PQ150015_Green_1The ever skimpy, never wimpy PetitQ has released a new collection for 2016. I love PetitQ for their bold colors and embracing of asymmetrical design. They are really celebrating the power of the male bulge. The styles you’ll see in this collection are labelled:  Trunk, Bikini, Thong, “Kini”, G String.

The trunk is kind of a boxer style, with the leg hem and bulge line level. The bikini and thong both have front pouches that extend around the back with a narrow strap to either a full seat (for the bikini) or a thong back. The “kini” and the G-string styles both extend around the back with thin string. The kini getting a narrow Brazilian style rear.  While the G-string gets the token string right down the middle.

There’s a few different design themes, so I’ll break it down for ya.

Nautical Blue/White Stripes:

The first theme is this nautical thin royal blue/white horizontal stripes print. I did some cross-referencing (the whole site is in French, and I’m a bit rusty), but the fabric is a 95% modal/5% spandex blend, which is always a super luxurious feel to a pouch. This theme comes in a bikini, thong, and kini style.

Yellow Background Hawaiian Flower Print:

This theme features a banana yellow background, with bright fuchsia flowers on it with deep leaves. A bright lime contrast trim goes around all the edges. This one just comes in the bikini and kini style.

Monochrome Lace:

This theme leaves the prints behind, and changes from printed spandex to lace. More French cross-referencing leads me to believe this lace is a 85% Polyamide, 15% Lycra blend. The styles come in a highlighter hues of green and pink. The green comes in a trunk, and thong, while the pink comes only in the bikini cut.

Black Lace Pop: 

This other lace family features black see through lace as the background with a pop color accenting the lace design. They come in red (a deep purply red), blue, and a yellowy green. The red color comes in the trunk and kini cuts. The yellow color comes only in bikini. The true front-runner, the blue color, comes in trunk, bikini, kini, AND g-string cuts.


The last theme in this collection is a mini leopard print sheer fabric. It comes in a G-string, Kini and Thong Cuts.

I have my eye on the blue/white stripe, but I’d love to hear which themes you are into.


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