Hi howdy hey readers. Happy 2016! I’m excited to be returning to UNB Blog for my second year.  I hope to be introducing you all too new brands, undies, and possibilities this year. I hope that the New Year has started out well for all of you as well. Mine did and I’ll tell you why!

In multiple places around the world it is good luck, especially for your love life, to ring in the New Year wearing red underwear. A world tradition that means I get to buy underwear, what’s not to love? So I picked up a brand new pair of 20151231_195749briefs and I could not be happier with them. I got the Jack Adams classic cut briefs, the Team Brief and they rock.

Now, I knew that they would be amazing before I got them. Because I have a similar pair in blue, so I was confident this would be a great pair. The bold red is reminiscent of that classic red Baywatch speedo. It really pops. It has the classic Jack Adams racing stripes alongside the bulge area that add a touch of sexy design to them.  That makes the front really stand out, more so than normal.

If the color wasn’t enough the feel is divine. With a fabric make up of 92% Cotton and 8% Polyester the feel could not be smoother. It has a good hold where it needs to and an airy breath about it where it counts. The fabric blend is one of Jack Adams staples and is nicely replicated in their trunks and briefs. Giving you a consistent experience across much of their line. The piping along the butt holds up well and gives that extra bit of lift that all bums can use. The bold waist band also helps give a great structure to the pair as well as an overall powerful look.

I picked up my pair from my local store, Under U 4 Men in Seattle. Their flagship store is based out of Portland, Oregon which is where Jack Adams is headquartered. I personally love the shopping experience of the stores. Seeing pairs in person and discussing options with the clerks there. Jack Adams can be found on multiple selling sites like International Jock and Jockstrap Central.

If you haven’t tried out Jack Adam’s line yet you should definitely check them out. If your 2016 hasn’t picked up to the start you were hoping for, go out and treat yourself to a pair of red briefs like these. You never know, they might just be lucky!


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