imageOn my list of brands to try in 2015, 2EROS was one of my top choices because of so many positive things I have heard about the brand.  First, my good UNB friend Jon (@UNBJon on Twitter) raved about how amazing 2EROS felt and looked which captured my curioisty.  So my quest began for the best pair to start with.  In my recent shopping endeavor at DrawerFull, I was looking through their products determining what to get. As I have developed a friendship with one of the men behind DrawerFull, I asked him for a personal recommendation.  He suggested the Olympus jockstrap and I knew he would not steer me wrong.

Package arrival day was here and I ripped open that jock, eager to slip it on.  I decided it had to be worn on a long day because of all of the positives I have heard.  At first look, it is beautiful! The color gold is so rich it only goes to show why it has a name like Olympus.  The gold is contrasted with black writing and detail of the name, logo, and piping you expect from 2EROS.  The jock has a more unique cut to it which was appealing.  From pouch to back, there is a narrow straight piece of fabric compared to a more classic arch most pairs of underwear have across the hip.  The fabric is also a quick drying mesh, perfect for the athlete.

Throughout my day, the jockstrap made me feel so good and held up wonderfully.  For an Australian brand, I did not have any problem with sizing either.  I wear a medium and felt like this jockstrap was true to size.  There was adequate room in the front for support, the waistband felt secure, and the butt straps caressed everything nicely.  I appreciate a jockstrap that has secure straps that really wrap around the butt nicely, giving you that support and sexy feeling in one.  Needless imageto say, there was no discomfort for this guy during the day.

My first adventure with 2EROS was exactly what everyone told me it would be; amazing!  This is a very special pair for me as well because of the personal recommendation by my friends Jon and DrawerFull.  Thank you guys for looking out for me and choosing wisely!  I will absolutely be picking up more 2EROS for my collection.


  • Unique jock design
  • Rich color choices
  • Comfortable


  • More colors needed (only available in Gold and Silver)


  • Daily Fit = 9.5
  • Sizing = 9.5
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 10
  • Daily Performance = 9.5
  • Overall = 9.5

This pair is available at DrawerFull for $24.00


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