Stop! I’ve found it! An amazing. No, a fuckin amazing jockstrap everyone can love.

Okay, are we all sufficiently hyped now? Well good. This jockstrap lives up to it. I came across this pair at our local leather shop in Seattle and I have loved it. Nasty Pig is a very well-known brand but not one that I am generally instantly drawn too for various reasons. But I had to have this jock. This sport jock (Maneuver Jockstrap) features flexing, breathable mesh that’s made of 90% poly and 10% spandex. Not only does the mesh give it the ability to breath it always gives that lil sexy sneak peek that would drive anyone wild.

Besides the comfort of the pouch (VERY) there is also the cool design and colors. I went with the lime green and I love it. It was a struggle to pick because I do love a good, eye catching blue but the green won my fancy in the end. It pops, really pops. Try to look away! The straps and the band have a cool mix of the color, white and black and the affect is trendy and well designed.

Great support in both the pouch reason and under the legs will have everything hugged and lifted into the right spot. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this pair. The matching socks I passed on because I didn’t think the fabric popped as well as the pouch but they are an option for everyone who is into matching socks and jocks.

So now that you’ve stopped and read that…GO! Go find it!


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