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So I was in my neighborhood Target store recently, and on a whim, I decided to check out the underwear section. Last time I went I had been disappointed in the available selection and was presently surprised to see that they had revamped the area, with a few new options. I picked up the kind that looked the skimpiest. Surprising, right?

The micro mesh is not like it’s more risqué cousin regular mesh. The pairs are covered in small holes, which themselves are further subdivided by very thin thread into quarters, leaving a mesh fabric that isn’t too revealing. I’d compare it to Cin-2’s Zen line or 2xit’s own Sliq line if you are familiar with either of those.

Speaking of comparisons, I’d like to take a moment to see how this pair compares to other big name brief brands in my collection. Just how skimpy/unskimpy is it really? I compared it to some other 2xist briefs that I own, and while the leg opening hight is about the same on all of the pairs the evolve is a little bit bigger than the rest. So unless you feel that 2Xist’s main lines of briefs are too skimpy, if you are looking for small briefs you are better off elsewhere. The white stripes on the sides on the hips are a nice touch. These pairs are tagless too, and even though they are micro-mesh, the front is double layered so there’s no need to worry about showing off too much. Another positive is the price point. At only $12.99 US before tax, it wouldn’t be too costly to get a weeks worth of pairs for the same price as a couple designer name pairs instead. So there is some to like about these briefs.

Sadly, there are more than a few issues I have with the design. First, I am not a fan of the intermediate style waistband. It is too small to effectively grasp like a large waistband, nor does it give the pair a sleek look like on a pair without a waistband. I really don’t like this trend and hope it goes away. Also, The look of it is a little bit meh..but I am biased towards skimpier pairs, and this is marketed towards a mass audience of which this will probably be the skimpiest thing they have ever worn.

2xist had several other varieties in this new Evolve line, including cotton bikinis, and trunks, including some labeled under the Sliq line. If you guys are interested, I will continue to try these new lines from 2xist. Overall, it’s not great, but it’s not horrible either. Comfortable, with some perks, but nothing exceptional about them.

Still, the fact that this partnership between 2xist and Target persists is a good sign, no matter how good the product is. It points to a sign that men are starting to want more than the bare bones basics that have usually been pedaling in the past. It points to major retailers identifying this trend and making moves to try and get that market. Getting better underwear into more mad marketplaces at an affordable price point is a win in my book.

That’s one of our goals here at UNB, to get guys into good underwear no matter what the style. If you like the look of them, give it a try. About $7 per pair after tax is a good deal, and besides their questionable looks, they are reliably comfortable. Do you want us to review more styles from the Evolve line or other new semi-upscale brands that have begun to pop up in mass-market retailers like Target? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, if you have any comments or questions, you can find me on twitter at @underweardude .

So this year is N2N’s 25th anniversary, and they’ve been celebrating by coming out with new lines and styles all year, as well as bringing back some old favorites as well. So far we’ve seen Camo, Ribbed, and Tropic make a return, and this week in there featured Friday email I noticed a somewhat different return.

The California Dreaming line is a couple years old, and was one of my favorites visually. The stripes were really fun and also made the pouch look fantastic, and the material was super soft to boot. I’ve got the bikini, and it’s one of my favorite pairs. Lo and behold, the line has returned, but in a new style! At the time the line was originally out, they had a jock, bikini, trunk, and brief. I was disappointed that there was not a thong in the line. As you probably have guessed by now, the new pair is a thong!

The thong is made from the same super soft rayon fabric as the old line, but lacks the wide black waistband of the old line, favoring the more traditional N2N thong silhouette. If you’ve ever worn their Classic Cotton Thong, you should know what to expect.

A couple notes:
This pair may have been out for awhile and I just may have missed it because as of the writing of this post there are only two color choices currently while the original line had four to choose from. This may be that these two were the most popular of the old ones, but don’t quote me on that. Also, it is on sale, which I’d call a good thing! I know I don’t need more thongs but it’s going to be hard to keep myself from getting this one. You can purchase it here for just $16 currently.

Got a pair you’d like to see as Thong of the Week? Send me an email to, or message me or the blog on twitter @underweardude or @unbblog. Have a terrific Thong Thursday everyone!

Welcome to Thong of the Week, where we celebrate #ThongThursday by showcasing a new or exciting pair. We are starting off with the new Calvin Klein …yes, Calvin Klein has FINALLY released a new thong.

Back in the day when I first got into upscale underwear, the CK Body Thong was considered by many to be one of the best thongs out there. While that status has been reduced over the years, CK has finally come out with a new thong. Here’s what one of our patrons on Patreon had to say about it:
“Hey gents! The new Calvin Klein thong is awesome. Great for both casual wear and the gym. It would make a great Thong Thursday!”

Called the Focused Fit thong, it is a part of a more extensive line. The pair features a wide, branded waistband and microfiber material, and has a “typical” mid-sized thong back.

If you are interested in this pair, you can find it either on CKs site or on Amazon. Right now it only comes in black, but hey, black goes with everything, right? Like Henry Ford said about the Model T, “you can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s black.” I guess. Another downside besides the lack of color variety is the pouch. Most of the Amazon reviews, as well as our Patron, make mention that the pouch is slightly small, but it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker.

Think we should review this thong? Then you should support us on Patreon(link-! We just updated our goals section,(You may have seen our post about it), and if we reach our first goal we will be doing a thong review one Thong Thursday a month, with stretch goals up to a thong review every week, swim thongs, video reviews, and more, so if you want to see more thong reviews on this site, check it out!

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So for this week, our Editor-in-Chief Tim wanted us to write on ways underwear has empowered us or given us confidence. Rather than talk about the typical “Wearing sexy underwear helps me feel more confident” concept, I took this idea in a slightly different direction.
I’ve never really been happy with my body. I’m short and skinny, not the type of guy you see as an action hero star. Underwear has helped me make peace with myself somewhat over my body image. It’s extremely unlikely for me to find a shirt, let alone pants, that fit me well in a physical store. Underwear is the only article of clothing that I can walk into a store, buy something in my size, and know it will fit me. That is a much bigger deal than at first glance.
Additionally, underwear helps me feel more confident about my body type. With short legs, I don’t feel the boxer-brief style that dominates popular culture these days looks that good on me. Thankfully, I have discovered the world of designer underwear, where I have plenty of other options than just boxer-briefs. I can wear pairs like bikinis and thongs not simply for their sex appeal, but for how I feel they work with my body type. Since I can’t really make myself have longer legs, might as well wear something that makes them look longer, right? Going with pairs that have practically no thigh coverage helps that out.
So while yes, wearing sexy underwear can sometimes give me confidence in myself as a person, that it can make me feel better about the body I inhabit as well as distinct and just as important.
In what ways does underwear give you confidence or empowers you?

Sukrew furnished the Bubble Thong for review. All opinions in this review are that of the reviewer.

Rating: 8.8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 7/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10


  • New take on the SUKREW Pouch
  • Fun back


  • Lack of a US distributor

UnderwearDude’s Recommendation: If you like thongs or are a fan of SUKREW you should check this out.

If you remember our Thong 101 series from last year(If you haven’t checked it out you really should, I’m very proud of what we did with it), you’d remember us remarking that some thongs might not really fit in just one category. The SUKREW Bubble Thong fits that bill. Structurally, it is similar to a g-string, except the waistband is wider and the strap is also not a string, though it does leave a similar effect. Another noticeable difference is that the waistband is connected to the back strap at a right angle rather than straight on most g-string like pairs, giving it a different, noticeably curved look most often seen in women’s thongs that I quite like. The color of the back strap matches the accents on the front, but only a small triangle at peeks out from behind continuing to give it a g-string/v-string-esque look even though it’s not. The waistband is a bit plain, with a mostly raised center, though it goes unnoticed except when looked at closely. It does seem kinda plain next to the rest of the pair to me.

The pouch is also different from the main SUKREW thong, and SUKREW states that the pouch of the Bubble Thong ” is more lifted and curved than our classic design, offering great support without restriction, and a rounded bulge that compliments the shape of the rear.” From wear experience, I would certainly say it does push you less down than the other style pouch but still feels like a SUKREW pouch. In my personal opinion, I find this less deep pouch better than the original and far prefer it.

If you like SUKREW’s normal thong or want something a little bit skimpier than that, the Bubble Thong is a great choice. It’s a nice balance between skimpiness and structure, with some twists to bring it some real charm and uniqueness. I wore this on my birthday on Sunday and was hoping to try it with a lot of things. Sadly, mother nature had other plans, and I spent most of my day inside. Still, I found it to be fine when scraping snow off of my car and spending a few hours getting up and sitting down at a card game tournament. The part where the back strap connects to the pouch becomes noticeable at times, though not uncomfortable, and this does not happen often. The pair was a size small, which is usually for me, and I had no issues in that regard.

Note that the version of the Bubble Thong that I tried was the Full, not the U, which does not have a pouch. Instead, the U leaves you..well.. exposed. I believe there will be a review of the U version of this pair coming up as well. Price wise, this pair is decent, though I do find it odd that the Bubble Thong is the same price as SUKREW’s normal thong for a good bit less material, though it is still a fine price. Having to pay shipping from Europe is also a downside, but I’d say if this pair interests you, it’s worth it.



COLORS: Crimson (see page for all color combinations)
FABRIC: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: £15.99

Hi everyone, and welcome to another edition of Show us your Drawers!, a series dedicated to having a look at the underwear drawers of UNB readers and writers. Today we are taking a look at the drawers of UNBDustin. Here is what he has to say:

“I’d love to say my underwear drawer is perfectly folded and organized because half of me is OCD and likes things just so.  However, the other half is lazy and can’t be bothered.  So first, you’ll see I have a dresser just for underwear.  It’s vintage and cool (even the original liner in the drawers) but doesn’t actually hold a lot.  I do separate by style: top drawer for thongs and jocks, middle two for briefs and bottom drawer for boxer briefs and boxer shorts.  This keeps things easier to find and looking pretty neat.  However, with 250+ pairs, they don’t all fit.  This is where the other side of me kicks in: a laundry basket with underwear simply folded and stacked in there.  It’s not on its way from the laundry – that’s where it lives.  The problem with this is that I think I only wear about 10% of my gear because I grab what’s on or near the top.  I never make resolutions but I might this year…wear a different pair every day until I’ve gone through my entire collection.  If I don’t like wearing them, get rid of them.  This will hopefully help me clear things out and make way for new stuff!”

Thanks, Dustin! Want to join Dustin in showing off your collection and storage methods? Send an email to with “Drawer!” in the title, along with a picture of your underwear drawer and a short paragraph describing your collection and/or storage methods. I hope to receive your submission soon!

Ergowear is out with a new collection, called XV, in celebration of its 15 year anniversary! XV is stated as “the most sophisticated version of our exclusive Feel and best-selling Max pouch underwear styles,” and boy does it look it. It really is more than a regular collection. I’d call this collection super-sized, as some pairs have multiple pouch options!

The line is available in the usual range of Ergowear styles: Midcut(Boxer-Brief), Boxer(More like a trunk), Brief, Bikini, and Thong. The Midcut and Boxer are available in both the Feel and Max style pouches. The Max is more of a traditional “push up and out” style ergonomic pouch, while the Feel I less traditional but very popular. The Brief is only available with a Feel pouch, while the Bikini and Thong are only available with the Max instead. All the pairs utilize the same nylon/spandex material, with a 1’5 inch waistband that displays your brand allegiance without being overtly flashy.

These pairs are classy, coming in three colors: White, Navy, and Space Grey, with a contrasting Black or Gold waistband on the White pairs. The Navy and Space Grey changes things up with a same colored waistband.

I think the real key to this line is the mono-colored pairs. The Navy and Space Grey pairs have a great sophisticated look at them in my eyes. I’m hoping to get my hands on some pairs from this line this year, most likely those bearing the Max pouch, as I already own a Max trunk, bikini, and thong, and adore them. So which pair tickles your fancy?Which color is your absolute must have? Let us know in the comments below, email us at, or message me on twitter @underweardude. I hope you liked this look into the newest line of one of my favorite brands. Happy birthday, Ergowear, here’s to another 15 years of awesome underwear!

Hey there, fellow thong lovers! For today’s Thong Thursday post, I’m gonna talk about some new thongs that I’d love to get my hands on in the new future.  Note that I, nor UNB, have been paid to make these statements nor list these pairs. These are simply pairs that have piqued my interest for one reason or another. Hey there, fellow thong lovers! For today’s Thong Thursday post, I’m gonna talk about some new thongs that I’d love to get my hands on in the new future.  Note that I, nor UNB, have been paid to make these statements nor list these pairs. These are simply pairs that have piqued my interest for one reason or another.

Let’s start off with the oldest pair, the Pistol Pete vintage thong. I’ve always felt that the perfect pair of underwear combines form AND function. To me, that means stylish, and possibly with a fly. So with a stylish thong, and a fly? That gets me interested right there! I love the idea of a thong with a usable fly but have yet to see one that has a great fly. Perhaps this will be the one.

Next is a new thong from Portland-based  Jack Adams. More known for their briefs and trunks, I’m a fan of their Sprinter line of thongs. The Lux Thong combines the styling of their Lux line with a pretty classic(aka on the wider side) thong back. The color choices are also interesting, with the orange option being a nice choice for the fall months. It’s also almost the exact shade of orange as some college football teams use..anyways back to thongs!

The last pair I’m going to mention today is the British brand Sukrew, their new bubble thong.  While I wasn’t crazy about the Sukrew pouch like many others when I tried them, the g-string-esuqe styling of this new line hits with me, especially the small pop of color that shows at the center rear on the multi-colored pairs. Sukrew also states that the Bubble Thong’s pouch holds you in a more traditional form than it’s original pouch, though as always with Sukrew products, you can purchase the pair sans-pouch.

So which thongs are you dying to get your hands on? Which pairs do you want us to review? Have any suggestions on how we should celebrate #ThongThursday? Let us know in the comments below, send us an email, or let us know on twitter!

Hey everyone, and welcome to another edition of Show us your Drawers, where we take a look at a UNB writer or reader’s underwear drawer. Today we have our first reader submission, from Steve. Here is what he has to say:

“Here’s my drawer. I’m up to 43 pairs organized by category of course. Jocks are on the left, then g-strings, thongs, bikinis toward the middle, briefs and finally trunks on the far right. As you can see, I try and mix it up with a variety of colors and patterns.

There are 15 different brands represented, with the top three being Gregg Homme, C-IN2 and JM. My current favorite pair is definitely the teal Grip thong from Gregg Homme. It’s got a really sexy strappy cut-out on one half and detachable buckles.
Love the blog, keep up the great work!”
Thanks so much Steve! Want to be like Steve and show off your collection? Send an email to with  Drawer in the subject line, along with a picture of your underwear drawer and a paragraph or two about your underwear collection and/or storage system. We look forward to seeing your drawer!

Hi, guys, it’s Underweardude, back again with another look into the underwear drawers of the internet. Today’s drawer is from yet another UNB writer, The Bottom Drawer! Here is what he has to say:

As you can see from the photo, my drawer is not neat at all. It doesn’t mean there is absolutely no organization to it. I use to fold my underwear and at least stacked them in the drawer. Then I got married and had kids so taking time to fold undies went out the door.

When I did an organization post for my blog I attempted to make my drawer neater. See photo below. The photo doesn’t have all my pairs in the drawer but shows my feeble attempt at some order. What I’ve found from my organization attempts is none of them really helped me find the pair I was looking for. You’d think by the picture of the neat drawer I would be able too. Part of this is probably due to having close to 200 pairs now. Then there is the problem of not keeping the drawer that neat too.


Now I do try to keep a bit of order in the drawer most of the time. I keep pairs that are older or don’t care too much about to one side. These I wear for things like yard work or exercising that can be harder on a pair. The other side for newer pairs and ones I want to keep in decent shape longer. So far all my underwear fits in one drawer, due to them being bikinis and thongs. I’m actually planning on trying to do a purge of the drawer. There are pairs I don’t wear and probably will never wear again that I should stop storing. I’m sure there are some in there that should be retired too.e

I’m hoping the show us your drawer series that Underweardude came up with will give me ideas on improving the messy drawer I have. Maybe with doing an underwear purge and some new organization ideas, it will improve my ability to find the pair I’m looking for quicker. At least when I am actually looking for a particular pair. Come join in on showing us your drawer by emailing us at and use Drawer in the subject line. I look forward to reading everyone’s submissions.

So you buy what you think is the perfect pair. You early await it’s arrival, checking the shipping status multiple times a day. It arrives, you put on, and…something’s not right. Either the color is off, the fit isn’t quite working out, or the size isn’t what you thought it would be. Either way, in most cases you are out some serious cash. So what is there to do? If it was a shirt or a pair of shoes, you could return them, but I can count on one hand the number of underwear manufacturers that allow returns. So what else can you do? Before you turn that $30 pair into a rag, try trading.

Yes, trading may feel kind of..gross. It’s something someone else has worn, yes. It’s still clean and is one of the best ways to get rid of pairs that you don’t want and get more pairs that you do want. Here are some simple trade tips I’ve learned over the years:

  • Avoid internationals- As much as I want to include everyone in the world, international shipping is a pain in the butt. Having to figure out how to put foreign dresses into traditional shipping forms, not to mention the high cost. Most times first class shipping with tracking for a few pairs in a simple bubble mailer has cost me less than $10. Not a bad price to pay for clearing out your underwear drawer and getting some new pairs in return.
  • Search high and low for your opposite- If your problem is sizing, find someone who has recently left the size you want and is now in the size you are trading away. Yes, this can be sorta difficult, but thanks to the internet and places like Twitter, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone interested in your pairs with a few that might work for you.
  • Trade with your trust- I would highly suggest that you deal only with someone that you know or trust. Having said that, even if the trade goes south and you get nothing in return, you only loose a few dollars in shipping and packaging materials, and a pair that you didn’t even want.

So, in the end, there are some concerns, and it may not be for everyone, but trading pairs can be a good way of recouping your underwear investment and helping your collection become only pairs that you love. I’m planning on doing another big cull soon, and most of those pair’s I’m going to try and trade away. I’m actually in the middle of a trade right now. I shipped my pairs out long ago, but I’m waiting for the other guy to do the same. Hopefully, he’ll get to it eventually. Even if he doesn’t, I’m still glad to get rid of those pairs.

Have you ever traded underwear? How did it go? Tell us about it below in the comments or let us know about it on twitter @unbblog. As always, you can find mine on twitter @underweardude. Happy trading!

Hey guys, Underweardude here. I hope you enjoyed a look at my underwear drawer last week. This week we are taking a look at the underwear drawer of another guy here at UNB, UNBRyan. Here is what he has to say:

As you can see, my favorite color is pink! I have a mix of thong and tanga styles along with a couple pairs of briefs. I also wear thong swimwear and have many pairs in my underwear drawer.
After I collected about 50 pairs of underwear and swimwear I decided it was time to get organized. I was never able to find the pair I wanted and it was hard to keep them in the drawer. Every time I pulled a pair out I’d get two or three along with. I looked around and found the storage solution in the attached picture. It allows me to separate underwear by style and color, and I can easily see what I have available to wear for the day. I am usually able to stuff a couple of pairs into each compartment and still see what I’ve got for the day.
Thanks, Ryan! Look to see more underwear drawers of other UNB personalities in the coming weeks. Want to join in and show off your collection? Send a photo of your drawer, as well as an optional paragraph about you, your collection, organization, or anything else related to your underwear drawer, to, with “Drawer” on the subject. I can’t wait to see everyone’s awesome collection. Big or small, we want to see them all!

Hi, everyone, and welcome to the first post of a new ongoing series, entitled “Show us your drawers!”(Note: If you can think of a better name, feel free to use that instead.) This series is a place for you the reader to show of your collection and storage method. This will be a blast! We are starting off with a look at all the guys who make up UNBs’ drawers, beginning!

I originally had all my underwear in the same place it had been for years: at the bottom drawer of a dresser, tossed in along with my socks. As my collection grew, I began wanting more space, and eventually became enamored with the idea of under-bed storage. I loved the idea of being able to roll over in bed in the morning, pull open a drawer, and pick out my pair for the day while still in bed. Sadly, while this pair of built in’s doesn’t make that dream a reality, it does hold all my pairs. The drawers don’t pull out all the way either, which means there are a few more pairs not seen in the picture and can make putting pairs in the back annoying. I have so many pairs I don’t just have one underwear drawer, but two!

The first picture is of my daily wear drawer. There you will find briefs, boxers, trunks, and a few semi-skimpy pairs. This si the stuff I wear day to day, the stuff I feel I would be ok to be seen in, etc. The organizer therein is one i’ve had for decades that was originally meant for socks I believe but was repurposed.


The other picture shows my skimpy drawer, with, left to right- jocks, thongs, and bikinis, as well as a small spot in the back left behind the jocks for pairs for special occasions. Also, yes, the bikinis and thongs are separated by those that have a waistband, and those that do not, thanks for noticing! The organizer in here is from Bed Bath and Beyond, but It doesn’t quite fit well enough. I guess that’s the downside about buying under the bed drawers that match your bed from a group that doesn’t offer organization for them. I like how everything looks folded, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it up. It’s a lot of work! I own slightly over 100 pairs, which can make laundry day a real pain in the butt.

Want to show us your underwear drawer? Send in your submission to with the word “Drawer” in the subject line, along with a photo of your underwear drawer and a short description if you would like. Check in next week for a look at another drawer from a UNB guy!

Hey, everyone, it’s Underweardude. Clever is back with its new fall line up, and I’ve picked out a few pairs that I think are awesome! They’ve divided this season’s collection into six broad subjects: Print’s, Pick and go, Sport, Elite, Sexy, and Swimwear.

Clever has always done some fun prints, and this year is no exception with the pairs in their Print section. My favorite of the bunch is probably the Cosmopolitan, seen below as a brief but it’s also available as a boxer-brief. It’s probably the most understated print from Clever in this new collection, so if you are looking for something flashier you won’t be disappointed.

Pick and go looks like stuff meant for everyday wear, but with a Clever spin on things. While the Aura line sports a stylish and useful mesh rear, you’d mostly likely find me in the Grape colored Classy Icon Latin brief. I own several Clever Latin briefs in various colors myself, and I quite like them. They are quite a low rise but still feel very much like a pair of briefs. More basic boxers and briefs are available if that suits your tastes as well.

Sport sees the proliferation of mesh continue, as a majority of the pairs from this segment consist of close-knit mesh that doesn’t appear to be see through, in case you were worried. I like the look of the Spaceman brief myself. With the entirety of the rear made of mesh, you’ll never get overheated back there, or get the dreaded “swamp-ass.”


Elite seems harder to pin down than the other divisions, the pairs within all have a classy look to them. Mostly solid tones, my favorite of them being the green Navy Latin brief. It’s rare to see such a light shade of green grace men’s underwear.


Sexy is where Clever lets its designs go wild. See through mesh, skimpy bikinis, jocks, and thongs all dwell here. If I had to choose, I’d go with either the New Wave Brief, which harkens back to Clever’s old Romano Brief style, that has been missing from Clever’s lineup for some years now that I quite like, or the navy thong, with some fun color combinations. While brown isn’t usually my pick for the color of my underwear, the bright blue trim and logo on the waistband just pop for me, and I think they work well together.

Lastly, we have swimwear, with a bevy of fun prints. My favorite is the Summertime swimsuit Brief, particularly the rear. Such a nicely composed illustration, and a great use of color. I could easily see a print of this hanging on a wall somewhere.

So which pair would you wear? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, or let us know on twitter!

See the new collection at the Clever Moda site. 


NOTE: Picture above is Kiniki Henley Micro Brief

Patterns are making a come back in a big way this year. Countless designers, big and small, are choosing some amazing patterns for their lines this year. Why? Well, patterns are fun. They can bring a sense of whimsy or a pop of color to our wardrobe, even if no one else knows what we are wearing. It can make us feel like a kid again. It is something different from the usual, sometimes boring, drab colors that grace much of men’s underwear.

I’m not really here to talk about why patterns are back though. I’m more interested in why patterns don’t always get made. What makes them tick. What makes patterns wonderful and a pain in the behind. I’m no expert on making underwear but here are a few of the reasons I’ve come up with as to why patterns aren’t especially super common among upscale men’s underwear designers.

First off is the look of patterns themselves. I don’t know about you, but I loved the days when I had cartoon characters on my underwear. Eventually, we grow up and have to move on to less colorful pairs. There is also the mainstream boxer fad of patterned boxers, but that faded quickly and now seems to be pretty much universally ridiculed by all. Mass market brands do have some slight patterns on pairs occasionally, but mostly in the mainstream patterns on your underwear are a girl thing. Patterns just have the stigma of being childish sometimes. Just look at the iconic marketing done by Calvin Klien: plain white, nothing else. Even more modern looks have only really just changed the ideal pair color to black. While mass market may put some simplistic patterns on their pairs, it is nothing like what the upscale brands do. Among the countless upscale brands, you can find all sorts of patterns. From classics to crazy, there pretty much is a pattern for everyone these days.

Another reason why patterns are uncommon is that they are probably more expensive to make than their simply-colored brethren. I’m not an underwear manufacturer, but I’m guessing that brands probably have to buy the colors for their pairs. So with patterns, instead of simply licensing the dye for one or two colors, you have to go out and find the perfect pattern, which might be hard to find and expensive to license. You could also make it yourself, but that would require hiring a graphic designer, another expense that I’m sure many small underwear makers might not have the budget for.

Lastly, not everyone is a patterns type of person. Many guys like the clean look of mono-colored pairs, or are extremely particular to only certain patterns, like tartans, etc. This can have the opposite effect as well, as I know some guys will buy practically anything with leopard print on it. The economics of it though, having to balance out knowing that some of your audience may not buy these pairs makes a designer really have to know their audience, otherwise they might end up with a big loss, another thing that a small company cannot handle very well.

In the end, my basic opinion is that patterned pairs can be a risky proposition, but if done well and marketed to the right people, can be a big seller. The market can also swing in this opinion, as underwear ads from the 70s clearly show. Perhaps this is what’s happening today? While I am not a huge patterned underwear guy, there are some patterned pairs that I love dearly. I will say though, in addition, this lack of patterns is nowhere near the case when it comes to men’s swimwear. You can find plenty of flashy and outrageous patterns in that market very consistently. I wouldn’t be surprised that some of the patterned underwear craze going on right now stems from the swimwear market. What are your favorite patterned pairs?Lets us know in the comments below or on twitter.

Hi everyone, and welcome to another article in our Thong 101 series. We hope you are enjoying it so far. This list is based on a list of “commandments” I came up with a while back, detailing in my humble opinion what I thought the most important things to consider when buying your first thong. Some of these concepts will be discussed in more detail in later articles in the series. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Buy something attractive yet sensible- Pick something in a color you would usually wear. Stay away from mesh or anything that reveals too much for now. Sadly, that means single lined pouches that only show a bit are a no go as well. You also don’t want to go for something super expensive just yet either. Stay away from the $40 pairs and look for sales or such to lessen the monetary loss if you decide thongs aren’t for you.

2. Materials matter- You won’t want your first thong to be something you have to hand wash and air dry, trust me, it’s a major pain in the butt. Get something that you can throw in the washer and dryer with the rest of your underwear.
3. Go with a big name- Having your first thong come from a major brand is better because a pair from a major brand will hopefully be suited for a wider range of people and more likely to suit your needs.

4.Comfort comes first- The skimpiest and sexists pairs are often the least comfortable. When trying your first thong, getting used to it is paramount, so at the beginning comfort, trumps looks. You can always try those other pairs later.

5. Try a few- Men’s thongs are coming in an increasingly wide variety of types, fabrics, and styles these days, and many men have a preference for specific types. You may only like one type, or perhaps them all! Basically, you can’t judge all thongs just by one single pair. Additionally, what other’s may like you might not, and that’s ok! This might be the most important tip among all of these.
6. All of these rules can be broken- Last but not least, if a pair really catches your eye, even if it doesn’t meet any of these suggestions, go for it. Finding a pair you love can really help trying a new style of underwear, and can overcome any negative traits from that. In the end, it is all up to individual preference. It’s your underwear, get what you want!

I know some of these tips may be a now brainer, but you would be surprised how overwhelming it can get when you are looking to buy your very first thong. I hope these suggestions help you to decide, or even give you the push to make that purchase! Any other good suggestions you think I might have missed? Let us know in the comments blow, or message us on Twitter.

Picture features Sukrew thong.

Ergowear is one of my favorite brands. Not only is the underwear great, but they usually have some pretty nice colors as well. Ergo wear doesn’t constantly come out with new shades, or have a laundry list of choices, but what they do have is usually nice. They just announced two new colors that’ll really put a spring in your step. Aka, they are tailor made for spring time. Ok, enough with the jokes. I know many brands out there release new springtime colors, but how many of those brand’s new colors are on awesome ergonomic underwear? I thought so.

The two new Ergowear springtime shades are named Menta and Coral. As you might have guessed from the names, Menta is a nice light green. Not lime green, but not too light either. Coral is, well, coral, an uncommon color in men’s underwear but one that has popped up now and then. Between the two, I’m partial to Menta myself, because green is one of my favorite colors.

Ergowear has released these colors in their Max Suave and Feel Suave lines, currently two of the most popular lines they have. That means you can get great trunks, bikinis, and thongs in some fun and fresh springtime shades. I’ve got a few pairs with the Suave material myself, and it’s quite nice. Ergowear states that “The new Menta and Coral tones display freshness and softness, reinforcing our pursuit of connection and respect to nature.” So what do you think of the new shades from Ergowear? Should they add them to some more lines? Which new color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

Where to buy:

BRAND: Ergowear
PAIR: Max Suave & Feel Suave
COLORS: Menta or Coral
FABRIC: See Pair
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: See Pair

New pairs are always coming out, and i’ve got some spicy ones for you! Clever has released it’s new spring and summer line up, and as usual, there are a few thongs mixed in with the rest. Clever’s thongs are always a little different than most brand’s thongs. What makes them different is that the thong’s waistband isn’t entirely the standard “name around the whole thing” we always see. Instead, the center section of the back of the thong is actually covered up by the material that makes up the rest of the pair, a neat look in my mind. Clever’s thongs always look shiny, sleek, and stylish, but you all didn’t come to hear me wax on. You want to see the new thongs! So let’s get started!

First up is the Snowy thong. This pair comes in some nice colors, either a dark blue with a Silver waistband, or deep green with a dark red waistband, on each the brand name front and center. I’m a big fan of how the red and green looks together.

Next there is the Stingray, which adds in some contrasting line stitching to show off your stuff. The line comes in Grape and blue.

Clever also usually makes a variety of different types of pairs for each line. So if you like say, the snowy look, but aren’t a thong fan, they have the look in briefs and boxer briefs as well.

Clever is also getting into the jock thong business somewhat. Their Crystal Jockstrap is more like a thong, as the split waistbands lower straps come across the rear instead of under it like a traditional jockstrap, which places it squarely in the thong camp in my book. The pair does feature a small thong back, and comes in Grey(Black with purple pouch), and green (White with green pouch). The center rear strap is also the same color as the pouch, and is a nice pop of color.

I find Clever thongs to be both familiar and different, an intriguing combination. I am excited that they keep making thongs. Which one of Clever’s offerings do you think looks the best? Let us know in the comments below!

Let’s talk a stroll down memory lane, shall we? A little history lesson, about thongs in the early to mid 200s, back when I first got into them.

Note that this was in the says before social media. It was incredibly difficult to discover new brands. For instance, if I hadn’t happened to hear about Ergowear from a guy reviewing another brand, well it might have taken me years longer to discover them. This was back in the day when Andrew Christian was still just making briefs, but I digress.

Before I got into underwear I knew about man thongs, but only in popular culture/social reliance. That means I imagined them as all yellow banana hammocks, loud pairs only worn by male strippers for the enjoyment of others. Imagine my surprise to find that their were more sensible options available? Note that at this time I still found Cocksox too cray, but lets get back to thongs. But which one to buy with my limited collegiate income? Like most people, I began to scour the reviews for all the various pairs of all the sales sites that i could find back then. What i found was interesting.

Back in the day, there were just a few “big” thongs around, those that got a lot of reviews, usually good ones. People tended to stick with what they knew a lot more back then. Maybe it was because it was less common to find a reliably good thong. Anyways, they were the 2xist Thong(Along with it’s identical twin by Cin-2), the Calvin Kline Body Thong, and the Mundo Unico Thong. Joining them slightly later was the Canadian JM Skins Thong. These were the pairs that got the most consistent good reviews, and had so many more reviews than more “interesting” pairs. These pairs have a special place to me, in that they were sort of the “pillar” pairs when I first got into thongs, and while for many they have been relegated to the wayside for more extravagant pairs, I believe they are important. Let’s talk about each of them for a minute, shall we?

2Xist Thong- a classic. an icon. What else can be said about this pair? Recently inducted into the UNB Drawer of Fame, this pair deserves this status. It was constantly the highest rated and most reviewed thong among the sales sites I visited at the time. Many reviewers liked it so much that they started wearing only it! It’s easy to see why. Solid cotton construction means no special laundering instructions. The thin back made it comfortable for newcomers to thonging, and it’s athletic design made it possible to be disguised as a “weird jock” while changing in the gym. While not perfect, i’m happy to have this pair in my drawer.

The CK Body thong usually came next on the list with many loving it, though some had complaints about it’s high rise nature. Still, the fact that a big name brand like CK actually made a men’s thong seemed to help give validity to men’s thronging. Another pair that I am proud to own if more for the brand name/style combination or as s history lesson than actually worn.

Ah, the Mundo Unico thong.  Unlike the others, it was available in bright colors and had a unique for its time back that looked uncomfortable but each positive reviewer shouting to the mountains “try it, you’ll like it!”. While some men found the g-string-thin back to lead to an uncomfortable “scissoring”effect, others found the back, which was thinner than the 2Xist’s , to be a very good, commenting on how invisible the pair is when worn. I do not own one of these pairs, and they seem to have fallen out of favor somewhat, as I can’t really tell if they are still being made,but it is on my to buy list for the year.

Lastly, we have the JM Skinz Thong. While more recent reviews place it’s Natura cousin as being better, at the time this pair was talked about as some sort of secret pair, unknown to many but uncommonly good. It took me far too long to finally get a pair of these, quite recently actually, but I have found the rumors and reviews to be true. Its is a quite good thong.


So by now you’re probably wondering, “So which one of these pairs did he choose as his first thong?”. Well, I’ll tell ya. To be honest, it was none of them! Which thong came first, and why, well, that’s a story for another time.  So here they are, my pantheon of “great thongs” from my early day in the world of underwear. Things sure have changed a lot since then, huh? Which other pairs form way back when do you think deserve to be on a pedestal? Which other underwear time periods would you like us at UNB to discuss? Let us know in the comments or send me a message on twitter @underweardude. I

Spring is right around the corner in the northern hemisphere. Many of the people that reside there have begun the annual spring cleaning. Why not take some time to go through your underwear drawer as well?

I can’t be the only one who has tons of pairs that he hardly ever wears. So a couple weekends ago I took a couple hours and went through my collection. Don’t be intimidated, If you don’t have over a hundred pairs like I do it shouldn’t take long. Instead of organizing my pairs by type. I began to organize them in some different categories: Those I loved, those I liked, those I didn’t like, ones to throw away and those I never wore. I soon decided that was far too many different piles, and narrowed down to just three: Loved, Liked, and Loathed.

As I looked at each pair, I took a moment to think of how much I actually liked it, and how often I wore it. Was it really worth it to keep a pair around if I never wore it? Things can change from year to year. Perhaps you’ve decided that a certain cut or style isn’t right for you. Or that mesh really isn’t your thing. Or that you actually prefer bright colors, or drab ones instead. Now is a good time to make a change. I really thought hard on which pairs I actually liked, and which pairs I tolerated. I made notes on which daily wear pairs I really liked so I can start looking for similar pairs. Eventually, you’ll be left with a pile of remainders. But what to do about them?

Well, you can do a couple things.

First off, if they have holes where they aren’t suppose dot, or stains, the trash is the best option. Yes, it may be hard to throw away something so expensive, but come on. It also gives you the chance to buy a new replacement pair if you really liked that pair.

If they are good condition, you have a couple of options. First off, you can sell a pair on a place like eBay, but you might not get too many buyers. You can also trade pairs with other underwear enthusiasts. Lastly, if you know a guy on twitter who is looking to get into a style or brand that you are looking to get rid off. It doesn’t cost much to ship a pair to them and give your old pair a new home. While you are looking at your collection, be sure to try on every pair that you haven’t worn in awhile. Maybe your mind has changed about the pair since you’ve last worn it. I know that has happened to me a few times.

I ended up going through all my pairs and probably tried on at least fifty pairs that I hadn’t worn in forever. I came away with about a dozen pairs I knew I wanted to get rid of, and at least five to ten more that were borderline. I hope this inspires you to take a look through your collection and get some spring cleaning done yourself!

This pair of underwear was furnished by Male Power for review.

Rating: 7.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: Nice loud color, black light responsiveness.

Cons: Annoying care tag.

Underweardude recommendation: If you are looking to add a pop of color to your thong collection, this line fits the bill.

I received this pair from Male Power to review, and I’ve got to say right off the bat, that this is a really sexy pair! The Neon Orange color that I received is wonderful, bright and vibrant. Male Power states that the pair is black light responsive but I was unable to test it, but that might make it a good pair for clubbing, and is certainly a fun addition. Male Power states it has “sexy torso-baring sling styling”, and it sure does! It features a very daring super low rise curved front, and if wearing this in public I might recommend manscaping. I quite like that curved front look, so if it’s your thing too check this pair out. The back is slightly small, but in the normal range for guys thongs. The fit was just fine for me as well.

The pouch looks small at first, but once you pit it on it fits great. The spandex material has some stretch, but not exceptional. As long as you aren’t packing some serious heat, you should be good in this pair. The spandex does not feel exceptionally smooth to the touch but is quite comfortable when worn.

My only real complaint with this pair is that the care tag is the length of the entire depth of the triangular back part of the strap, almost too long, and can move about and become a nuisance. Luckily, a pair of sizers solves that problem easily. I also found the stitching on the back of the elastic to be slightly rough, but not noticeable during normal wear. The waistband is also practically nonexistent, so if you prefer your pairs to have a real waistband, this pair is not for you.

I would certainly recommend this pair. Every time I put it on it made me feel extremely confident and sexy. I wore this pair on a busy Thong  Thursday and had no problems with it. If you want a sleek, sexy thong to show off what you’ve got, check this pair out.

BRAND: Male Power
PAIR: Euro Male Spandex Micro Pouch Thong
COLORS: Orange, Green, Blue, Black
FABRIC: Spanex
SIZES: Small/Medium – XL
COST: $15.00
Buy at: ABC Underwear.


The Male Power Snap thong was furnished by Male Power.

Rating: 5.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 5/10
  • Sizing: 3/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 6/10
  • Daily Performance: 5/10

Pros: Cool snap fly.

Cons: Sizing is a bit off.

Underweardude recommendation: If you are looking for a fun sexy thong for the bedroom, this is worth a look.

Male Power, the venerable underwear brand that has been making snazzy underwear for guys since the 70’s has come out with it’s 2017 lineup, and I’ve got an interesting pair that I received from them to review, the Snap Thong. What makes this pair different from most, if any pairs, I’ve encountered, are the three snaps buttons that cross diagonally above the right hip, and form the connection to that side.

So what did I like about this pair? First off, it had real character. The mesh was fun, but it wasn’t too wide so you couldn’t really see anything until up close. Combined with the fun snap feature, I can see this pair becoming a real big hit in the bedroom. The rest of the thong itself is your standard thong shape, as much as there is one these days. The dark blue mesh of the pair I received combined well with the white elastic trim. The pouch is fine, if not exceptional, with some stretch provided by the material. I was also curious to see how the fly would work in less, romantic situations. It worked better than I expected, though I dared not try it in public. I would not want to go through the difficulty and embarrassment of fumbling with my underwear for that long in a public restroom, or pray that no one heard the snap as it was closed. The snaps appear to be well made, of high quality.

This pair was not without its faults, however. The thong strap is too wide in between the legs for my tastes, and the way the white trim is on the back strap does not look very flattering in my opinion. I also had an issue with sizing. I’m a bit of a scrawny guy but usually, size small pairs work for me. The tag, (a small one thank goodness), states the pair to be a S/M, so perhaps that is why the pair is a bit loose. It is still fine for me just lounging around the house, but I would not try to say, going for a run in it. This size issue causes the fabric that the snaps lay on upfront to bulge slightly.

Then we come to the snaps. They are quite hard to remove, which I guess is sort of a good thing when three snaps are holding your underwear together, but it also makes it impossible to remove even one with just one hand, lowering the sex appeal of the pair for me a bit.Once a second hand is applied the snaps come off easily and quickly. The snap fly is also on the right side of the pair, which may be annoying to some wearers who are left handed.


Overall, I want to like this pair. It is sexy, fun, with a great party piece in the snaps. By no means is this pair a bad thong. It’s just not a great thong. It just isn’t and alls round all day thong. It’s a pair that its purpose is in the bedroom, and it has enough there to be useful. Its major flaw is that it doesn’t fit me in particular. I am sure there are many men for which this thong will fit perfectly. Alas, I am not one of them. Despite its limited use, the Male Power Snap Thong has some characteristics that make it quite attractive for that use, so if you are looking for a pair to wear for fun times, give the pair a look.


BRAND: Male Power
PAIR: Snap Thong
COLORS: Blue, Black
FABRIC: 90% Poly, 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small/Medium – XL




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should-mens-thong-take-a-lesson-fromSo I’m not sure which sex got the first modern thongs men or women (man, we need an underwear historian or something?!). But I know that as a straight guy I first saw thongs on women. My entire view on thongs has been greatly influenced by that(I also quite like them on women, but that’s not the point). I’ve noticed over the years that while yes, men do have thongs, they really don’t have much in the way of variety. Sure, there can be subtle differences in back sizes.  There are really only two broad types: thongs, and g-strings. There hasn’t been much change in the world of men’s thongs recently, and I think that’s a shame.

The only real change in thongs over the past few years was the creation of the jock thong, and that was a few years ago now. I’m still not truly convinced that the jock thong is really a good innovation. But again, that’s another article.

Basically, I’ve gotten bored with every single brand thong and g-string being very similar. Where’s the variety? Why should girls have all the fun! I know some innovations have made their way over to the guy side. Pairs with multiple side straps sand such. I think there are a few more ideas in the realm of women’s wear that could work in men’s wear too. Women, on the other hand, have a huge variety of thongs. What I’m going to focus on today are the types of backs. Because I feel some of them might work well, or at least interestingly on a male frame.

First off is this curve back? I remember seeing a back this style from the brand Good Devil under the moniker “split back”. I think this is a cool idea and would like to see more menswear like this.


One type that I am very surprised hasn’t made its way into menswear is a kind that is more like a g-string. Instead of the strings intersecting into a T, or leading into a larger back. They meet in a triangle that sits between the depression between the top of the two checks. I’ve always been curious about this syle,as it seems very common in women’s underwear. While doing a bit more research I have noticed that some men’s thongs do mimic this concept somewhat. They don’t do it in quite a way like the feminine variety. They usually have what looks like a triangle, but is actually a part of a larger back strap. In this design, the only part of the back that is not a string is the triangle.


A trend I don’t see coming to the men’s side of thing is the idea of having the central part of the back strap being metal or made up of charms. That doesn’t look comfortable at all. Cute perhaps, but I can imagine that wearing that in the dead of winter is a bad idea.


I’m not saying these ideas will revolutionize men’s thongs.  I do think that the area of men’s thong design is somewhat stagnant.  I think ideas could help make things a little bit more interesting.
So what do you think? Am I a crockpot, or would you too like to see these ideas come to light? Let me know in the comments below, or on twitter.

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