shoot I was wearing these shorts that were pretty tight so tight that when I moved around things started to rub and the resulting photo had a pronounced bulge in the crotch area. I didn’t even notice it until multiple people including my mother noticed.

Kyle:  Nice dinner conversation I can imagine.  Besides what your mother will say, what goes through your mind right before you have to do these revealing shoots?

Bruin:  As soon as I get booked for a shoot I put together a playlist of music that I think fits the theme of whatever shoot I’m going to be doing. I listen to it on repeat until the day of the shoot. It gets me in a head space that I need to really perform well on the set. It also keeps my mind off the fact that I’m almost naked and keeps me calm. I tend to get myself over worked for shoots and that helps.

Kyle:  Music is a powerful tool. I love that though.  What are your goals for your career?

Bruin:  As much as I want to be the next big male underwear model,m I’m happy just having a steady stream of work coming in. Its not my main job so I’m not financially reliant on booking shoots every day but if I can make money and get my name out there I’ll be happy at the end of the day.

Kyle:  Well I hope big things continue to happen for you.  Finally, we have a lot of aspiring models that look to those like you for advice.  What is the best advice anyone gave you when you started your modeling career?

Bruin:  One of the first photographers told me to have fun with my shoots. He said if I’m not having fun then whats the point of it. Ever sense then I’ve always found the fun in the shoots that I get booked for.

Check out more of Bruin Collinsworth below:

Bruin Collinsworth Twitter

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UNB Photographer Profile featuring Scott Barnes Photography


Chicago based photographer Scott Barnes sat down with us to showcase his exciting portfolio.  With collaboration and raw and natural talent behind each photo, he has made a name for himself in the photography world.  He shares his unique style with us pertaining to the erotic, spontaneous, and creative talent he has.

UNB Kyle:  Thanks for taking the time to show your portfolio with us.  What was your first photo shoot and how did you come to get it?

Scott:  I have been interested in photography since I was a kid, when I received my first camera for Christmas at age Question 1_Noah212. From then on, I picked up photography in spurts here and there, on and off. When I decided that I wanted to start photographing people, I was looking for practice. I had a neighbor who was a former Marine and a former professional soccer player who was always walking around the neighborhood with his dog and without many clothes on. One day I asked him if I could bring my camera over to his place and shoot him. He said yes and a week or two later a friend’s mother, who was a well-known artist, saw the photos and told me that even unedited, a few of them belonged in an art gallery. That’s all it took to make me want to study and keep getting better.

Kyle:  Great story!  It’s nice that you took advantage of what was around you and clearly have a natural talent.  What made you want to pursue photography?

Scott:  I was in one of those periods where I hadn’t been shooting many photos for a few years, but I was bored one Sunday afternoon and I decided to kill time by playing around with my old camera. From that, it became a hobby again, and then a few months later someone gave me a copy of Male Nude Now as a birthday present. I started studying the work of photographers who were known for working with men . . . everyone from David Vance to Christopher Makos to Clive Barker to Steven Underhill and Reed Massengill and Mark Beard. I wanted to be one of them, too.

Kyle:  I like hearing that the desire turned into a hobby and blossomed into a passion and career.  Which shoot do you consider your breakthrough in your career?

Question3_AronScott:  I had one shoot with a model named Aron, who I had been noticing (stalking?) around town for a whole summer. When I finally got up the guts to ask him to pose for me, he just shrugged and said, “Sure.” When I looked at his photos after the shoot, it was one of the first times I realized that my work didn’t need much post-production editing, which made me feel great. (I’m a photographer, not a graphic artist, and I think the line is blurry these days. I mean, when a person shoots a photo that’s not technically good and then fixes it in Photoshop, they’re a graphic artist. Sorry.)

One of Aron’s photos also got me into my first art auction in New York, and I felt like that changed everything. I attended the auction and I got to meet some gay photographers and artists that are SO inspiring. It was an awesome night.

Kyle:  I see your distinction between photographer and graphic artist and it makes sense.  You seem very natural and raw with that.  Do you have a favorite shoot?

Scott:  I loved my shoot with Jordan, who rode a Greyhound bus for more than 48 hours from Los Angeles to work with me. I picked him up at the bus station at 8pm and got him some food, and then we went to my place with a plan of having a few drinks and a quiet night so we could shoot from 10am to 5pm the next day. But about midnight, we started talking about photography and I was showing Jordan some photos that I like. He fell in love with some images that were captured after dark on a dirt road. I said, “But you won’t be here tomorrow night when it’s dark.” Jordan looked at me and smiled and said, “But I’m here now.” And that’s how Jordan and I had an impromptu shoot at 1am on a Thursday night — with Jordan pretty much running around my neighborhood and the nearest country roads naked.

Kyle:  Haha great spur of the moment shoot.  Probably some of your best work and with his excitement for the atmosphere, it probably enhanced the shoots that much more.  Which shoot has been your most challenging? 

Scott:  Well, the first time I photographed Austin Armacost was kind of scary. The A-List season two had just ended Question5_Austinand one morning out of the blue Austin called me and said he was in Indiana and needed a photographer THAT DAY for a promotion. I had a 103 degree fever but couldn’t say no, and since it was a high-profile promotion I wanted the photos to be great. And I was a little afraid because of Austin’s reputation on The A-List. (It turns out that yes, he’s as outspoken and energetic as he was on TV, but he’s also very sweet and authentic and fun and charming and sincere and VERY grateful). I really like Austin and we’re still friends, to this day.

Another shoot that was intimidating was when a 61-year-old army veteran called me, asking for photos of him presenting as a woman with the goal of showing them to his family as he came out as transgender, just before starting his male-to-female transition. He wanted his family to see that he was serious about his decision. My makeup artist and I were both out of our elements and pretty nervous — but the shoot turned out to be a really loving and moving experience for us all, and the client was very grateful. I won’t forget this one.

Kyle:  So unique and powerful situations.  Very relevant for today.  I’m always curious about these moments that people don’t want to talk about.  So how about it?  Any embarrassing or funny photo shoot moments to share?

Scott:  I can’t think of any embarrassing moments, but I’m kind of a nerd so I feel like I’m embarrassing myself all the time. As far as funny, once I had a quick shoot scheduled with three of my models. When the doorbell rang and I opened the door, there they were, standing on my front porch totally naked at 6 in the evening. “We’re ready,” one of them said. Sometimes, I can’t imagine what my neighbors must think.

Kyle:  That hasn’t happened when I opened my door!  Yes, your neighbors probably wonder what type of business you are running out of your house!  Since you shoot a good amount of naked models, what are some tips you give models in order to be comfortable in front of the camera whether as a new model or for more intimate/revealing shoots?

Question4_Jordan3Scott:  I guess for me, the only advice I give to new models or any guy who’s posing for erotica is to relax and make sure to have fun — and I always tell them to remember that THEY are in charge. If I suggest a pose or location or anything that makes the model uncomfortable, he should say so and we will stop/change/etc. I like to see people push their boundaries but I don’t ever want anyone to do something they’re not comfortable with, or worse — have regrets later for having a shoot with me.

I’ve been told that my personality sets people at ease pretty quickly. I hear that I’m good at getting new models to trust me. I like that.

Kyle:  I am sure you make everyone very comfortable.  Great attitude with that!  Are there any brands or models you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

Scott:  I’d love to work with Andrew Christian. And I’d LOVE to have a shoot for Mr. Turk. It would be fun to shoot for 2xist or Ginch Gonch.

As for models I’d like to work with, that list is SO long!! And it changes all the time.

Right now, I’m a huge fan of Levi Jackman Foster, Franky Cammarata, Kyle Krieger, and Matthieu Charneau, I’d love to have a shoot with Michael Hoffman, the fitness model who’s started doing solo porn videos. I’d love to work with Stephen James, because his tattoos are amazing. And Freddy Krave, even though he’s more of an artist than a model; I really like his style!

And Quinn Jaxon, Edward Wilding, Colton Haynes, Gregory Nalbone, Chad White, Aaron O’Connell, Josh Owens, Cory Bond, And Michael Hamm, the cosplayer. And Anton Hysen, the gay soccer player. And Steve Grand, the gay country singer. I also want to photograph Ryan Ferguson, the bodybuilder and fitness expert who was falsely accused of murder and spent 10 years in prison, who was just released a few months ago because the witnesses came forward and confessed that they lied.

Kyle:  Quite a list!  I hope you get to check some names off of there.  How do you prepare creatively and determine your environment for the shoot? Is it determined by you, the brand, or a collaboration?

Scott:  It’s always a collaboration. Of course, if I’m shooting for a brand, they get the final say but usually I start with Question3_Aron4a concept that includes a location and I’ll see what the brand thinks and let them add to the theme as they see fit. I even include the models in the collaboration, if possible. I figure the more we all know going into a shoot, the more on-target the outcome will be.

Kyle:  Collaboration is very important and I love that you combine everyone to get that.  What are your interests away from the camera?

Scott:  I like coffee and red wine, and hanging out in coffeehouses and my favorite bars. I love to cook (I’m into French food right now). I love movies and music. I like design, architecture, and Americana. I like science (astronomy, National Geographic, etc.), dogs, and NPR. I’m currently transitioning my life to Chicago, and I love wandering around the city when I’m there. I try to support the arts however I can. I don’t watch a huge amount of TV, but I like The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, Arrow, and the occasional paranormal show.

Kyle:  I see that probably cooking, architecture and the rest compliment your creative mind.  Any tips for people wanting to get into photography?

Scott:  Just study! Look at the work of other photographers and decide what you like and don’t like — and more importantly, explain to yourself why for each. It’s not enough to say you like someone’s work, what do you like about it? The mood? The tone? The lighting? The model? The pose?

And learn as much as you can about your camera. When I first started this, my mentor picked up my camera and turned the setting to total Manual. Then he looked at me and said, “I better never see this camera on ANY setting besides M, again.” If you can’t use the camera, any good photos you take will just be accidents.

Kyle:  I love that!  What a great mentor.  Thank you for sharing all of this with us.  Finally, what are some of the things that you feel set you apart from other photographers in the market?

Scott:  I think I have a slightly unique lighting style. I think my photography has a way of looking like it’s 40 years old and new, at the same time.

Check out more of Scott Barnes Photography below:

Scott Barnes Official Site / Twitter / Instagram

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imageOn my list of brands to try in 2015, 2EROS was one of my top choices because of so many positive things I have heard about the brand.  First, my good UNB friend Jon (@UNBJon on Twitter) raved about how amazing 2EROS felt and looked which captured my curioisty.  So my quest began for the best pair to start with.  In my recent shopping endeavor at DrawerFull, I was looking through their products determining what to get. As I have developed a friendship with one of the men behind DrawerFull, I asked him for a personal recommendation.  He suggested the Olympus jockstrap and I knew he would not steer me wrong.

Package arrival day was here and I ripped open that jock, eager to slip it on.  I decided it had to be worn on a long day because of all of the positives I have heard.  At first look, it is beautiful! The color gold is so rich it only goes to show why it has a name like Olympus.  The gold is contrasted with black writing and detail of the name, logo, and piping you expect from 2EROS.  The jock has a more unique cut to it which was appealing.  From pouch to back, there is a narrow straight piece of fabric compared to a more classic arch most pairs of underwear have across the hip.  The fabric is also a quick drying mesh, perfect for the athlete.

Throughout my day, the jockstrap made me feel so good and held up wonderfully.  For an Australian brand, I did not have any problem with sizing either.  I wear a medium and felt like this jockstrap was true to size.  There was adequate room in the front for support, the waistband felt secure, and the butt straps caressed everything nicely.  I appreciate a jockstrap that has secure straps that really wrap around the butt nicely, giving you that support and sexy feeling in one.  Needless imageto say, there was no discomfort for this guy during the day.

My first adventure with 2EROS was exactly what everyone told me it would be; amazing!  This is a very special pair for me as well because of the personal recommendation by my friends Jon and DrawerFull.  Thank you guys for looking out for me and choosing wisely!  I will absolutely be picking up more 2EROS for my collection.


  • Unique jock design
  • Rich color choices
  • Comfortable


  • More colors needed (only available in Gold and Silver)


  • Daily Fit = 9.5
  • Sizing = 9.5
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 9.5
  • Overall = 9.5

This pair is available at DrawerFull for $24.00

NP1-15-BN2N Bodywear has been one of my favorite brands since back in the Mojave collection days.  That was one of my favorite lines that I still wear to this day and wish they would bring back!  With that said, I was excited to see all of the new underwear that came out in 2015 for them.  My first new pair for them that I have worn in a while was the Primary Collection jockstrap.  First off, what a great bold pair of underwear!  I received the green jockstrap which is a beautiful shade of green, complete with yellow accents on the waistband, down the sides of the pouch and the straps of the butt.  The waistband features the N2N name as well as LA, depicting that the pair is made in LA.  Needless to say,  I was quite excited!

I had a jam packed day set for this jockstrap that I knew it could handle.  I slipped the pair on first thing that morning in preparations for my work day.  It fits just as N2N Bodywear is known to fit, snug in all of the right places, allowing for support where needed.  I wear a medium and it sit nicely on the waist, was not too tight, allowed enough room in the pouch to be comfortable, and straps cupped the butt very nicely.  The pair held up wonderfully throughout my busy work day which usually consists of a lot of the normal office routines of constant up and down movements with sitting, standing and walking.  I never had to adjust myself nor did I have any discomfort which is a big plus for me.  No one wants to be trapped at work in underwear they just want to take off.  It’s made of a 90% cotton and 10% spandex combination.NP1-15-Full

After my work day I decided to really test it out and hit the gym with a friend.  I love a versatile jockstrap that is fashionable yet athletic.  If a jockstrap is able to functional and fashionable, it meets my wish list.  I loved working out in this jockstrap.  Again, I felt no discomfort and thought it gave me that extra support around the butt that a jockstrap is supposed to have.  I think I made my friend jealous with how great I was feeling!  To top off the evening we hit the bar for a few beers after the gym.  Overall I wore this jockstrap for 15 hours that day with no problem!  That is impressive N2N!

N2N Bodywear has the jockstrap available in green, red, and blue.  The Primary line is also available in other styles such as bikini, brief, and boxer.


  • Comfortable
  • Great design and color combinations
  • Supportive pouch and straps


  • More colors to expand the collection!


  • Daily Fit = 10
  • Sizing = 9.5
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 9.5
  • Overall = 9.5

This jockstrap was supplied by N2N Bodywear and is available on their site for $20.00


What’s Hot at DrawerFull This June?

DrawerFull has us ready for summer by letting us know what gear to get our hands on.  As we start our fun in the sun, here are DrawerFull’s hottest picks for June.

JOR Speed Boxer


The JOR Speed Cotton Retro Trunk has the look and feel of the 70s, with a fun, athletic vibe. It’s made from a soft, stretch cotton fabric that features a faded look and topped off with a bold waistband in a color combo reminiscent of the age of love. Shop this pair here.

Clever Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk


The CLEVER Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk has a slightly relaxed fit with a tailored look that nicely flatters any body who wears it. A splash of color here and there, plus added pockets mean you can even wear this swimsuit as casual shorts to and from your busy summery schedule.  Shop the pair here.

PPU Cotton Jockstrap


The PPU Cotton Jockstrap is the basic sports support every athletic guy needs. The pouch is made from soft, stretch cotton that is absorbent for long lasting comfort. The rear straps are extra wide to prevent pinching or riding up, so you can perform in this jockstrap for hours on end. Shop the pair here.

Tribe Energy Shorts


TRIBE swimwear draws inspiration from the color, energy, and joy that is found in Tribal Culture.  This brand is 100% Australian Made, emphasizing in quality, comfort and style.  The swimsuit offers a wide waistband, sharp fitting throughout, and accessible pockets to include a more casual look in between beach outings.  Shop the pair here.  

SUKREW Full Trunk – Jamie


That Full Pouch look. The Full Trunk has six small pleats in the pouch, and is cut to show you off to your best advantage. The rear ‘y’ seam gives you perfect definition and unrestricted comfort. Neon polyamide fabric with blue printed branding on the waistband. Shop the pair here.

Blue Collar Underwear – City Slicker Trunk


Comfortable with an Awesome fit plus Great look. Busy City Scene Print fabric. Athletic fit trunk with contour pouch. Soft, smooth and comfortable fabric. Trunk features an elasticized Blue Collar logo waistband. Stretch microfiber with body defining fit. Cotton/Mesh on sides.  Shop the pair here.

2EROS Coast Trunk


The Coast series is a relaxed, simple and elegant collection. The color combination is of coastal comfort. The tan contrast placed between to the legs gives the illusion of exposed skin but keeping you covered. Shop the pair here.



Be sure to stop by the site at DrawerFull and check out the latest from all your favorite designers.

UNB Model Profile featuring Ajdin Sefer

STRIATE purple Ajdin


We spoke to Ajdin at the last Magic show and thought he would be a great addition to our model profile series which he was happy to do for us.  We love that his first gig was an underwear runway show, right up our alley.  He continues to share with us his special diet, desire to inspire, and Lady Gaga connection.

UNB Kyle:  I am glad that you spoke to UNB at Magic and joined us in this showcase.  Tell me how you got started in modeling?  

Ajdin:  My first gig was walking in an underwear runway show. I got the gig through the agency that I was signed to WoodMorning6_withlogo
at the time.

Kyle:  Starting off in our favorite department, underwear!  What made you want to pursue modeling?

Ajdin:  People at my gym would come up and tell me to try it but then a friend that was with an agency really suggested his agency multiple times. I thought that it would be really cool to try it but kept dragging it. Each time I saw him, we would talk about it and I would tell him that I’ve been wanting to but haven’t gotten a chance to go in yet since they only did open calls once a month. I finally got a chance to go in on the day that they had the open call and took digitals as well as filled out a form. They interviewed me and said they would e-mail me in two weeks. I ended up getting an email a few days later with a contract offer.

Kyle:  Sounds like your friend steered you in the right direction.  The agency clearly liked you because they snatched you up very quickly.  Since that first day, have you had a breakthrough moment yet?  

Ajdin:  There’s a few shoots that got me some good exposure but one of the biggest ones had to be playing lead role for a Lady Gaga music video “G.U.Y.” Once the video came out, I was receiving all types of e-mails, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. messages from all types of people. A lot of interviews came in from all kinds of web portals, T.V. networks, radio stations, etc.

Kyle:  I don’t doubt you became a big name after that.  Part of such a big pop phenomenon will definitely give you so much exposure.  What have you done in your career so far that has been a favorite moment?

Gaga And Me Screenshot JPegAjdin:  I don’t know if it’s fair to pick only one so I will list my top 3. One would have to be when I was flown out to Montreal, Canada to be a lead role for an international commercial. I spent a whole week there filming as well as shooting some stills and I loved every moment of it. Another one would be a commercial where I got my racing license and was able to drive an Indy Car on my own at 158 mph. The final and probably my all-time favorite up to date has to be the Lady Gaga shoot because I got to work with her and her complete team. Since my role in the video was to seduce her and it was just me and her on a floatie, we got to know each other really good in between takes and during takes. We had normal conversations where she asked me my name, where I’m from, and other casual questions.

Kyle:  Great choices!  A little modeling and acting combined in 3 great experiences.  I’m sure the music video was quite an experience and something you would think would be out of this world but probably felt very intimate and comfortable just talking like two normal people.  What have you found challenging in your shoots?

Ajdin:  One of the most challenging ones was a stop motion shoot I did for an app that will soon be available. It was a shoot that took over 12 hours to do. It was all still shots that were put into a motion and made into a commercial. Took forever to do and was dragging but I had a blast doing it.

Kyle:  That does sound like a very tiring but rewarding day.  Can’t wait to see what app this is.  Now I feel like everyone should have one, what about an embarrassing moment?

Ajdin:  I don’t know if I would consider it embarrassing but it was definitely funny to me. I was fortunate enough to be booked as the face for Envy Menswear. We took a couple test shots in the beginning to make sure everything looks how it’s supposed to. As they were looking at the screen to see if everything was how they wanted it, I noticed them talking to one another about something. Couple minutes go by, and they come up to me saying “everything looks great but since we’re working with a black backdrop, the little hairs on your legs and arms are sticking out and it would take forever to remove each piece of hair for the final shots especially since we are shooting the complete line.” They ended up making a trip to the store to buy me shave necessities and after about 30 minutes or more in the bathroom, I walked out with shaven legs and arms along with quite a few cut marks since it was my first time ever completely shaving legs and arms. They also had two ladies shaving my gluteus maximus which was also a first for me.

Kyle:  Feeling like a new man that day, or at least a smoother man!  That was nice of you to take one for the teamB-FNfiLCIAAmmNb
and do what needed to be done for the shoot.  Are there any brands or photographers you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

Ajdin:  I’m pretty sure that every fitness and underwear model will agree with me that the dream client to work with would be Calvin Klein, There’s a ton of other companies I would love to work with including Men’s Health, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and many more. We will see what happens.

Kyle:  I see you in those sporty mainstream lines.  Can’t wait for the dream to become a reality for you.  What is something that your fans don’t know about you outside of modeling that you want them to know?

Ajdin:  I was born and raised in Bosnia and Hercegovina, lived in Michigan for 15 years before moving to LA so my accent can be unique sometimes. Also, I tend to use my Snapchat quite a bit. I try to get a lot of behind the scenes at my shoots, gym updates, selfies, funny clips, and other random stuff that I see on the daily.

Kyle:  You just gave me an idea for a new post here on UNB.  We will have to talk about some of those behind the scenes and selfies!  Your body looks great!  What kind of diet and exercise do you do to prepare for shoots?

Ajdin:  I have a customized diet I created for myself and been using it for a couple years now. I eat my breakfast which is two parts, 4 of the prepared meals that I always have ready for me, and then for dinner I do a salad with either tuna or chopped up grilled chicken. I drink a gallon+ of water every single day. I slow down a lot couple days before and the day before and during shoot, I only drink when I absolutely have to.

Kyle:  Quite a routine you have there.  But clearly it pays off and you look incredible.  When you aren’t so strict on yourself, what is your favorite cheat meal?

Ajdin:  In N’ Out and Chipotle is a priority after my shoots. It’s tradition upon completion of my job 😉 When I am visiting Michigan, there’s quite a bit of cheat meals which are usually all Bosnian foods that my mom makes or that I get when we go out to eat.

Kyle:  I love that you have treat completion meals after a shoot.  Nice tradition to have.  What goes through your mind right before you have to do these revealing shoots?

Ajdin:  I have to make it the best shoot possible.

Kyle:  Well since you have been doing underwear since your first runway show you probably are very comfortable.  Speaking of underwear, what do you like outside of shoots?  % boxer briefs, % briefs, % jocks, % thongs.

Ajdin:  75% trunks and boxer briefs and 25% briefs. 

Kyle:  Pretty standard choices among many men.  What is the craziest pair of underwear you have ever worn?

Ajdin:  There’s been a few crazy ones but if the Borat one piece counts as underwear then that one is definitely the craziest I’ve ever worn and it was for a campaign I did.

Kyle:  Haha that iconic piece of underwear.  I am sure that was the one and only time you have worn that.  What are your goals for your career?

Ajdin:  I will continue to push myself to keep booking shoots whether they are print, commercial, music videos, etc. I’m always trying my best to push others and motivate them to chase their dreams because with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. It’s an amazing feeling when I get an e-mail or a message on social media from other people (a lot of times people I don’t even know) saying that I’ve been inspiring them and proving to them that anything is possible.

Kyle:  I love that you want to inspire people.  We get many comments on these profiles from aspiring models who appreciate the feedback that you share.  Finally, what is the best advice anyone gave you when you started your modeling career that you want to pass on to those reading this profile?

Ajdin:  The best advice that I get is from my mom and from the motivation quotes. I’ve been looking up and coming up with my own motivational quotes for a while now and it’s the first thing I turn to if I’m having a bad day or if I haven’t booked for a while.

Check out more of Ajdin Sefer below:

Ajdin Sefer Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

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UNB Photographer Profile featuring Ted Sun Photography


UNB Kyle:  Thanks for taking time out of your busy travels to chat with us.  I can’t believe how much photography has emerged from your travels.  Tell us about your beginning with photo shoots.  

Ted:  My first photoshoot was with my friend singer/songwriter Sacha Sacket a few years ago. Music was my first passion, so I started out shooting music artists, which makes for TedSunPhoto-21fun collaboration. I ended up shooting Sacha in a black catsuit on top of a grand piano, and we’ve since collaborated on several shoots used on various album covers.

Kyle:  Music is such a passion and what a way to be able to tell a story of a whole album through an amazing cover.  What made you want to pursue photography?

Ted:  I traveled a lot over 5 years – to over 70 countries; I was having the time of my life, and loved being able to share my experiences through pictures. By 2012, I knew this was what I wanted to do – create and share images. So I settled back into my hometown LA to start this new career.

Kyle:  I still can’t get over how much you traveled.  That is amazing.  I can only imagine the influences you gained from it all.  So since you have started your photography, have you had that breakthrough moment?  

Ted:  One breakthrough was my first fashion editorial shot on the Highline in NYC a year and a half ago. It was the first time I developed an editorial concept, recruited a full team (designer/stylist, groomer), and cast from a major agency. A couple of the images were later published in British GQ in an emerging designer feature.

Kyle:  What a great honor to be in GQ and listed in an emerging feature.  Clearly people saw great potential which shows what you have become today, only 5 years later.  Do any shoots stand out as favorites?  

TedSunPhoto-5Ted:  One of my favorites was shooting a sexy-rocker concept with model Elliott Law, in collaboration with stylist/creative director Bobby Reyes. Elliott was perfect for the shoot, being a musician himself. He also has one of the most amazing physiques and showcased the underwear (provided by Garçon Model) beautifully.

Kyle:  Now that is a great way to combine your passions of music and underwear!  What do you find challenging about some of the shoots you have done?

Ted:  The most challenging project I’ve had was my first assignment for an architect, shooting several of his properties. I often had to return to a location several times to find the right light – often arriving at the crack of dawn – and I’m a night owl. Also, I had to carry around a ladder and use a tilt-shift lens to get the correct perspective. It was demanding work getting the shots, but I learned a lot technically about my camera that carries into my fashion and portrait work.

Kyle:  It’s funny how people would not necessarily think a building would be your challenge versus another human being but with the right light and angles as you mentioned it takes precision.  I love to hear about the funny moments.  Any of those?  

Ted:  It’s funny hearing the random catcalls the models get while shooting in public. One time, this crazy guy kept shouting at us across a very wide street about how hot the model was. We were all laughing, but a bit nervous and scared at the same time.

Kyle:  Yes I agree it would make for a nervous situation.  You do not know how another person will act when they see a beautiful model and it is important to keep everyone safe and comfortable.  What are some tips you give models in order to be comfortable in front of the camera whether as a new model or for more intimate/revealing TedSunPhoto-4shoots?

Ted:  I just make sure to talk to and try to get to know the model a bit to make him feel comfortable. I like to let the model do what comes naturally, and I build from there. If the model appears nervous or uncomfortable, then giving clear direction really helps.

Kyle:  Allowing the model to be natural and get comfortable with you builds a great trust and relationship for the shoot.  I am sure many of them appreciate that about you.  Are there any brands or models you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

Ted:  It’d be a dream to work with well known models like Sean O’Pry, Clement Chabernaud, Brian Shimansky, Tomas Skoloudik – too many to name! Brand wise, I’d love to shoot Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, Lanvin – and underwear icons CK, Emporio Armani and 2xist.

Kyle:  Dream big!  I like that.  I see it happening.  You have talked a lot about collaboration and I think big namesand brands will appreciate that about you.  How do you prepare creatively and determine your environment for the shoot?  

Ted:  I love to collaborate, and have a wonderful group of creative partners. Some clients like to be very involved, while others are happy for us to take the lead. The initial concept usually comes from either the stylist or myself, and either one of us can take the lead in creating mood boards and casting models. Location shoots are my favorite: as a travel photographer, I love seeking out and shooting in new environments.

Kyle:  Traveling must be an amazing perk with the job.  Discovering these new places to your eye and capturing them to really enhance the picture must be quite a feeling.  What other interests do you have away from the camera?

TedSunPhoto-26Ted:  Music is my first and one of my biggest passions and influences a lot of my work. I’ve been practicing yoga for over a dozen years, and as mentioned, I love to travel.

Kyle:  Music is a passion of mine too.  I can see you walking around new cities, headphones on, taking photos of all of the exciting new places.  What advice would you give to people who look up to you and your work and want to get into photography?

Ted:  Starting any creative practice can be a bit intimidating. It’s important to confront your fears of failure and rejection because they will happen. Don’t be afraid to take bad pictures – it’s the only way to learn. You gotta honey-badger your way through and just keep going.

Kyle:  Great advice!  Expect the negative and bad pictures and await the miracles that come!  What are some of the things that you feel set you apart from other photographers in the market?

Ted:  I think that my sense of adventure and ability to connect with others sets me apart. I’m always looking to try new things, shoot in new places and find the next challenge. I have a very open-minded approach and love getting to explore my interests and ideas with others. It’s been a lot of fun getting to connect with so many personalities doing this, and I approach each shoot with an attitude of new collaborative discovery.

Check out more of Ted Sun Photography below:

Official Site / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook

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UNB Model Profile featuring RKA

KyAlex04 320

After featuring Musclehead Graphics photographer JC Norton in a photographer profile, we started talking about the models he works with on his site and RKA quickly came up.  This up and coming model is looking to really jump start a career and feature his bodybuilder physique in the industry and we think he definitely has the look.

KyAlex04 551

UNB Kyle:  We are happy to have you here as we see the start of a successful careeer for you.  I know you work closely with Musclehead Graphics.  How did you start modeling?

RKA:  I got into modeling from my time competing in men’s physique.

UNB Kyle:  I can see how there are aspects of both that can relate to one another.  What made you want to pursue modeling?

RKA:  I just wanted to try something different.  I have been working my whole life in construction and after getting involved in the men’s physique competitions, it seemed like a path I wanted to explore.

UNB Kyle:  I think it’s great that you are exploring this new side to you.  Since you are newer to the industry, who are some models that you look up to or inspire to mimic? 

RKA:  A 70’s bodybuilder Frank Zane.  He wasn’t huge but had the best physique in my opinion, perfect symmetry.

UNB Kyle:  I looked him up.  Good choice to model after.  What are you most excited about by getting into the modeling industry?

RKA:  I am excited about it being something new.  I’ve worked construction my whole life so it will be a totally new experience.

UNB Kyle:  New experiences can be a great way to challenge yourself.  Maybe as a throw back to your career you can do some construction inspired modeling shoots!  What are your concerns or fears of the modeling industry?

RKA:  That it will be to hard to make a career of, to make any kind of income.

KyAlex01 631a

UNB Kyle:  You are not alone in that thought.  A lot of models and photographers have that fear, especially when not in the main commercial arena of the business.  Have you had any challenging moments to date as you start on this journey?  

RKA:  This last shoot I did is for underwear.  This was challenging because I’ve never been shot in that way and I needed to get a little more comfortable in front of the camera versus being fully clothed in a shoot.

UNB Kyle:  Well the pictures look great!  You look like a natural.  Speaking of underwear, what do you typically wear?

RKA:  Boxer briefs.

UNB Kyle:  A boxer briefs guy.  I can see that with you line of construction work.  But it’s nice to see you shooting in all kinds of underwear.  You mentioned that it was challenging stripping down for the camera.  What goes through your mind right before you have to do these revealing shoots?

RKA:  Mostly hoping my body is in enough condition.

UNB Kyle:  I think we all agree it is in great condition!  What kind of diet and exercise do you do to keep your body in such great shape?

RKA:  High protein and fats, moderate carbs, not too low.  I like lifting heavy and little cardio.

KyAlex04 210

UNB Kyle:  The heavy lifting and high protein definitely pays off for that body.  But when you are feeling like cheating on your diet, what is your favorite cheat meal?

RKA:  Pancakes, of course.

UNB Kyle:  Ah, the good old breakfast foods!  Are there any brands or photographers you would like to work with in the future?

RKA:  I would like to work with Under Armour or Nike.  That would be cool.

UNB Kyle:  That seems to go with your workout and gym mindset.  Great brands to be featured with!  What is something that we don’t know about you outside of modeling?

RKA:  That I have been in construction since I was 12 years old and a licensed electrician.

UNB Kyle:  A man of many trades.  That is a good business to be in with the modeling career.  So much potential for side work to help with the income fears as you begin to succeed with your modeling.  What interests do you have away from the camera?

RKA:  Competing in either men’s physique or bodybuilding, and getting my clothing line going, Iron Made appeal.

UNB Kyle:  Construction, model, and entrepreneur.  You have a lot of great potential going on.  Can’t wait to see more of your Iron Made line.  What is some of the best advice anyone has given you for the modeling industry?

RKA:  You can do whatever you set your mind too.

UNB Kyle:  Determination will help you get far.  Great advice.  Finally, as you embark on this journey, what are your goals for your career?

RKA:  To inspire other to go after what they want and to want to live a healthy life.

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UNB Model & Photographer Profile featuring SILV

It’s always a privilege to talk to someone who has had experience both in front and behind the camera.  They can offer so much experience and knowledge to various models and photographers they work with.  SILV talks to us about his life in front and behind the camera, his passion for the art he makes, and his unique vision.

UNB Kyle:  Thanks for contacting me about being featured in a double feature profile!  Let’s start with the DSC_5956modeling side.  What was your first modeling gig and how did you come to get it?

SILV:  My sister is a wonderful photographer, and I used to assist when she had projects in mind. My first collaboration with another photographer came with Sam Cummins, also known as Sam Apple Photography. He was working on some interesting, arty concepts and asked me to be part of it.

Kyle:  So there is a gene in the family with this amazing talent I see.  What made you want to pursue it all?

SILV:  Co-creating with photographers, as I prefer to discuss it, has come from my own interest in photography and ridding of shameful concepts. I dove behind the lens years ago when I began working on my newest book, Toy Soldier. Initially, I thought it would allow me to network and find more individuals willing to pose for me, but then I acknowledged how liberating it has been for me.

The first time I posed nude in front of a camera was the first time I was nude, as an adult, in front of another adult. There was intention in utilizing photography as a means to work on the disconnect with my own body.

Since then, I have realized how important it is for me, being the person that I am, to be doing the work that I do; nude, gender-bending, etcetera.

Kyle:  That is a great vision of pictures to portray.  You seem to have developed a great comfort in the nude.  Which shoot do you consider your breakthrough in your career?

SILV:  This photographic journey has been full of excitement and great thematic work. However, the way I see a breakthrough, or epiphany, if you will, is the way I manifest life-changing connections with others. Through this creative path, I have found, met and fallen in love with a few fantastic friends. The first time that happened within the first months of me being in front of the lens consistently, was in San Diego with the man known as Yoga Bear Studios. It was not only my first more-than-one-day photographic extravaganza, and more mainstream session, but I now consider him a wonderful friend.

53dbdefac3151Kyle:  That is great that you have made some lifelong friends and consider those relationships breakthroughs instead of necessarily being on the cover of a magazine as a breakthrough.  Have you had a favorite shoot?

SILV:  Coño…there have been many wonderful sessions which are favorites. At the moment, anything with Drew’s Pride or Humon Photography. Andrew Graham is one of those magical beings who come along and shake you to the core. He is love, kindness, creativity and passion all in one tall, bearded package. By now, we have such a natural flow which makes the sessions effortless. Peter, Humon, like Andrew, has such a precise eye for detail. Our work together goes from athletic to erotic; somber to silly.

However, I will say the first session with Yoga Bear was pretty stellar. I remember seeing this image of me in jeans, a tank top, and a cap hanging from this train and thinking ‘holy vegan cupcakes, Batman, I feel like a Colt model!’. I do not know exactly why that was a fun thing to feel, but it was. I guess my twelve year-old self was thinking of sneaking Steve Kelso photographs through my dial-up connection and basking in his confident, nude glory.

Kyle:  What a great feeling!  I can imagine the joy, excitement, and feelings you get when you are on set or see some of these finished results.  What has been challenging about some of your shoots?

SILV:  The concept of challenging myself is always present. Physically and creatively challenging myself is part of the charm of it all. However, I find it challenging when I rely on others to convey something that I am doing usually alone with the photographer. My first time posing with another model was very much about learning how to convey an emotion considering yet another person. Not to mention any outdoor session where there are spectators. I have yet to figure whether I am a true exhibitionist. I am leaning toward no.

Kyle:  Spectators can definitely be a little nerve wracking for photo shoots.  Probably taking up some of your focus.  I love this part; how about the most embarrassing photo shoot situation as a model and as a photographer?550c53129b106

SILV:  As a photographer, I have a few interesting stories. There was an instance with a vegetable in some one’s anus. That is the end of that story. But mostly, I found amusing the amount of men I photographed who felt they had to ejaculate at the end of the session because they could not handle it. One of the first men who did that said to me ‘could you give me a few minutes?’ and proceeded to guide me outside of my own space.

As a model, the only time I am timid is when I am holding a pose in a forest, lake or beach and there are one or two men lurking from a distance staring. As I said above, I do not appear to be interested in that energy at the moment.

Kyle:  Those are definitely some crazy moments.  You definitely see everything as a photographer and model.  What goes through your mind right before you have to do these revealing shoots?

SILV:  It often does feel like the first time. Especially when not having worked with a photographer before. In a way, it is like making love with someone. I am nude, they see all of me, and eventually I begin revealing my emotional side through poses and concepts. Knowing this, I simply hope that the photographer reveals herself or himself to me so that there is an amount of reciprocity.

Kyle:  I like that.  That is a good comparison.  You have been photographed in underwear and we are an underwear blog so we want to know what you like.  Looking at your underwear drawer, what is it made up of? % boxer briefs, % briefs, % jocks, % thongs.

SILV:  My underwear drawer is shrinking due to my nudist lifestyle. When looking into it, there are probably 45% trunks, 35% jockstraps, 7% briefs, 7% boxer-briefs, 3% thongs, and 3% bikinis.

Kyle:  Good variety thought.  And the craziest pair of underwear you have ever worn?

SILV:  The craziest thing I have worn was this spider-looking thong-brief hybrid design which had three separate pieces on each side. It was not comfortable, and to be honest, not too appealing.

jh_14prtlndKyle:  I guess that isn’t one you wear often then!  Being in these nude shoots, what kind of diet and exercise do you do to prepare for shoots?

SILV:  None. Thus far, when I have collaborated with a photographer, we have discussed ideas, intentions and then make it happen. My appearance is part of the charm. So I do not attempt to look a certain way for a session.

Kyle:  You have a great look so I think that is part of your brand.  So I guess since there is no special diet you don’t have a favorite cheat meal or do you?

SILV:  Everything I eat I enjoy. I am very into Ethiopian cuisine at the moment. I find really good places where to reside and visit, and they usually have a great sense of eating. Portland, Oregon has been my main base in the past year and I enjoy eating there; tremendously.

pic-5819Kyle:  You are quite an adventurous man, not only in your style but also your cuisine!  Are there any brands or photographers you would like to work with that you have not worked with yet?

SILV:  I am open to working with underwear and clothing companies which are diverse and inclusive. Animal-aware and eco-friendly brands would take top priority. You have no idea how many times I have been told that I am not an underwear model due to my shape and amount of body hair.

There are many photographers out there breaking the mold and doing it beautifully. As long as someone is willing to be creative, and seeing photography as a means to make art whilst connecting to one another, I am interested in discussing working with them.

Kyle:  It’s great to see someone embrace the “real man.”  We love seeing that here at UNB and see you as a great underwear model and photographer.  What is something that your fans don’t know about you outside of this art that you want them to know?

SILV:  This is a humorous question to me. If there are individuals out there who are enjoying my photography work: thank you. A lot of individuals may see one frolicking naked in an image and forget that we are more than the purpose of objectifying each other.

I have always enjoyed cultivating my sense of intellect. I began writing and drawing when I was very young and still consider those two to be the base of all the things I do.

Doing nude photography has actually been a tool for me to be able to showcase that outside of being an intellectual, I am also still living and breathing inside my human shell. So, you could say that the sentiment goes both ways.

Kyle:  It is refreshing to see someone embrace different so well and represent a whole genre that is needed.  What is the best advice anyone gave you when you started your career?

SILV:  Seek within to find your strengths and charm. We all have something. Photography is a great tool with whichDSC_0014 to find what is special in a person, other animal or thing, and document it.

Kyle:  You have done some work behind the camera too? Tell me about how that part of your career started.

SILV:  When I began working on Toy Soldier, I wanted to collaborate with a photographer. I had compiled poetry for a few years and was ready to add a visual to my usual process. Eventually, I found myself photographing friends as I composed photography based on drawings and doodles in my notebook.

Kyle:  You embrace and showcase art is so many different ways its beautiful.  Do you have a preference on whether you are in front or behind the camera? What are the best parts and worst parts of both sides?

SILV:  When behind the lens I do not have to compromise my idea or intention. I love a lot of my self-portraits because it was only me and my ideas. However, when I am in front of the lens I have this capacity to be in a moment with someone and, like making love, it is magical.

Kyle:  Your attitude towards all of this is so positive and refreshing.  Finally, what are your goals for your career?

SILV:  Through the process I find that it interests me to showcase my body as a way to inspire others to do it. Perhaps just for the sake of it. But most importantly so that we can all keep exploring and celebrating our differences. My goal is to keep being part of interesting projects which allow me to grow, and hopefully do the same for others.

Check out more of SILV below.

SILV Twitter / Facebook / Toy SoldierTumblr

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