IMG_1933No it’s not Kathy Griffin talking to you. The new like from Pistol Pete is call “Suck It” Pistol Pete always has fun in their underwear creation. When I saw this pair I had to do a double take. You know when something you look at real fast catches your eye as you scroll. My mind when “Does that pair say what I think it does?” As I scrolled back it did say “Suck It.” I was like you go Pistol Pete

Underwear is about fun and feeling great. This pair would be awesome to wear and no one knows your waistband says suck it! The line has three different designs. They are a brief, jock and Trunk. Each one is different but all ties in well together. Each style has a royal and red color.


The brief is interesting. I say this because it has a pouch that comes off. It’s not detachable but it has a hole you put your junk through and the pouch covers it and attaches below…well, you get the pictures (see the picture as well). The pouch has a white stripe that runs around to the back. Its a great take on the regular brief. Since the pouch comes off I guess it lives up to the Suck It name. The Suck It Brief retails for $28.50 on the Pistol Pete website.


The jock is another take on a classic. Unlike a traditional jock this one has a chevron cut out below the waistband and above the pouch. The pouch is lined with what looks to be the same elastic on the leg straps. It also has a traditional pouch and leg straps. Pistol Pete looks like they got the inspiration from the original jocks! They turned it into something different and fun! The Suck It Jock retails fro $26.50.


The last pair in the collection is the Trunk. It also has a cut out but a bid different from the jock. It has a cut out a bit lower on the pouch. They created a two part pouch that makes sort of a fly, but turned sideways. The lower par gives you support and the upper part will allow easy access. The white panels on the front and stripes not he side give it a sporty look to the pair. The Suck It Trunk retails for $29.50

Each style has the fun Suck It waistband. As I said above these aren’t the same design just ported to a new style. They are cohesive but each different. This is a fun but really fashionable line from Pistol Pete. How many of you would love to wear these out on a date? (Raises hand) I def would love to! Find these pairs and more at the Pistol Pete site.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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