Fetish Friday


Today I choose a pair that I don’t have, and for long-time readers, you may go, “WHAT? You don’t own a type of singlet?” The answer to that question is yes. I do not own any backless singlets. However, Barcode Berlin has this great singlet in quite a few colors.

The Singlet is Backless Singlet Bastin. It’s super fun and well backless. I know these are super popular for bar nights and, well, as we say here sexy fun time. I didn’t choose this singlet simply because it was backless but the cut. It’s an excellent cut for a singlet with a deep-cut front and shorter legs. Even without the back, I would have recommended it for another Fetish Friday.

The colors are Black/White, Red/White, Royal/White, DarkArmy/Black, and titanium/black. My favorite is the royal and red singlets, but the black/white is fun too. Check them out and enjoy them.

If you would have told me that CharlieZ was going to come out with a Leather line I wouldn’t have believed you. But they have released a while new leather collection. It’s not really too far fetched thinking of how the brand has progressed the last few years. And it’s done very much in the style of CharlieZ

The new collection has underwear, harnesses and more. The underwear has three different styles, the jock, thong and brief. I really love this collection from them and glad to see a ‘mainstream’ brand embrace leather as fashion.

I love this line, it’s got a mix of the fetish and the classic design. It’s like CharlieZ studied the classic looks of the jock and made it into something new with leather. Plus, they are using different color leathers than black. I personally love brown leather in harnesses and gear. It’s pretty rare to find. But Charlie uses it along with white and red. I definitely tip my had to them.

Leather gear is never cheap. The undies start around $85 and the other gear goes up from there. But, good quality gear is always pricey when dealing with leather. If you want to start a collection buy good stuff and spend the money on it.

Check out the entire Leather collection at the CharlieZ site.

I LOVE singlets. I have for as long as I can remember. They have been sexy and super fun to me. If you are a fan of spandex and tight gear, I bet you are into them as well. One of the newest on the market is the American Jock AJ Team Wrestling Singlet. When I first saw this singlet, I knew It would be in my collection soon!

The reason I love this singlet is that it really mimics collegiate singlets. It mimics in color blog and size. Most fetish singlets are cut super low and can have strategic cut outs. Now, I love these as well but there is something to be said about the traditional collegiate singlet. I guess it leaves more to the imagination and shows off a guys body.

GoSoftwear site says this about the singlet: “This one piece is designed with spacious arm openings and a semi-scoop neck front as well as contrast color blocking for the ultimate sporty look.”

What can you do in a singlet? First, you can wrestle in it! This is one function that usually isn’t done when wearing singlets. Next, you can wear it to work out in. Some guys are wearing spandex to the gym. You can wear this as a tank under shorts or if you’re brave enough rock the full-on singlet in the gym. Another place you can wear it is to a bar. In my time I have seen guys wear them under jeans in the summertime. Lastly, there is another reason, a fun night inside. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that.

This singlet is also in red/black combo but for me, the Royal/Red is my favorite. Make sure you check out this pair and tons of other gear at the Go Softwear site.

Pair: American Jock AJ Team Wrestling Singlet
Color: Royal/Red or Red/Back
Fabric: 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $40.50

Hello my beautiful deviants and fantastic miscreants,

I hope you are all welcoming the slightly cooler weather. Maybe putting away your summer fetish wears. Transitioning your winter kink wardrobe out of the closet. For those of you in the bay area, or willing to travel, this weekend is the superb Folsom Street Fair! Every year, this is a major event featuring vendors, celebrities of the leather/porn industry. Fantastic public displays of kink and whimsy. I haven’t gone, but I really want to figure out going next year. It sounds like it’s the Diagon Alley of Leather world (you Harry Potter fans got me, right?). So, as a reader of Fetish Friday, you probably have a nice array of kinky jocks and thongs by now. So why not, get a really nice frame to put that masterpiece in. Today, I present to you, the Chap Short from Mr. S Leather (fitting tribute to Folsom Street as Mr. S is based in San Fran).


These chap shorts are made out of super premium garment leather. The waistband buckles in front. It has lacing up the back of the waistband for further adjustment. Featuring a 5” inseam, you will not be hiding those gorgeous thigh muscles. With these chap shorts, you get full access, front and back; perfect for all occasions. Holsters on the side, allow you to keep phone, money, keys. I’d suggest keeping the sides low profile, so the bulge in center is the focus.


Everything about this is black, leather, hardware, thread, lacing…you can use this for fun, or as part of your naughty burglar costume for Halloween. I can tell you from experience (sadly, not owning, but shopping in the Mr. S Leather store in San Fran), their leather quality control is superb. I know you’ll feel like you’re in sexy time heaven in these shorts.


The sizing for these is kind of cool. You pick a thigh measurement, and it allows 2 options for waist measurements (both which include wiggle room because of the buckle and lacing). So, what style are you gonna rock, a leather jock underneath? Or how bout a surprise and get a fancy shimmery spandex thong to go bold with contrast? A chainmail pouch? You can choose anything in your arsenal, the world is your oyster.


To get this chap short, go to the Mr. S Leather website (please note, the things being worn that cover the junk in these pics are not part of the chap).

If any of you are going to Folsom, please take pictures and send them to me, I’ll be here, sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, wishing I was there.

Hello Kinksters, I hope you had a good week. I had a pretty fun week, working on some upcoming shows I’m performing in. However, the most stand-out part of my week was definitely this corporate gig I worked on Tuesday. Myself and about 25 other local circusy (and friends) people were hired by a major electronics brand to gallivant around the outside of the convention center while their competing major electronics brand was having their convention inside. We were supposed to hold these giant balloons, and wave banners with our side’s brand on them. Now, that just doesn’t sound that odd, but I have deliberately saved the kicker for last; Every performer was in a full head to toe black zentai suit.

For those unfamiliar with the term zentai, it originates from Japan (shortened from zenshin “taitsu”, the “taitsu” is literally the Japanese borrowed term from english “tights”). It is most often a full body spandex suit, covering not just the torso, arms, and legs, but the head, hands and feet as well. Often you will see them made out of a single fabric, for instance a solid color, or an all over print. Lately, to also tap the cosplay audience, they’ve been made to resemble different characters (Spiderman is probably the most common, though Deadpool is making a rise).


Now I personally don’t find the full head to toe spandex thing a turn on, but as a circus performer who wears spandex professionally, I have had my fair share of encounters with people who are into zentai play asking me if I was into it too. From reading up about it a bit, it seems a lot of people aren’t sexualizing it, but more like using it as an identity therapy. The act of completely hiding your identity behind a new skin can be freeing. It’s intriguing, some people say it’s completely freeing because you’re invisible/anonymous, but at the same time, many people are gonna stare at you, when normally they’d just walk by.


Another noted aspect to zentai life is the “hug” of spandex, acting like a wearable security blanket, both in a physical way by smoothing out your body shape and also the stretch of the spandex hugging you everywhere. Also, in a tactile way, the smoothness of the spandex can feel good to touch, and calming to some people.


There can be a sexual aspect with zentai suit wearers, as it does reveal a lot of a person’s form. Many companies selling zentai suits offer modifications to the suits to allow sexual acts to happen (and bathroom trips to be easier) with optional crotch zippers and mouth holes…etc.

For a few years now, I’ve been friends with the owner of who caters to a wide range of clients from dancers/circus artists, cosplay, and fetish communities. He sells a wide range of well-made basics, as well as some specialty concepts too.

If you want to go deep into zentai world, then I’d recommend sites like they have a wide range to suit any of your zentai needs.

If this is something you think you might be into, then congrats, good luck with your zentai adventure. In some articles I was reading to learn more, I found a lot of people didn’t realize this was what they wanted until they saw it, so as a public service, I thought I should put it out there for our UNB readers.

Until next time, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!

Hey you kinksters out there, TtheAmazing is here with your weekly dose of fetish friday. Today, I’m going to be fanboying over a N2N Erotic staple. Now, if you follow anything about me, my instagram, my facebook, the tags on the back of my undies when I bend over to pick something up.  you know how much I love N2N. I have loved N2N since my college days. When I first embarked on buying undies. I felt good about rather than buying the ones that were easily available at the basic clothing stores I shopped at. I have since college just kept adding to my collection of N2N garments. Today, I wanna talk about a singlet of N2N’s I don’t actually own (shocker, I know). It goes in line with my odd fascination with non leather/non spandex resembling fabrics lately. Today, we’ll talk about the Liquid Skin Singlet.


Since one of my multiple careers is as a costume designer, specifically for spandex wear. I have spent a lot of time watching spandex manufacturing improve and change. The ability to mimic that sexy leather look in a more breathable, silky, soft fabric has come such a long way. It used to be if you wanted that “leather” look, it would make a weird velcro sound every time it stretched. You would see these wrinkles. That looked like cracks in the earth when evil super-villains punch it. Nowadays, they have a bunch of really great leather-like spandex fabrics. Some are firmer, some are softer, some are matte, some are shinier, some are textured some are smooth. It’s such a wonderful variety.

For the person that loves that sexy leather look, but still wants that form fitting squeeze. the Liquid Skin Singlet is for you! In a Batman-style matte black. This super low cut singlet will show off all your attributes nicely. The racerback style down the spine lowers the eye (while taking a brief detour on your lats) down to your booty. While the front plunges deep. While the suspender straps lift up your junk in a supportive and prominent pouch.


There’s a whole Liquid Skin collection, and it all looks delicious. I will try and get some, and report back to all of you my findings. The Liquid Skin Singlet is $6. The only warning to be careful of is that chlorine, bleach, and any oil based products. They can damage the leathery finish, so keep that in mind.


Maybe, next week I’ll break my stride, and get out of the alternative materials mood. And write about something completely different, you will just have to wait and see. For now, go to N2N’s website to shop the Liquid Skin collection. Maybe someday, I can convince Andrew to release a circus collection. Then we’ll have a Fetish Friday field day.

Until next time you beautiful deviants, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!


Hey, Fetish Friday readers, how have you been doing? Last week’s post got me trying to expand my personal fabric choices (from just spandex and leather). I have been deliberately searching for more materials that I am not usually around. For instance, at a new play date’s house, I tried on a latex brief. It was kind of an odd brief because there was some weird pouch situation but it was pretty cool. Not sure I’d get all decked out in it, but maybe owning a brief is in my future. I went to Mr. S Leather’s website to search for some of their other stuff and low and behold…


Today, I am featuring the Rubberized Play Jock by Mr. S Leather. So Mr. S Leather does a lot of cool fabrication. This jock was designed by Timoteo (another company we are very friendly with over here) for Mr. S. Timoteo makes really sexy gear. That kind of hits on the sporty fetish wear team, as well as just being super macho and fantastic. Knowing that these two superpower companies got together to make this jock. It gets me thinking, it’s probably incredible (I’m gonna buy one and let you all know how it goes).

The Rubberized Play Jock is…well all rubber. The pouch is 2 layers of sexy rubber cradling your junk, and then you have ONE INCH (1”!) booty straps to lift and support your posterior. That is a LOT of support. In addition, there are D-rings on either side of the front pouch to attach certain harnesses too. You can make it into a full body outfit (well… a skimpy outfit, but still).


The jock comes in black, with the trim/stripes being Blue, White, Red or Yellow. This color is the trim on the edges of the pouch, and the stripes down the front of the pouch. As well as stripes on the butt straps, and the waistband. The Mr. S Leather logo on the waistband is also in the selected color.


Now, aside from this being rubber for looking super slick. The benefit of this rubber play jock is that it can handle virtually ANY fluid (I’m sure it can’t handle supervillain-style burning acid, but if you’re playing with that…um, you probably expect things to be burning). Anything you pour/splash/shoot onto this jock will wipe right off with a little soapy water. Done! Good as new. So you really can do all the things, and not demolish the state of your gear.

I’m super excited to hopefully get to try this guy out. If any of you already own it, please let me know. We can chat. It is available exclusively at Mr. S Leather . Sizes 28”-36” waist (S-XL). $37.95. Make it happen you sexy deviant!

Until next time, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!

Hello kinksters,

I hope Tim took good care of you last week. I was away at camp still, and life got a bit overwhelming. But now I am BACK! I’ve been eyeing a new brand (to me) lately, a brand that I want to wear everything they make. They have a very sexy aesthetic, though I would describe them as making mostly classic cuts. Based out of LA, they have been open since 1996 (20 years, woah). Their name is 665 and they are a leather and neoprene tailor. That features various other fashion and products as well. Today, I want to feature one of their neoprene products, the Neoprene Sport Jock Brief.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 1

I am getting more and more fascinated with the neoprene products lately. I already love spandex and leather. But the rubber/latex stuff isn’t usually something I am into. The neoprene is a nice middle ground. It has the sturdy look of leather while also having a softer drape and feel more spandex. I have a neoprene harness that I quite like, and just recently got a jock with a neoprene pouch.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 2

What I like about the 665 Neo Sport Jock Brief is that it’s a simple piece that is still bold and strong. It is a black neoprene jock brief. With either Neon Green, Neon Orange, or White binding around the edges. This pop is my favorite part. You can pretty much win me over anytime if you have a dark solid piece with a pop color. I wish they did a few more colors of the pop as an option (neon blue, pink, red…etc). But oh well, I’ll probably always want more colors no matter what they do.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 3

The pouch seems ample enough to fit a good sized package in there. Though I’m not sure how it would handle something as things got more excited (comment below if you have worn neo undies). The back window is big enough to really let the butt shine. I have a problem with a lot of the jock briefs out there.  That don’t have a big enough window in back, and the bottom of the window is too high. You know what I mean, it’s “here’s some of a butt, have a nice day”.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 4

At $45, that’s not a bad price for a sleek and sturdy nice fetish undies pair. The brief jock comes in S, M, L, and XL, with the Green, Orange, and White binding options. They are virtually impervious. So feel free to interact with any fluids you want, as it will all just wash with some dish soap and hang dry.

This will likely be my next funtimes purchase. I hope I get to tell you all about it. Have a beautiful rest of your weekend. I’m performing in an awesome Burlesque Boy Band Tribute show on Sunday night. It’s gonna be a fun time.

To purchase: go to 665 Leather’s website.

Until next time folks, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!

We know you guys love spandex gear. One company that you need to check out is a new one on the scene. 4 Hunks out of Germany has some really fun and interesting singlets. We have profiled their Spider Jock for Jockstrap Wednesday. If you loved the jock, you will love the singlets.

4 Hunks puts their own unique spin on the singlet. This one is not made for working out or wrestling. Although you could wrestle in them but, it wouldn’t be Greco-Roman wrestling. They have 5 different singlets. They are the Catcher Lad B Free, Catcher Hunk, Catcher Lad, Catcher Stud and Catcher Hunk Bottomless. The first three are a mesh fabric and the last two are spandex.

Catcher Lad B Free

The Catcher Lad B free is a very unique design. It’s more of a cross between a harness and singlet. The black mesh fabric is trimmed with red piping. It leaves very little to the imagination. The front is completely open as is the back. The 4 Hunks description said all eyes will be on you. We couldn’t agree more. The Catcher Lad B Free retails for € 75.

Catcher Hunk

Maybe you’re not as bold as to wear the Catcher Lad B Free. The Catcher hunk has a bit more coverage. The front looks like a low cut singlet but the back is open. It has a cut out for the back. All their styles are super sexy. This singlet is made from the same mesh fabric, so it will show skin. But unlike the Lad B Free, the back is solid. The Catcher Hunk is available for € 70.

Catcher Lad

If love the Catcher Lad B Free but want more coverage in the back. Try the Catcher Lad. It is the same cut as that singlet but has a solid back. Which to me is one sexy singlet. The way they designed the back and harness front is just sexy as hell to me. It’s still the same mesh as the other two singlets, even though it has more coverage. The fabric will show off more skin! The Catcher Lad is available for € 70

Catcher Stud

Let’s say you don’t want to show off as much skin as the previous pairs. You want something not made of mesh. The Catcher Stud could be for you. It is a solid material so you could wear this to a bar night. It has the same design as the Catcher Hunk. The crisscross design gives it the harness look and like the hunk is backless. The Catcher Stud is available for €70

Catcher Hunk Bottomless

The last singlet in the bunch is the same design as the Catcher Stud but is backless. This is one where your assets will show to everyone! I love the eye that 4 Hunks has for their designs. These really impress me big time! You can bare as you bare in the singlets. The Catcher Hunk Bottomless is available for € 75.

I really love the gear that 4 Hunks makes. They are about bringing out the sexy side of a guy. So, where could you wear these? Well, that’s a good question. The obvious example is the bedroom! However, depending on the bar or party you could sport them out. But, be in company that won’t mind you showing off!

NOTE: Post contains an affiliate sales link


Hey there kinky wonderfuls, I hope you’ve had a great week. Maybe you’re watching the Olympics. Maybe you’re watching gymnastics. Maybe you are feelin’ all support-y and pride filled. To kick off the 2nd and final week of the Olympics, I found another fun Team USA item for you all to peruse. This one is from a newer company. I don’t know much about them, but hopefully I’ll get to chat with them soon. Their name is BARCODE Berlin (we may be having some language barrier issues over email). I am really interested in their original work. They have fun cuts, and good design lines to highlight men’s proportions.

The item that I’m using the celebrate Team USA. Is another idea that I’d like to pitch for the US Men’s Gymnastics team. Maybe last week’s was the individuals, and this one is for the all arounds. It is called the Juanjo. It is a sexy narrow racerback singlet, with extremely low cut arm holes. It features two options (I’m sticking with the blue option for now) with blue on the bottom area, and white up top. The color change features a chevron pattern, and the whole thing has red trim along all the edges.


This pair is made by BARCODE themselves (the site is a mix of their original work and retail). The Juanjo is made out of 92% Polyester, and 8% Elastane. It is mostly mesh fabric (hopefully very breathable for the male gymnasts) with the bottom fabric being solid. On the front rib area. There is a varsity font style “8” with “barcode berlin” written in the classic baseball style script.


I think the cut of this singlet is very sexy (maybe I’ll get one to review). I love that the front panel is both low cut, and narrow, so the nips are on full display. The pouch has seams on the sides and front, so there seems to be ample shaping for your precious parts.


I should note, there is an option with red bottoms and black trim, but that is not going with my Team USA theme. So I am going to pretend it’s not an option. I hope next summer Olympics, they consult with me before outfitting the gymnasts. I have really good ideas.

Anyway, I’m up in Vermont for 2 weeks, working my booty off. I’ll be excited about returning to Boston for more summer fun. Enjoy the really really really hot weather, and go for a swim in a sexy swimsuit for me.

Until next time, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out!

Hey kinksters,

Hope you’re having a great week. Sorry to have missed you last week, July has been quite intense but have no fear. I am back, and this week, I have quite a fun unusual trend I’m seeing pop up here and there. I cannot say this is a fetish I know about, but I had to write about it, cause it’s definitely out there.  I think it’s pretty dang cool. It definitely is not a traditional underwear/fashion idea. It evokes a kind of Tron-like aesthetic to me, and the concept is fascinating. Wondering what I’m talking about? I don’t know exactly how to describe it. I could call it Illusion Mesh Play, or maybe Floating Fabric Gear? I don’t know…but below is when it popped up for me as a thing happening in men’s underwear.


It was the Marco Marco fashion show video, and all of a sudden these models were coming down the runway. With what it looked like panels of fabric somehow stuck to their body in an artful way that created line and shape. What was actually occurring was the designers had sewn patches of opaque fabric on top of a garment. In order to create the illusion that the patches were wrapping themselves around the body.


Now, for those new to the term “illusion mesh”, it is a fabric found most often in dance wear/figure skating. It is a very thin fabric that is made of a very fine mesh, ideally made in a skin tone. When worn by a person with a close skin tone, the fabric essentially disappears against the body. For a very long time, I had only really seen illusion mesh in figure skating routines. Then, on Project Runway, Dmitry Sholokhov made a dress where all the panels were connected with a strip of the illusion mesh. It give all the pieces a slight floating effect.

Now, unlike mesh we’ve previously talked about. The whole point of this mesh is to disappear. Giving any fabrics sewn to it the look that they are magically stuck to the wearer. In my opinion, the magical nude non-nudity is a really sexy look. You get the tactile sensation of spandex, but the visual sensation of the person’s skin. That’s pretty dang cool.

Now, Marco Marco, while awesome, doesn’t necessarily read as a fetish brand. But, yet there is a champion out there. Catering to a wonderful stretch fetishwear audience, and that champion is Slick It Up. Based out of NYC.  Slick It Up focuses on using spandex alternatives to rubber, leather, and latex. While keeping the sex appeal extremely high. The piece I’d like to draw your attention to is called the Neon Nude Suit


This suit is part latex-like spandex, part nude mesh. The latex covers up the most essentials. Then roams around a bit creating pleasing contours on the body. I find this quite hot. I could see this at a super cool dance club, or a electronic themed strip club, or hacker/cybertopia roleplay.


What I also find interesting about this look (and I am hypothesizing here). Is that I feel like it can cater to a wider range of body types than a lot of fetish wear on the market. This could work on the beanpole twink, having the contours of the spandex create more definition in the body, and it can work on the beefy guys. The negative and positive space play using the nude mesh and opaque accents create sensual lines no matter what.


If you’re more into the Marco Marco undies, those can be found at the Marco Marco Site.

If you wanna show me how you look in the Neon Nude Suit from Slick It Up Site.

So please, help me out, send me pics of you in this suit. I wanna collect *ahem* as much data as I can. Show me how it looks on you. Tell me where you are gonna wear it.


The guy cheering for you, and helping you zip up if you need. (Trust me, as a circus artist, I know how important it is to have a friend zip/unzip you in a time of need.

TtheAmazing, over and out.

Facebook Post

If you’re new to underwear and want to branch out and try a few new things. Where do you go? What should you get? Should you dive right in or get your feet wet first. It all depends on what the fetishwear is about. We divided it up into Spandex, Lingerie, Leather/harness, latex/rubber, Mesh and the list goes on from there. BTW you guys mentioned mesh in our survey results.

Let’s talk about the fetish types that is easier to get. This doesn’t mean can you order them but rather the cost. Some pairs of fetishwear can be a few hundred dollars for a pair. The three of the easiest are spandex, mesh and Lingerie.


Spandex is a very wide variety of gear. It ranges from swim briefs, runners, bike shorts, bib shorts and singlets. To go farther are full body suits and more. But for the time being lets stick to the first few. You can go one of two ways. You can do the off the shelf athletic gear. It consists of brands like Nike, UnderArmour and the like. You can buy it at any sporting good store or online. The other way to go is the erotic side of spandex. What makes it erotic? The cuts used that accent the pouch and other areas. Mesh can be used to create see through panels. Lastly, cut outs to expose part of the body. Brands that make this type of spandex gear are N2N Bodywear, Slick It Up and Pistol Pete. I personally love both side of spandex. It was probably my second love after underwear.


Mesh is something you guys pointed out in the survey. Mesh is pretty diverse in the men’s underwear world. You can get pairs that show off everything or just a hint of skin and naughtiness. Since we started UNB 8 years ago, mesh has really evolved. Where it was just something to wear to get laid. Now you have pairs that are meant to be worn to work our out on the town. New technologies have made mesh a more comfortable fabric. It used to be there wasn’t much give in the fabric and the construction always had a seam down the pouch that rubbed you the wrong way. Mesh has branched out of underwear and now can be found in pants, shorts, shirts/tanks and more. However, the underwear seems to be the favorite of you guys. The companies doing some great mesh are Gregg Homme, Bum Chums, and N2N Bodywear.

Men’s Lingerie

Lingerie is one of the most controversial areas of men’s underwear. We aren’t talking about guys wearing women’s underwear. We are talking about lace and satin underwear designed for men. Many guys out there don’t like it at all, but there are those who can’t get enough of the mixing of masculine and feminine. Some of the pairs do resemble women’s underwear. I have seen some recently that are designed to look like a garter belt. Other time its regular men’s underwear just made out of lace. This is rising in popularity and more and more guys are giving it a try. I have tried lace and I actually don’t mind it. Brands that sell men’s lingerie are MaleBasics, BodyAware, PetitQ, Candyman and Male Power.

Let’s talk about the other two real quick. Leather and Rubber/Latex


Leather is growing in popularity in the general population. It used to be relegated to gay bars. Now it’s becoming for everyone who wants to walk on the wild side. Harnesses have become one of the biggest new accessories in the world of underwear. Most of the affordable pieces are made out of a mix of leather and another material. If you want solid leather its best to have it custom made for you. This is some of the most expensive gear you will buy. If you’re at the point where you are getting custom gear made. You love the gear! And, you want something to last. Over the years I have had several pieces made and they have always held up. Its definitely worth the price. If however you want to find leather pieces “off the shelf.” The best places are Nasty Pig, Mr. S Leather to name a few.


Rubber and Latex is the last. We are including neoprene in this as well. Some may argue it deserve a category of it’s on. We won’t deny that argument, but for the sake of this post it will be included. Off the shelf there aren’t too many brands making rubber. There are plenty making rubber looking fabric. Rubber and latex has to be cared for specifically or it will be ruined. More brands are turning to Neoprene. It’s easier to work with and care for over time. I have talked to friends who are really into this and you can easily rip or tear the garment, while putting it on or taking it off. This is not my area of specialty. I have tried everything we have listed in this post except rubber/latex. If you are interested I would suggest finding someone who owns it and tlak to them. To get your feet wet give some neoprene pieces some try. Many of the new harnesses are being made from the neoprene. The current brands making neoprene are Cellblock 13 and Slick It Up!

This is just a primer for you guys wanting to branch out and walk on the wild side. There are a lot more companies making great gear. It will depend on what you discover you love. Once you find something you like, you’ll be able to find other fun brands. Good luck and have fun!

Hello all you kinksters,

I am back from my vacation! I spent all week doing nothing but playing in a pool at a gay resort in Florida. Oh, and I brought 21 swimsuits (don’t judge me). I wore EVERY single one of them (check my instagram @HoopArtist to see them all and tell me which are your favorites). I also got to go to some fun leather events at some local spots…Fun was had by all. Right before vacation. had a sale on some Cellblock 13 wear. I blacked out for a second, and suddenly 3 things were ordered and shipped to my house (I honestly don’t know what happened). One of the items was the Black and Red Ninja Neoprene Jock. I may or may not have worn this out to a bar, may or may not have looked REALLY cute in it. May or may not have gotten a LOT of groping compliments because of it.


The Ninja Neoprene Jock is a really cool item. The pouch being entirely made of neoprene rubber. With nice firm elastic as the waistband and jock straps. This jockstrap is winning in the three departments. The strap tension, pouch room, under-pouch terminal.

The first thing that either makes or breaks a jock for me is strap tension. I do not want to have to fidget and adjust my straps all day as I move around. I am an active guy, bending, twisting…I cannot be fixing my straps. If my straps are either too thin, or too loose (which honestly, makes me KNOW it is a design flaw, cause I definitely give those straps enough booty to work with), I am over it.


Pouch Room, the great thing about this dense textured neoprene rubber pouch is it shows your bulge without vacuum sealing around it. The pouch being made of a more sturdy material. Tt gets pushed out by your junk, but still kind of keeps it’s relative shield shape, like armor. The less vacuum effect material helps give you enough room for all the goodies. Even if they get a little bit rowdy.

Under-pouch terminal. Now, I am sure I’m not the only one with this problem, but I have not actually discussed this with people yet. If an underwear has too much going on (seams meeting) right below the testicles, it chafes me over time. I am sensitive to it, and it bugs me after some time, and then bugs me long after I remove the offending garment. This jock has a beautiful smooth connection, and was bother free all night long.


One last thing that isn’t in my criteria, but I thought was really cool. I found it unusual and pretty comfortable that the jock straps extended all the way to the front pouch instead of nearer to the sides. Putting it on the first time was a little more “hmm” but once I figured out where the straps needed to be, everything was great.

To find more cellblock 13 wear click here.

Until next time, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!

Hi Kinksters,

I am writing to you from a gay clothing-optional resort, since I treated myself to a real vacation. I have been preparing for this vacation since March. When I started purchasing swimsuits (I had 1 or 2, maybe). This week, I brought 22 swimsuits.  From this past Sunday afternoon through today. I have worn every single swimsuit, and taken pictures to document. You can see it all on my instagram (@HoopArtist). On Wednesday, my life was made complete. I got to have a pina colada served INSIDE a pineapple (the same one the drink was made from). Now I am just wandering off in la la land. Let’s get down to business! Today, I bring you the world of Maskulo Shorts!


Maskulo essentially makes 3 variables in a variety of shorts: Color, Pads, and Rear. Maskulo was awesome enough to send me a few different versions to try out. In terms of color, you can get shorts in Black, Electric Blue, Navy Blue, Red, White, Yellow. For padding, you can select no padding, full padding (wraps around the outside thighs), or front padding (like a football pad in front). The last option is an open rear or a closed rear (note: If you get an open rear no padding, you get a solid color fabric all the way around. If you choose for the closed rear no padding, you get a leathery tuxedo stripe down the outside.).


Like their jockstrap, the shorts features detachable codpieces. The jockstrap one fits differently than the singlets and shorts in how the snaps attach. You can switch out the codpieces from shorts and singlets no problem. I really love these codpieces, I know I’ve said it before with Maskulo. They are this quilted synthetic leather like fabric with spandex color stripes. It is just a sexy piece of sewing.

My favorite color is the Electric Blue (any of my friends will be completely unsurprised). But I like the Navy Blue as well. All the colors are nice and bold. The fabric is 80% nylon, 20% spandex which gives it a really nice and sturdy stretch, hugging you and lifting you up).


The pads are pretty cool. I don’t really see anyone else actually sewing pads onto garments for fetishwear. These are actual quilted pads made to look like leather boxing protection or fencing gear. I should add, the pads are not stretchy. If you get the pads either in full or front padding, I would suggest going up a size. The first pair I received had the wrap around pads and the pair was in my correct size. After trying it on, and just feeling like everything was a little bit too snug. I tried on a pair one size larger for my next shipment, and everything was peachy after that. So yeah, if you are a beefy muscle legged guy, OR you are getting the pads, I’d go up a size.


Rear or open rear is completely your choice. I like a closed rear. I have a couple of the Maskulo open rear garment. It seems like a good amount of cut (some open back undies companies don’t cut the “window” big enough. You get this weird little cut out that just kind of shows some butt cheek cleavage)…


Maskulo produces a wonderfully diverse range of sizes 2XS (26-28” waist) all the way to 5XL (44”-46”), which is great, ‘cause everyone deserves to dress a kinky as they want to.

I am really digging Maskulo as a company (I’m sure you can tell). I wanna support them and speak their gospels to all y’all. They do good work, for your junk, and for gay rights in Russia. Their shorts can all be purchased on Maskulo’s website. Until next time, kinksters..

TtheAmazing, over and out.


Fetish Friday -Have you ever wondered what your follow UNB readers love in fetishwear? I think we all want to know what another guy likes. This is out of curiosity for me. What are other guys wearing and why do they wear that style? Over the course of UNB I have had the pleasure to talk to numerous readers about what they love. Fetishwear is starting to go mainstream. There is less social stigma about it and wearing it. It’s something we have noticed in the last few years. Even our straight underwear loving brothers are “getting their freak on.”

In our reader survey we ran in May, we asked you guys what you love in fetishwear. This is just the top six answers. The rest were one off and a few mentioned Jockstraps and thongs.

UNB Favorite Fetishwear

48% of you guys love spandex. This includes runners, singlets, bike shorts and more. By in far the most popular of the fetish world. The second is Lingerie (Lace) at 18% of you love putting on something fun. Third is the other end of the spectrum, 15% enjoy Leather and harnesses. 12% are unsure about fetishwear. 4% love Rubber/latex and 3% are fans of mesh .

This is a wide range of different tastes in fetishwear. Leather and lace are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Now that we know what you guys love. What are some of your favorite fetish brands? We asked this as well and you guys told us. Here are the top brands you guys picked:

This list reflects the likes you guys listed above. Its a good mix of different types of gear. Gregg Homme has a bit of everything. Some of the best made underwear in the fetish area. N2N Bodywear is known for its super hot spandex gear, Andrew always blows it out of the water. Nasty Pig, Fort Troff, Cellblock 13, Mr. S Leather all reflect the more leather side of the spectrum. BodyAware and Candyman are known for lace and more lingerie. ManStore has some really fun gear that falls in several categories. Lastly is Cocksox, which I don’t consider fetishwear, but you guys do!

We will be bringing you a good mix of Fetishwear coming up. That doesn’t mean we won’t throw in some interesting gear as it comes out! Have fun and wear what you love!

Hey Kinksters,

This week has been rough. No matter who you are, you’ve experienced it in some way. I am not gonna go on a political rant about the situation. This column is about how to feel sexy and look sexy while doing kinky things. In, light of us all needing a little bit of uplifting support. I’m gonna be talking about a new line of boxer briefs by Fort Troff!


Now, before I go into detail talking about the boxer briefs. I want to let you all in on a great donation set up that Fort Troff has dedicated. They have created a Orlando Tragedy Fund on their site that is a $10 donation to the LGBT Center of Central Florida. BUT WAIT! For every $10 donation you give to Fort Troff’s fund, they are MATCHING it. That’s right. You give $10, and Fort Troff doubles it to $20. I got an email last night that they have already raised $6,200. That means they are donating $12,400 already. Click here to donate (they made this page safe for work, just don’t go wandering around if you’re at work).



So, let’s get back to the undies. I’d like to officially welcome Fort Troff  to the Fetish Friday family (they were my FIRST Fetish Friday post, but that was something I already had lying around). They sent over a big bag of goodies, so you’ll be hearing about more of their stuff in time.


The Shrapnel Boxer Brief features a super sexy punched metal design. You get a three pack of Gold, Blue and Green. Fort Troff really searched to find a great fabric, and ended up at the same factory that supplies UnderArmour with fabric. Then developed their own. It is an 84% polyester/16% spandex blend. Very breathable tiny mesh fabric. It has great lift and support of the goodies, and I have been wearing them all week (well three of the days so far). I never had to adjust, or pull the legs down once). There is also supremely attractive stitching to give your butt a really nice presentation.


I love these so much. They come in a few other styles, the jocks I also got, so I’ll be writing about those too soon.

The Boxer Brief three pack is sold for $55 and you get a bonus Fort Troff Raw Grunt Cock Ring (which I fully support).

Until next time, keep it kinky.

Also, like a good pouch, please hold each other up. No matter who you/they are. We all need it.

TtheAmazing, over and out!

Hello Kinksters,

I hope you are all doing well. This past week was a great week. I started working on a new and exciting skill with my duo trapeze partner (if you’re new to the game, I’m a professional circus artist). I also got to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios, which I can verify, is quite awesome (the first featured act is my favorite). Lastly, the thing that led me to today’s post, is that I got hired to work (I’ll be vague for fun) a bachelorette party. My coworker and I, both gentlemen of the highest regard, want to dress up fancy and formal for them. At the time, I was also wondering what to write about for Fetish Friday. When I remembered an item I received from Maskulo a couple weeks ago, that I was waiting to write about. Today, I’m going to profile, Maskulo’s Rubber Look Boxer Briefs in Black… What I’d like to rename…

Fetish Friday’s Official L.B.D. (Little Black Drawers).


Now for those of you who don’t know the L.B.D. It is a term used in women’s fashion to abbreviate the term “Little Black Dress”. It is reserved for simple black dresses that are not too flourishy. But have enough allure to work in any style environment. They cannot be too plain, but they can’t be gowns either. This Maskulo Boxer Brief in my mind is the fetishy Little Black Dress Drawers.  Because while it is simple and elegant. It is still very sexy, and the pouch and fabric give it that extra edge to be elevated from a 4B (Basic Black Boxer Briefs). Ok, maybe I’m just having too much fun with word play.


Maskulo’s Boxer Briefs are made out of a leather-like spandex material (80% Nylon/20% Spandex). They have their signature white background waistband with Maskulo woven right onto the front and center. The part that is uniquely Maskulo is the pouch. Front and center is their quilted pouch, sewn down the sides and base, but open in the top. This is to give assistance with getting your package through the inner pouch wall. Which sits flat on the body and has a horizontal slit to lift your junk out front and center into the contoured pouch. (See below for diagram)


I love this pair so much. The fabric while leather-look is super light and breathable. The pouch is super sexy as every Maskulo pouch I have has been. They make my butt look fantastic (I like to say I’m starting with a really high quality canvas, but the art is great too). It could go well in a spandexy look, a leathery look (throw a harness on and call it a day). Maybe a sexy waiter role-play (just add a bow-tie). Or you could just wear it under your dress pants for the day and feel extra sexy.


The pair goes for $52 USD on the MASKULO site. I need to acknowledge how much I love them. When I first agreed to helm the Fetish Friday column and make it a regular weekly piece. I wrote to every company I could think of, trying to make connections, andBMaskulo was one of the first to write back.  They have been so gracious and helpful, not just in offering products to write about. but to discuss their mission statement and their human rights work. A great A+ for customer service to the Maskulo team.

Ok my kinky lovelies, go out there and feel sexy and fantastic.

Until next time folks,

Keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out (and proud!)

This pair was furnished for this review by Maskulo.

Hello Kinksters,

I hope you have transitioned into June with happiness and yummy bulges. I had a wonderful birthday on Friday. I received a bunch of yummy goodies over the weekend that you’ll be reading about in the future. Still no response from Aarin Asker…if you have a lead, let me know. Thinking over this holiday weekend, it was full of American spirit. I even slightly-accidentally wore my new navy blue shorts with white stars on them with my red striped t-shirt (I don’t do themed holiday wear…ever). I was thinking of what to write for this week, and I was thinking what kind of fetish could be considered American.

It came to me, the idea of the classic American football stud. It’s a slightly different idea than the wrestling singlets, or even just the speedos. It’s over-saturated with cultural appreciation, and that doesn’t stop at the sexy-time bedroom. There are a lot of menswear out there that is designed to help you achieve that sports player look for your lover’s (or your) fantasy. Let’s not go into the fact that it’s unlikely a football player would bring his uniform to the bedroom for sexy time. (if any pro football players read this and you HAVE done this, email me you kinky stud, I wanna interview you). While I don’t personally have a thing for the football look (i’m more a Tom Daley fan than a Tom Brady fan). I will hereby share some of my fav football inspired looks if you wanna do some role-play with your favorite tight end (come on, I had to throw at least ONE of these horrible puns in).


This first one is from Jack Adams. It is the Footballer Lace-up Jockstrap. I would say this is most traditional of the three I’m showing you (I don’t actually know anything about true football wear, so this is purely my judgement). It has 6 grommets so you get three of the very iconic crotch lace crosses (say that 5 times fast).


This next one is the Show-It Football Brief from Andrew Christian. It doesn’t exactly read as true football wear. But it might be good if some gay nightclub was having a sports night or something. Having said that, I think this one would be more comfortable if you wanted to wear it to the gym or something underneath some shorts.


This last one is my favorite (maybe also cause of the model Derek Parker). It is the Renegade Defender Pant Jock from Cellblock 13. This one serves you the biggest amount of football jock realness. You get the lace up pouch, the striped waistband, and the leg pad trump l’oeil. I think that’s the trifecta of football jock sexy time roleplay.

Anyway, my sexy people, I can officially say I spent a small part of my life thinking about football now. Hope you have all the wonderful times, Pride month is upon us, so I’m sure there will be yummy bulges every which way you turn.

Until next time folks, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing over and out (and proud).


Hey gorgeous kinksters,

It’s here! It’s my birthday! I’ve reached 28 years of age. I was wondering what to post for this week. Since it is my birthday week, and I wanted to start showing another side of my life. When I’m not up in the air performing stunning feats on the trapeze, I am often crafting. My college degree was in costume design. I’ve made some of my living making everything from circus costumes (spandex…more on that later). Also, award winning quilts, handbags, and the occasional couture dress for fun. Since I’ve started discovering and enjoying kink into my life.  I have been wanting more and more to bring my craft lovin’ into my love makin’ (or just sexy fun times). Today, I wanted to celebrate someone who is doing this already, and doing it DAMN well. His name is Michael Richman, and he is the owner and master crafter of The Knitty Gritty NYC.


Now, while I completely respect ALL that he does. I am going to focus on my favs (and let’s be real, YOUR FAVS too): the jocks and harnesses. That’s right my friends, The Knitty Gritty NYC makes jocks and harnesses, with YARN! Michael is a crazy good knitter, and knows what he’s doing. His shapes hug the body, and highlight your assets. He uses extremely high quality wool yarn (no RED HEART here) and hand dyes every order.


Knitty Gritty NYC currently has 6 jock options (sounds like stock options but yummier). The Stock Jock, Single Cable Jock, Chainmaille Jock, Medieval Jock, Transformer Jock, and the Cable Knit Jock. Available in tons of handsome colors, as bold as you want to fit your personality. The harnesses are fun crafty takes on traditional leather harnesses. They make a Ladder Harness, and a Cable Knit Harness. With all those options, and all the yarn dyed colors you can imagine. You will definitely find something fantastic to wear for you.


Now, let’s be real, you might not exactly want to wear this to a summer leather con, but maybe you do. Or maybe you wanna go skiing with your man somewhere, and when you get back to your chalet. You whip off your clothes, and have your sexy Knitty Gritty’s on, and your man will prepare to ride your slopes. Ok, that last one might have become more of a romance novel, but oh well. I am having too much fun here.


However you wanna wear them, The Knitty Gritty NYC makes beautiful crafty fetishwear. I love it, cause it takes some of the seriousness out of sexy clothes. Sometimes people get into the mindset of “I’m wearing sexy fetish wear. No giggling aloud boy!”, but I think you have to be able to find the fun in something to appreciate the importance.


On that note, go buy yourself some sexy knit-fetish wear! And, maybe buy me something for my birthday while you’re at it. This is not the last you’ll hear of The Knitty Gritty NYC.  I’m gonna travel down, and hang out with him for an afternoon while he crafts, and document his process for ya. You can also check more of this out on Instagram (@knittygrittynyc), and on Facebook.

Until next time my friends,

Keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, freshly 28 years old, over and out!

Photography: David Gonsier

Hello Kinksters, Happy friday!

I hope you had a wonderful week. I know it’s my birthday month, so everything is supposed to be fantastic. But today, I bring you a fetish-wear trend that I am NOT about. I know, I know, I am usually brimming with enthusiasm about my friday topics. Unfortunately, I can’t just be super positive about EVERYTHING. Or else eventually I’d bore myself, and all of you in turn.

What is it that has me so forlorn? Readers, I am talking about mesh pouches. I just can’t handle them. Now, I am specifically not into mesh pouches. I am not declaring a war on mesh in general. Mesh in other parts of fetish-wear is entirely welcome. To me, a pouch is to present a bulge, and a bulge should be just that. If I already know what you look like uncovered, down to the minuscule details. Then the pouch covering it is irrelevant, and irrelevant underwear makes me sad. Even more, if not only can I see everything before you take it all off.  But it looks smushed and constricted, I am even less into it. To me, it evokes the packaged sausage links at the supermarket. You buy it cause it’s gonna be tasty, but you don’t love how it looks all confined and uncomfortable.


Now, since I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t rant about a problem to everyone. Unless you have a solution to offer. I’d like to suggest some alternative meshy looks that I am totally down with.

MESH Clever

I am all for butt mesh, because it’s hard for butts to look bad. The Clever Mesh Bars boxer is mesh everywhere but the pouch, which I love. It gives the sensual preview, while still presenting the bulge in the best way.

MESH n2n

N2N makes a bunch of sheer gear, and I love a lot of it, and I dislike some of it (if the junk part is mesh). Their R10 Sheer Skin Singlet is great because it gives you a whole lot of sheer to work with. While also curving around your body in a really appealing way.

MESH Slickitup

Slick It Up does mesh in a way nobody else is doing. I love their aesthetic, and they have a very specific customer. They make a whole wardrobe for that customer. This Killian Suit is one of my favorite of theirs. It is so well designed with anatomy and proportion in mind.

So there we have it folks. Mesh pouches, how do you feel? Share your opinion below. Speaking of opinions, last week’s What’s Your Reveal? Post had some delightful results:

1st Place: Snaps won with 53%

2nd Place: Velcro and Zippers tied with 17%

3rd Place: Flaps got 13% of the vote.

Next FETISH FRIDAY is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Get ready for something wonderful. I don’t actually know what it’s gonna be yet, I have a few options, but haven’t chosen yet.

For now, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing over and out!

Hey you Kinksters and general booty shakers,

Happy Fetish Friday to you all, the weather in Boston this week was SUPREME to make up for the sad as heck gray and damp weather from last week (there’s a reason I left Seattle, sorry @BeauBriefs). This week,  I am gonna enlighten you a little more into an aspect of the wonderful world that is my life. Since moving to Boston almost 2 years ago, I have become quite immersed into the world of burlesque. Before moving here, I had been to ONE burlesque show ever (I recall almost nothing, it was horrible). Now, I frequent them quite often, getting to see lots of my friends and colleagues who do both circus and burlesque shining on stage (sometimes really shining, SOOO pale). I don’t really have any need to become a burlesque performer- though I won’t say no to a butt-centric circus act here and there. I just support my fellow performance artists doing their thing and making it sparkle. So now, to the title of this Fetish Friday:


In this wonderful world of underwear, we have all sorts of brands catering to the guys that just wanna whip it out. For the sake of this post, we’re gonna ignore the “just pull em down” method. That restricts the legs movement, and stops the potential rond de jambe you might be adding to the striptease. So, with my intensive research, and my background in professional costume design, we have for you…





A better known term for hook and loop fasteners (it’s like Kleenex), is known for it’s ease of use (there was a time when you couldn’t tie your shoes). You just slap a fuzzy piece (the loops) against a scratchy piece (the hooks) and they connect. Then you get the satisfaction of creating that nice rip sound as you pull them apart. The benefit is simple ease, you know it will shut just by touching the two pieces together. But you loose a bit of accuracy of placement the more velcro you have on a garment. It also has the stick factor of the velcro being able to attach without you pressing. I’ve only seen these on some random swimwear on the side seams. Maybe they’re not as big of a thing in underwear?



Snaps, or sometimes “poppers” across the pond, are a type of fastener involving a bulged post that squeezes into a socket that hugs it. It acts much like a ball and socket joint do. They come in a variety of types (ring snaps, spring snaps, plastic, metal…etc). They also come in a variety of strengths (the strength needed to pull before they separate). These snaps can be found on all sorts of garments, leather, swimwear, underwear. I just recently fell in love with plastic snaps. You will see more about that soon enough (I’m going to be SEWING a pair of sexy undies and documenting the process for you all). Snaps are great because you can put them anywhere. They can be as decorative or as stealthy as you want depending on the look you’re going for. To me, snaps are greater than velcro, because if you are somewhere you are trying to be discreet. Your boo is like “let’s go”, you can get down to business almost as fast as this lady:

Reveal Snaps2

Downsides to snaps are unlike zippers, flaps, and velcro, you can’t cover a long distance in one go. A snap only snaps that one point. If you want a long connection. You gotta use a row of snaps (just so you know, I STRONGLY dissuade buying snap tape, it’s pre-made and cheap, and you end up with nothing better than that).



Zippers, sometimes referred to as slide fastener (sorry, I majored in costume design), are made up of interlocking rows of “teeth” that can be locked or unlocked by a tab that slides up and down the two tracks. They mostly come in nylon and metal, and are either coiled or molded. These, unlike snaps or velcro, CANNOT be used for spot attachments. They connect long seams of fabric together. They are relatively silent, unless you are one of those zipper DJs, and for the most part, work well. There are times however, unlike flaps, snaps, and velcro, where zippers will get caught on the garment itself while zipping. Or the zipper can just misbehave altogether (watch an episode of Project Runway). The zipper doesn’t require a lot of accuracy for unlock and locking. You just find the pull tab, and pull it up or down. The downside is, having zippers near your precious cargo could lead to some pain if you’re rushing. Generally though, zippers are pretty awesome.


Reveal Flaps 1

Flaps, in this case, refer to any pouch that is able to moved aside or down or away to reveal the kit without needing to remove the underwear. Or use any fasteners as seen above. These flaps can be attached to multiple seams or just one. Sometimes the flap just stretches aside, or it is meant to swing away. Pros: nothing to mess with, just pull and pose.  Cons: doesn’t take that long, so the whole striptease idea might not play off as well (unless you have a really good choreographer).

So my fantastic fiesty readers, what’s your favorite reveal: Velcro, Snaps, Zippers or Flaps?

Tune in next week for more Fetish Friday fun-times.

Keep it Kinky,

TtheAmazing over and out.

IMAGES FROM: Male Power, Cellblock 13, N2N Bodywear, and Andrew Christian. Women’s dress designed by Hussein Chalayan.

Hello all you kooky kinksters,

It’s been rainy as heck this week in Boston, but hopefully you are reading this in delightful sunshine. It is my birthday month, so get ready for some wonderful posts (my birthday is ON the last Fetish Friday of May, so get ready!) Today I get to finish up the gear I got from Army of Men in Australia: the Jockstrap/Codpiece combo!


For those who are tuning in late to the game (go back and read every fetish friday post you silly goose) Army of Men is this brilliant leather gear company in Australia. The owner Derrick puts such a keen eye on material quality and finishing. I got a harness with a strap from the harness down to a cockring, and a matching Jockstrap.


The way the jockstraps work, is you order the jockstrap itself (which has no pouch), and then you pick the codpiece you want to snap onto the jock). Since I had ordered the blue bulldog harness, I ordered the Blue Jockstrap, with the Blue Chevron Codpiece. Now, the jocks have 7 color options Black (with matte, nickel, or gold studs) and then Blue, Yellow, Army Green, and Red. The codpieces have a whopping 18 options (do I really have to list them?!) So there’s Black (with matte, nickel or gold studs), Solid (Blue, Red, Army Green, Yellow), Chevron (Blue, Red, Yellow, Army Green), Harness style (Blue, Red, Yellow, Gray), and then Tiger (Blue, Red, Yellow). Wow. That’s 126 options of Jockstrap/pouch fashion…holy moly.


The codpiece is NO JOKE. This is a healthy pouch with sturdy construction. It has 4 connection snaps along the top of the pouch to the waistband, and 2 connection snaps under the balls. Without the codpiece, the jock has a leather strap framing where the codpiece would be. The pouch is (like the harnesses) lined in leather so everyone gets to feel good.

Sidenote: I neeeeeeed this handkerchief. Someone make this happen.

The jockstrap is built just like the harness, triple layer luscious leather, matching thread. The front of the waistband (where the pouch attaches) is flanked on both sides by O rings. Which connects to the waistband, and the outsides of the jockstraps. Both the waistband and the jockstraps have multiple snaps (again to adjust fit as desired) though he still takes your measurements so the adjustments are for personal preference.

I can’t say enough magic about Derrick’s work at Army of Men. He is a true artisan (and I don’t mean when people throw the word “artisanal” on their work to turn badly homemade into luxury) of leather, and you should all look through the website (especially since my birthday is at the end of the month).

Get ready for a fun month,

You are all delicious.

TtheAmazing over and out!

Kinksters, Deviants, lend me your ears.

Note: I’m not into ear play. I just needed to start valiantly because this past weekend was the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (and I’m KIND of a fan). The bard spoke heavily of codpieces, and so shall I. Today, we return to our Maskulo friends with their Men’s Fetish Wrestling Singlet. The kind that they graciously sent to me was the Open Rear option in Red.


Upon opening my package (heehee), I discovered that this is a seriously sexy singlet. It is a very narrow racerback extremely low cut singlet (the torso strap in back and both in front scoop all the way to your belt line. There is a waist band going around the back, but it does not connect in front. The only thing holding the front together is the codpiece. When that comes off, it’s open from your head all the way down the front between the straps, under and behind up to the top of the butt where the waistband sits. That is some easy access shenanigans right there.


I wanna focus on the coolest thing I’ve enjoyed about the Maskulo products. Their creativity and play with the synthetic leather panels is so cool. This company has many products with these leather-like panels on them. They quilt these panels to give them texture and volume (if you know quilting terms, it’s like a trapunto quilt). This gives their work a really sexy rugged texture. It’s in their singlets, shorts, pants, shirts, and they even make forearm gauntlets. I’m really digging this concept, and love their play with it. You can get their stuff with or without the leather panels, but I personally think that’s like going to a world class singer, and asking them just to sing a basic happy birthday. Sure, they can do it, but why not let them go wild.  They just came out with a new leggings that you need to see…seriously hot.


I am really digging this Maskulo brand, and especially their political beliefs as well. Buying their stuff is not only supporting your sexy time, but supporting human rights. These singlets come in open/closed rear, and in Black, Navy, Red and Yellow (purchase at or their U.S. Partner Jockstrap Central. Next week, I will be returning for Part 2 of my Army of Men lovefest. Until then, do something kinky for yourself this week.

TtheAmazing over and out!

Hey Kinksters,

Hope you are all having a little more relief with tax rush being over. I know I said I would do the second Army of Men post for this Fetish Friday. Derrick (owner of Army of Men) are cooking up something delicious. So you’re just gonna have to wait a little longer). Today, I am going to talk about a topic that was inspired by my most recent purchase from I received my first Cellblock 13 garment, the Ambush Short. This is not just a post about that though, this post is about a feature that is found in the Ambush; CONVENIENCE ZIPPERS!


I only own one item with a convenience zipper (but I’m totally up for owning more). I’ve been seeing them in a variety of brands over the years. Zippers in front to release the package, zipper in back to reveal the booty. A lot of brands have caught on to the zipper fun. I know Slick It Up has been doing it for years with their bodysuits. Cellblock 13 has a few different lines out.


In my opinion, it can be totally sexy. Instead of just pulling them down for the big reveal, you can keep it on but open a window for the fun to happen. Front zippers are definitely great because no one wants to have the entire waistband and pouch just pulled down under your balls. Back zippers however I think CAN be great, but aren’t always. Now, back zippers and I have interacted quite a bit. I find the biggest issue of the back zipper is whether it unzips down low enough. There is a certain feature in the butt area (do I really need to say it?) that a zipper needs to go below for the convenience zipper to be truly convenient. If you’re wondering why the zipper not going down enough below the “zone” is needed. Go take a zipper, unzip it part way. Hold the two unzipped parts together. Place two fingers in the bottom of that zipper V and start sliding your fingers in and out of the zipper… YEAH. Not too fun. Now if it hurt your fingers, let’s not even test that out with your tongue or…other body parts that stick out. If the zipper goes low enough however, and it provides enough room to reach your goals. Then I heartily condone that convenience butt zipper.

So, you tell me, do you own undies with convenience zippers? Have you played with someone who had convenience zippers. I wanna know your thoughts. Hope you have a great week all you fancy people. See you next Friday with more fetish fantasticness.

Hello Kinksters,

I hope you’re all doing ok, even though Tax season is spanking me quite hard this year (I tried to do it myself via Turbotax instead of hiring a tax person like I always do…I’ll be filing an extension and hiring a tax person…being a travelling circus artist makes taxes complicated). Even if taxes have you down in the doldrums, I have a great item to discuss today to cheer you up. Today, I am going to be talking about the Jock and Codpiece combo from Maskulo.


First I wanna talk a little about the company Maskulo. They seem to be a really awesome company. They were so enthusiastic when I wrote to them about how I was starting a weekly fetishwear column. They were happy to answer all my questions. When you think of gay fetish wear, you might not instantly think of Russia, because Russia isn’t the most outwardly gay friendly place to be. However, Maskulo stands proud, advertising that they are a “Russian human rights supportive company. A part of our profit is donated to democracy and human rights organizations in Russia.” That’s a pretty badass statement to make.


Back to the fetishwear, I got their jock in the mail, and the feel was dreamy. The jock itself is all elastic that fits like a glove, and the front is an open frame around your package with snaps triangulating from the top corners of the pouch frame to the bottom point underneath. The codpiece is a leather-like fabric filled with foam rubber to give it body. The pouch snaps onto the jock and there you have it. When you wanna keep the jock on, but do a little more frontal action, pouch snaps off completely, and you can get to business.


I tested this jock out for how much it can handle by wearing it to teach a ZUMBA class. Everything was great, the butt straps stayed right where I put them before class, the pouch held everything in. It was breathable, and felt like a cloud. My second test-run did involve the pouch being removed, and it was easy and comfortable (what’s worse than being in the middle of sexy time, and then all of a sudden you have to contort so oddly to unsnap/unzip something? Or your partner has to get out the ikea manual to figure it out…)


The jock comes in just the black straps with contrast white waistband, and has pouches in Black, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow and White. Note: the snap codpieces for the Jock is a different snap system from the Singlets and the Shorts (which use a double snap system). The jock sells for roughly 35 Euros, which is around 40 US Dollars on or if you’re in the U.S., Jockstrap Central is the Exclusive U.S. Retailer. Another totally classy note of how awesome their are, apparently, with every purchase, they send a little baggy of replacement snaps hardware if you ever have an overenthusiastic undresser. That’s just awesome.

I got a few other things from Maskulo (thanks Maskulo!), so you’ll hear more about their products in the future. For now, keep it kinky, and comment below!

TtheAmazing, over and out.