_MG_2254Should I? We’ve all said it, whether while standing in a great underwear store or clicking through pages online. Should I? I mean, I’ll NEVER actually wear it. Will I? I just don’t see the point if I’m not going to use it. Right?

All I will say is: If you get it, you’ll find a reason, a time, an occasion to wear em if you want to.

Sometimes we come across those pairs, the leather straps, the unsupportive mesh the zippers that we secretly want to have even if it’s just to have it. One of the first pairs like that for me was a leather jockstrap with a zipper right down the pouch. I don’t remember the brand, I don’t remember where I got it and sadly, I don’t have that pair anymore. Did I ever find a time to wear it? You bet I did.

Deciding to buy a piece of what might be called fetish or erotic wear comes down to the same thing as any high quality underwear. Will it make YOU the wearer, feel good? If it will make you feel sexy, then forget about the potential viewer.  Forget about a potential situation.  If it gives you a spring in your step then it’s 100% worth it. This is about you and what makes YOU feel hotter than the sun.

For those who are really concerned about the usefulness…if there is a willy there is a way-y.  Fetish wear or leather is not something that everyone uses or incorporates into their every day or their bedroom time, that’s okay. That does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t let yourself try owning one. Should I? Will I? Right? It’s okay to just, have it. To know that it’s there in a drawer and then one day you’ll mention it to your date, spouse, significant other, as a joke and the joke will become real and even if it’s just for that one time, worth it.

To date I have a handful of those pairs and I like having them. I have some black all mesh Male Basics briefs. I have a Petite-Q c-string. I have a generic zippered speedo. I have a blue and white Pulse jockstrap with mesh pouch, and more. Have I ever used any of them as regular underwear or to spice things up? Absolutely. Do I use them or wear them very often? Absolutely not. But I could, because I have them.

Should you? Sure, why not! Find one that the thought of having secretly excites you and then muster the courage and get it.

So if you’re thinking that Fetish Friday isn’t for you, it could be if you let it.


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