In this day and age, it seems new brands are popping up every month.  It can be very easy to just stumble across a brand that you have never heard of.  Even though it already has a large following or has been around for years.  Sort of like how with the sci-fi /Fantasy genre everyone gets into it through a different series. Leaving it an incredibly vast but fragmented category. So some brands fall through the cracks, or become lesser known, yet underrated.

When you think of Australian brands, probably Aussiebum, 2Eros, and Cocksox come to mind. Yet there is another good underwear maker from down under, that I think is awesome, called Croota. Since I discovered them a couple years ago I’ve enjoyed their styling and designs. They even do small touches well. For instance, on the back of my thong, right below the care instructions, is printed the line “For use before marriage”. How tongue-in-cheek is that! I also like their patterns. Such as their take on tartans and a print of the Croota name repeatedly split into individual letters and jumbled up.  Pulling of the combination of looking interesting but not overcrowded.

They also make an interesting thong. It has a very wide back, which may put some thong wearers off , but I haven’t found it to be uncomfortable. It does have a purpose. I have found that the larger back helps to accentuate what you naturally have back there.

One last great thing they have is free shipping, which is always a plus in my book! I hate it when a $15 pair is really $20+ with shipping. Though they are based out of Australia, they have a USA located warehouse so it won’t take long to get to you at all.

Basically, if you haven’t tried Croota, check them out. They’ve got a great style all their own, and make fun, good looking products. In my mind , Croota deserves to be just as popular as their bigger Australian brethren.

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