Jockstrap Wednesday


I love doing Jockstrap Wednesdays; these posts give me a chance to profile some of my favorite pairs. One of my favorite jocks is Cocksox. And there are several reasons why I think this jock is a must-have in any guy’s underwear drawer.

  1. The pouch is amazing – Cocksox makes one of my favorite pouches ever. This pouch will give you a lift, support, and show off a bit when wearing under jeans.
  2. The Design – This jock will appeal to many guys due to some design choices. The waistband is not super thick; while it’s a bit larger than underwear, it’s still smaller than the 3-inch classic design. Second is the leg straps, which are smaller and will hold everything in place without rolling or getting twisted.
  3. Colors – The jock comes in solid colors, but every so often they release it in many of their prints. It’s awesome to see prints in jocks, I think we need more!

The Cocksox Jock is $27.00. I recommend you get one or a few for your underwear drawer.

It’s Jockstrap Wednesday. I love sharing a new jock I found with you guys! When I first decided to relaunch this segment, I wondered if there were enough jocks to choose from. There are many to choose from, from classic jocks to fashion jocks. This week I chose one of my favorite prints, Giraffe.

With 2(X)IST’s SLIQ Jock Strap, every season is party season. It is ideal for showcasing your assets and will draw attention due to its low rise and nearly-naked fit. With this incredibly silky fabric, you’ll always look your best and feel fantastic. Party all day long, guys!

The design of this fashion jock has super slim leg straps. Perfect for those who don’t like the wide-leg straps of classic jocks. The waistband is a traditional underwear waistband about an inch wide. The fabric of the Sliq jock is a 88% Polyester / 12% Spandex blend. Making this a jock that will be comfy for all-day wear to the office or hanging out. Could you wear it to the gym, sure, but expect many looks from others because of the design and print.

Get this pair at the 2(X)IST website.

We have a super fun jock for those who love something metallic and sexy. I am profiling the Andrew Christian Metallic Silver Jock w/ ALMOST NAKED. The Almost Naked is one of my all-time favorite pouches. I would dare to say it’s in the top 5 list!

The new metallic silver Jock underwear is glistening and perfect for adding some glitz to your wardrobe. You’ll appear to be comprised of metal, but this underwear couldn’t be cozier or softer. You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all thanks to our glittering waistline and integrated ALMOST NAKED® pouch! Sticking, squashing, readjusting, sweating, and chafing have disappeared. To produce a comfortable and distinctive wearing experience, your package will slip naturally into the anatomically correct pouch.

This jock is made from a Fabric Content: of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. If you love sexy fun jocks, you need to give this pair a look; I think you will love the fit and fashion of this pair. It retails for $31 on the Andrew Christian site.

Thongs have started to take over a lot of the men’s underwear world. But the good ole jockstrap isn’t going any where. One brand that has some great jocks is 2(X)IST. They have the new Military Sport Jock. I really like this jock a lot! I’m just a bit bummed the green is sold out.

This is the official description from the 2(X)ist website:

Our best selling jock silhouette has gone military. Crafted from our signature Speed Dri fabric, this jock strap keeps you cool and dry during even your most intense workouts while the contrast colored leg straps transform a basic performance garment into a fashion statement. The Original Contour Pouch provides extra support.

The thing that caught my eye was the contrasting leg straps. Has this been done before? Probably but I can’t remember an execution this good! The contrast is amazing and pops. The Green/Orange one is the one I saw, I was like I WANT, darn it! But the other colors are awesome. The navy/yellow is just as fun! If I had to guess why the green sold out is the whole camo feel with the green/orange.

This jock is more of a fashion jock. Not saying you can’t wear it to work out, in fact, they encourage that in the description. The waistband is about 1 inch, whereas a traditional jock is 3 inches. The leg straps are smaller and the pouch is not a nylon mesh. Yes I have a strict definition as to what is a classic jock.

This is one of the best jocks I have seen in a while! I hope you guys will check it out!

Find this pair at 2(X)ist website

Pair: 2(X)IST Military Sport Jock
Color: Black, Lead, and Varsity Navy. Chive is sold out
Fabric: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.00


If you’re looking for a new jock and you love to show off a bit we have the perfect pair for you. That pair is the McKillop Xtreme Bullet Jock. You know it will catch the attention of others when the site says this is the MOST enhancing jock you’ll ever find! As you can see I think there is truth in that statement

The next best thing about this pair is the material. It’s made out of Modal. Modal is the most perfect material for underwear. Yes I did say most perfect! It’s super soft against your skin. Match that with the breathability of fabric and it’s a win-win. If I could I would love to have all my underwear be modal, well most of it!

McKillop is known for making sexy and fun undies. Over the years they have produced so many different styles. You may be asking how this pair does it’s enhancing magic. It’s “Plush elastics lift your package for an eye popping profile, the soft leg elastics contour your leg in ultra-comfort.”

This would be an amazing date night pair or maybe a night out at the bar. I’m not sure this would be one for the gym, however, we do have plenty of guys who wouldn’t think twice about wearing this for a workout. If you have the confidence to rock this at the gym, I say more power to you!

Jocks should be all about fun and fashion on Jockstrap Wednesday. I think this pair definitely holds up on both accounts. Make sure you check out all the other styles at the McKillop site including briefs, bikinis, jockbriefs and more.

Pair: McKillop Xtreme Bullet Jock
Color: Navy
Fabric: Modal 92% Lycra 8% / Nylon 90% Lycra 10% (mesh items)
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $18.00

I wrote about a week ago is the jock going away. I think we know it’s not! The jock is evolving and changing in the years since I started UNB. It’s gone from athletics and fetish to Fashion. One more evolution of the jock is lace. You heard me right lace! Men’s lace was a trend but I think it’s here to stay in one way or another. It’s the further mixing of masculine and feminine.
One company that isn’t shy about using lace in its designs is Candyman Fashion. They have used it in many forms over the years. This time they created a jock brief made out of lace. Unlike other pairs of lace the pouch in this pair is solid and around the back is the lace. To me, this pair is really sexy. I know it’s not for everyone, but if you have wanted to try lace, I say do it now!
I love the color as well. It’s not a typical color in men’s underwear. The burgundy has a touch of the feminine side. I will admit I would love to see this in a blue or a red. Something bright that brings attention. Because let’s face it if you’re wearing this pair you want to be noticed. This isn’t one pair you want to hide. You wear it for a specific person or time.
This is more of a jock brief than a jock. The hybrid has really taken over in a lot of fashion and fetish. This pair is all about fashion. Super fun and sexy! I’m sure if you wear this for someone special you will be rewarded by the viewer!  Find it at Candyman Fashion site
COLORS: Burgundy
FABRIC: 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane. Sexy lace fabric
SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: $18.48


Are you a jockstrap fan? If you are Wednesday’s are all about you! Its the day social media and we here at UNB celebrate the jockstrap. One of the newest is the Timoteo Speedway jock. This jock is based on the best-selling Trainer Jock. Now it comes in the different colors and stripes of the Speedway collection.

The first thing you notice is the waistband. This band is new and with a 2 inch design. The colors in the band match the colors in the pair. It’s a really great touch. It shows the thought going into the design that there would be five different waistband colors.

The pouch has five stripes down the center. A dark solid center stripe. Followed by the shade lighter color on each side followed by another shade lighter outside of all three stripes. The trim matches the lightest color on the pouch. It’s a fun sporty design.

Made in 4 vibrant new color combinations. The colors are Blue, Green, Red and Orange. The red is the only one with a black pouch. The rest have white pouches. Made out of a high quality 72% Cotton 23% Polyester 5% Spandex blend. Making it perfect for any activity you have in mind! Meaning you can wear them to the gym, work or lounging around home.

The Speedway line also comes in a brief and slingshot jock. Each of them have the same colors and design. If you like one you may want to check out the entire line. To get this pair go to the Timoteo site. We will have more from Timoteo and Cellblock 13 very soon! They have some great pairs coming in the next few weeks!

BRAND: Timoteo
PAIR: Speedoway Jock
COLORS: Blue, Green, Red and Orange
FABRIC: 72% Cotton 23% Polyester 5% Spandex blend
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.00

b6d013553e104e1eab0824319cd66e17-jpg-500-500-cropped-highC-IN2 is no stranger to making great jocks. Previous pairs they have shaped the design of their current jocks. The Grip line was one of the first to have this unique design that is the Culture Club Street Jock. The straps that come around and attach on the waistband above the pouch.

We chose this line is because of the great colors C-IN2 does for Culture Club. The Culture Club line started with some bright and fun prints. This collection still has prints but they are a bit more subtle. The prints are Croc Print (green), Herring Bone (blue), Hounds Tooth (purple) and Shark Skin (orange/purple).

There are two different C-IN2 waistbands in this collection. The first two have a waistband with a blue stripe at the bottom. The last two have the same gray band with an orange stripe at the bottom. It matches the pair very nicely. The gray background and colored stripe is the perfect accent.

The Culture Club street jock is made out of a 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex/Elastane/Lycra. Which means it will be super comfy no matter what you do in this jock. It can be worn to the gym, under your work clothes or just around the house. Fashion jocks are made for everyday wear not just working out and the gym!

If you are after a stylish and fun jock, this is the pair for you. It will have a print you will love that will fit your style. From more conservative to a bright!

PAIR: Culture Club Street Jock
COLORS: Croc Print (green), Herring Bone (blue), Hounds Tooth (purple) and Shark Skin (orange/purple)
FABRIC: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex/Elastane/Lycra
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $20.00
LINK: C-IN2 Culture Club Street Jock

2_7dab9e51-4a27-41c9-8ee4-2685c3c15387_largeIt’s Jockstrap Wednesday! We wanted to profile something that is on the fun side. We haven’t done too much with jock briefs. However, when I saw the new Go Softwear After Dark Flaunt Brief I had to profile it today! The After Dark line is one that is more fetish related, but this one you could wear anytime.

The brief has a solid pouch with a different color mesh material. The colors are vibrant and bright. This really sets off the black pouch and trim. Pair that with the matching color Hard Core waistband.Go Softwear has redesigned the 1 1/2 inch waistband. Those who are not fans of too crazy bands. The Hard Core name is in the same color as mesh and just on the front. The rest of the band is solid black.  Go Softwear has redesigned the 1 1/2 inch waistband. This means if it does show over your jeans, you will leave people guessing on what you have on!

The colors of the line are Black/Fuchsia, Black/Royal and Black/Lime. My favorite is the Fuchsia. Just something about the off setting black that I just love. The fabric is Fabric Content: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex. Mesh Fabric is 90% Nylon 10% Spandex. This allows for a “spacious front pouch.” The spandex will give a bit of a give and create a great pouch.

Go Softwear makes some really fun designs. The After Dark line has been one of their best sellers. It’s just a really fun line. This new Flaunt Brief fits in nicely. The colors contrast the black really well. It will stand out if you wear out or wear in! I say great job Go Softwear! We will bring you some of their new singlets soon!

BRAND: Go Softwear
PAIR: After Dark Flaunt Brief.
COLORS: Black/Fuchsia, Black/Royal and Black/Lime
FABRIC: Fabric Content: 95% Rayon 5% Spandex. Mesh Fabric is 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.50
LINK: Go Softwear After Dark Flaunt Brief

The Old School JockWe posted last week about the demise of the classic jock. There is one company that is not going to let that happen. That company is JockUp. They make a very old school classic jock. We had to inquire about the jock!

JockUp classic jock rotated

So many of the old school brands, Bike and others, are doing away with the “classic style jocks” with wide waistbands. They are creating new “branded” waistbands over the classics. What made you design such an awesome classic jock?

The classic-styled jock is the epitome of form-follows-function that I love. It was never a question whether JockUp would have a classic jock of its own – it’s actually the first thing I designed when creating the brand. I remember my dad purchasing my first jock for sports and the feeling I had when wearing that 3-inch waistband with the label front and center, the feeling that I was now a man and could take on the world. From that moment I associated the classic-styled jock with masculinity.

How does your classic jock differ from the old school jocks?

While I kept the old-school look, it was important to address some of the issues that vintage-style jocks have with comfort and durability. I personally tested countless variations to figure out what design would provide the best support yet be comfortable and durable enough to wear for extended periods. The result is a jock that has a classic feel with modern features like moisture-wicking fabric and top quality elastic that maintains strength/form allowing you to go hard with confidence.

It’s just in classic white, did you think of making other colors or just keeping it white?

More colors in the works!
What has been the customer feedback to the jock?

Customers really love JockUp’s Classic Jock making it a best seller. Guys have told me that it’s the favorite jockstrap in their collection, which is awesome! I set out to make a jock that I wanted to wear and it seems to have resonated with men.
Facebook: /JockUp
Social: @JockUpGear

JockUp also offering 20% off on all items for the month of August to celebrate the Olympics with code: Rio


401_122_Flyer_Strapless_Jock_BLKRED_Front__35423.1444502836.1280.1280It’s Jockstrap Wednesday! We decided to do something a little fun for you guys today. We have many guys over the years who have asked for strapless jocks. A few companies have made them but they never seem to stick around too long. One of the newest strapless jocks is the Jack Adams Flyer Strapless Jock.

You may be asking “What the heck is a strapless jock?” A strapless jock is just that. A jock that is just a pouch without any straps attaching it. The pouch is held in place by magic! No, seriously, they are designed to stay in place by their design. You will fill the pouch with your junk and it will fit snug. Or that’s the plan. Some are more successful than others. I have a feeling the Jack Adams will be one of the better ones.

The Flyer has the traditional Jack Adams waistband. It’s about inch wide, give or take. The Jack Adams logo is front and center. Both colors, White and black, have the same waistband. It’s a black band with two contrasting red stripes. The pouches or cups as they call them, are the only color differentiating factors.

What is the advantage of this type of jock? The first is you get the support of a jock. If you’re reading this blog support and comfort are key. The second is the range of motion. Since there are no straps there are fewer ways to bind and constrict you. This can be a good thing depending on your activity.

If you haven’t ever worn one of these pairs. It may take a bit to get used to it. I have worn several different kinds over the years. Most of them are amazing. They fit great and easy to wear to work or any other activity.

BRAND: Jack Adams
LINE: Flyer
STYLE: Strapless Jock
COLORS: White or Black
FABRIC: 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $23.00

We are bringing you a bit of fetishwear in your Jockstrap Wednesday! The new Cellblock 13 X-Wing Jock is, well to me, super hot. This is not a traditional jock. There is no waistband! As you can see by the pictures it has a harness that holds up the jock. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for a work pair. It’s more of a fun pair for a weekend or similar.

Cellblock says it is the sexiest jock they have ever created. I totally agree. It can also only be worn with a harness. You can use your own or get the X-Wing Harness that pairs up with the jock perfectly. You maybe thinking, “oh I can wear it solo.” Think again, as I said it has no waistband and more than likely won’t stay up. Its designed with a harness in mind.

The jock itself is made out of neoprene. Which has been becoming a hot fabric in the world of fetishwear and also underwear. Its easier to work with, care for and produce gear with the fabric. As we have said other fetish materials take some special care. It’s not recommended to wash this pair but hand/spot clean and hang dry.

There are three colors of the jock and harness. They are Red, Blue and Grey. You can pair it with the same color or mix and match as you please. Who said you have to be matchy matchy? This pair is all about fun. Where would you wear this? I would say to a bar night with jeans over it. Also, to any leather event you would like. I saw a lot of non leather harnesses in pictures from IML this past year.

There is something about this pair that I just love! It’s really a hot jock to me. If you’re looking for something for a fun night Jock, this is it!

BRAND: Cellblock 13
LINE: X-Wing
STYLE: Jock / Harness
COLORS: Blue, Red and Grey
FABRIC: Neoprene
SIZES: Small – Large / Small – XL
COST: $64 / $34

Spider Jock 1This week a new brand got in touch with us. That brand is 4 Hunks. They are a company based out of Berlin, Germany. They are a mix of Brazilian sex appeal, Japanese high tech and German high quality. Which is a very interesting combination for sure! 4 Hunks has several things we love, but today we are going to focus on the Spider Jock, because it is Jockstrap Wednesday.

Redesigning a classic can go good or bad. The Spider Jock is one of those great redesigns of a classic. From the front the jock looks like a little different. You’re not sure if it’s a jock or brief. It really intrigued me. As you turn around you notice there are three straps not two. In a traditional jock you have a waist band and leg strap.

The 4 Hunks has two waist band straps and leg straps. My interpretation is that it’s a play of the wider jock waistband. But made out of two straps to show a cut out around the waist. Plus this would give the pouch a little more support, with two additional straps attaching to it. I mentioned the support above, the straps create an enhancement. It will show off your bulge, so they say. The way the construction is it creates an uplift that will show off your bulge.

There are two different color combinations as well. They are white/blue and black/red. The use of the contrasting color is pretty awesome. It’s used to create lines to enhance the pair. There is something about the strong lines that I just like. Each strap is half of each color on it. The pouch is then outlined in the contrast color. There is just something super sexy about this design to me. I think it’s so cool and innovative.

I love this jock and 4 Hunks has some more gear including underwear, singlets and harnesses. We will have more about this innovative German brand soon!

BRAND: 4 Hunks
LINE: Spider Jock
STYLE: Jockstrap
COLORS: Black/Red and White/Blue
FABRIC: 100% Cotton
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: €50 at time of publishing on sale for €35 (Sale may have ended when you read this)


It’s Wednesday, that mean’s its time to support the jock! The pair we are profiling this week is great for a Jockstrap Wednesday and also great for a 4th of July celebration. It’s the C-IN2 Grip Mesh jock in the USA color combination. The Grip jock is a great take on the classic Jock that C-IN2 released a few years ago.

The new mesh collection has three different countries. They are USA, Brazil and China. Of course we chose the USA for this year. You can wear the Brazil during the Summer Olympics this summer. Why not cheer on your favorite country wearing the host country’s jock!

I have been a fan of their jocks since they had the Bamboo collection. Their jocks are perfect to wear during any work out or just a lazy day at home. C-IN2 jocks are for all occasions. We have readers who believe this is true of all jocks. More guys are starting to wear them as daily wear as opposed to the gym or other activities.

If by chance you don’t want to show off any national pride and want to remain neutral. There are a few solid colors in the Grip Mesh line. However, we think these country colors are pretty awesome. You can find this pair at the C-IN2 website or at your favorite retailer.

LINE: Grip Mesh
COLORS: USA, China and Brazil
FABRIC: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex/Elastane/Lycra
SIZES: Small – XL
COST: $20.00

MCK516 1K MBFMO-NV1 SIt’s Time to celebrate the Jock on Jockstrap Wednesday. One of the newest in the jock line are the McKillop Max Bulge Jock. It’s not a jock but a jock brief. Which we consider still part of the Jock family. McKillop has made some really fun pairs lately and this looks super fun.

The Max Bulge is part of the Max Bulge line. McKillop says “Stand up and say hello with our Max Bulge collection. Not only will you look amazing the sensation under your boys is out of this world. BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ! They are called MAX for a reason. WOW !” It has a pouch that will show it all off!

The line has a solid and a mesh fabric. The solid fabric is made out of a Modal 92% Lyra 8% blend. The mesh is made out of  Nylon 90% Lycra 10% (mesh items). Modal is one of my favorite fabrics in men’s underwear. It breathes with you and conforms to your body. It’s one of the most perfect fabrics made for men’s underwear.

Let’s talk about the bulge. This is a pair that is going to show off everything you have. Because it’s designed too! If you’re not a fan of showing off what you have, we wouldn’t recommend this pair. I know many of our readers love a great pouch. This one should rank up there on the pouch scale. It’s one that has been put on my list.

The Max Bulge Jock comes in 8 color options. The colors are black, navy, orange, pink, red, royal blue, white and yellow. Which is a wide range of colors. All available at the McKillop website.


BRAND: McKillop
LINE: Max Bulge
COLORS: black, navy, orange, pink, red, royal blue, white and yellow
FABRIC: Modal 92% Lyra 8% blend, Nylon 90% Lycra 10% (mesh items)
SIZES: Small – XL
COST: $22.00

Cji0WSSXEAA5NR-It’s Jockstrap Wednesday. We had to bring you a company that just recently started to make jocks. That company is Sukrew. They make really amazing underwear. I have several pairs and it’s one of my favorites! They seem to know how to make underwear to fit a man. So hats off to the crew at Sukrew! In the last month or so they have released a jock! It kind of was under the radar. I didn’t know about it until I saw a picture on Twitter.  I had to do a double take (that pic is above).

Sukrew has taken the awesome pouch design and put it in the form of a jock! If you haven’t tried the brand before. They make one of the best pouches on the market. It fits guys of all sizes and is super supportive. It feels like it was made just for you. I haven’t tried the jock yet but I know it has the same kind of pouch.

We wanted a jock that has some character for today. They have some solid colors, the black is super sexy. However, we wanted to show the tartan design. Which is plaid for us in the US. The jock also comes in the famous U style. Which is crotchless and well need we say more. Back to this pair!

The waistbands and leg straps are both made of a tartan elastic pattern. Which to me is super cool. It’s not something you usually see in elastics. Most are plain or branded, this is just a lot of fun. Each of the leg straps connect at the top of the pouch in an X fashion. This has become more into fashion, with fashion jocks. It gives it a more modern feel as opposed to the classic jock. The side of the pouch has the same tartan print and the center is red. It will stand out!

Would you wear this to the gym? I’m guessing we would have a split. Some guys would totally rock this to the gym and others would save it for more fun private times. The jock retails on the Sukrew site for £17.99. Make sure you check out the other jocks and U styles as well.

jc155-125-1It’s Jockstrap Wednesday! The day where we are supposed to wear a jock! Since you should wear a jock why not wear a super sexy one? The one we suggest is the Pistol Pete Cubic Jock. Its super sexy and will show off more than just your assets!

Jocks have come into their own in the last almost 10 years. Pistol Pete is taking risks with fabrics and colors and making something fun.  Jocks are now part of fashion in the world of men’s underwear. They aren’t just made to wear during jc155-125-2sporting activities.

Pistol Pete has a unique style that is all their own. This pair definitely has the Pistol Pete spin on it. The Cubic Jock is a black jock that has a mesh fabric. Its a unique fabric that has mesh circles. While not 100% see through, it will show off everything you are covering with the pouch.

The waistband is not too thick. It’s not a “traditional” brand, being 3 inches. It appears to be a little over an inch. The leg straps are more traditional. Meaning they are close to an inch wide. Some jocks have thinner leg straps but I think this works very well for this jock.

What would you wear this pair with? If it’s a Wednesday, I would say a suit would be an amazing thing to wear it under. We at UNB don’t think you should wear boring undies with a suit. It needs something fun and amazing under. Imagine how sexy you will feel with a mesh jock under your suit pants!

The Cubic jock is made out of a 95% POLY – 5% SPANDEX blend. It will conform to your body and fit great through out the day. The only color currently is black. If you are looking for a bright color, this is not the jock for you. If you’re looking for something sleek, sexy and fun. Buy it now!

The Cubic Jock retails for $24.50 at the Pistol Pete Website.


Stop! I’ve found it! An amazing. No, a fuckin amazing jockstrap everyone can love.

Okay, are we all sufficiently hyped now? Well good. This jockstrap lives up to it. I came across this pair at our local leather shop in Seattle and I have loved it. Nasty Pig is a very well-known brand but not one that I am generally instantly drawn too for various reasons. But I had to have this jock. This sport jock (Maneuver Jockstrap) features flexing, breathable mesh that’s made of 90% poly and 10% spandex. Not only does the mesh give it the ability to breath it always gives that lil sexy sneak peek that would drive anyone wild.

Besides the comfort of the pouch (VERY) there is also the cool design and colors. I went with the lime green and I love it. It was a struggle to pick because I do love a good, eye catching blue but the green won my fancy in the end. It pops, really pops. Try to look away! The straps and the band have a cool mix of the color, white and black and the affect is trendy and well designed.

Great support in both the pouch reason and under the legs will have everything hugged and lifted into the right spot. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this pair. The matching socks I passed on because I didn’t think the fabric popped as well as the pouch but they are an option for everyone who is into matching socks and jocks.

So now that you’ve stopped and read that…GO! Go find it!


It’s Jockstrap Wendnesday! Are you loaded and strapped today? If not we have to ask why not? One of those reasons could be that you aren’t a fan of a lot of jock pouches. Sometimes they can be tight and restricting and makes you uncomfortable through the day. If this is your main issue with jocks we have one that may fit your needs!

That jock is the Activeman Lycra Contoured Pouch Jock. Activeman is a brand well known for making jocks. They have been around for many years. When Bike stopped making the #10 widely available. Active man filled in the gap and created fun classic jocks in great colors. After that they moved into swim jocks and then to fashion jocks. Activeman knows how to make a jock.

This pair interested me because it’s made out of lycra and has a specifically designed pouch. Let’s talk about the pouch first. The pouch is 3D designed. Meaning it’s more ergonomically designed to hold you in a natural positon. Many classic jocks don’t always do hold you well. They can bind and strict your natural position.

The Lycra fabric is one of my favorites. I love the way it conforms to your body. It fits you very well and gives you ample support. I think more jocks should have this fabric. I remember way back when I used to see jocks like this and always wondered where they were sold. It just adds to the sexy factor to me.

The jock itself has a has quarter inch waistband with the same matching straps. I personally love the white color. It reminds me of a classic jock but has a new spin on the classic. It is also available in black and red. You can find this on Jockstrap Central for $14.95.

16118_extra02_super 16118_extra01_super