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Let’s be honest—the men’s underwear world has a very expansive repertoire of brands displaying the latest fabrics.  A wide array of cuts, and prices that range from a couple of bucks to well over a hundred dollars a pair.  Conduct a simple web search of “men’s underwear brands” and you come up with a seemingly never-ending list of choices.  It’s safe to say that the market is inundated with new designers constantly emerging.

Because of this, some of the greatest brands out there are often overlooked. Causing them to fall into the “Underrated Underwear” category.  Being that my current fascination is the anatomical/ergonomical pouch brief (see post from March 6, 2016 BRIEF TALK –THE RISE OF THE POUCHES BY UNB TIM AND SALVATORE). I constantly troll the Internet for exciting and new briefs that allow my package to hang naturally as the creator intended.  This has led me to find what I believe to be a hidden gym and all too often overlooked brand—John Sievers sold exclusively by

John Sievers is not your ordinary underwear line.  The colors are bold.  The fabrics are soft.  The cuts are classic. Most importantly, the pouch is to die for.  The next several lines of text will be devoted to enlightening readers to the genitalia utopia that John Sievers has to offer. Your most prized organ through fabric, cuts, colors, and pouch design.


Fabric is important to the overall feel and durability of any underwear that you purchase.  You can immediately tell if you have gotten your monies worth by how well the cloth your underwear is made of feels to the touch of your most sensitive areas. John Sievers mainly offers a blend of Modal and Lycra.  However, there are several Cotton and Lycra crosses in the line.  Both blends are extremely soft, moisture wicking, and honestly sexually charged when holding on to your loin area.  The designer has done a wonderful job of selecting fabrics that offer stretch-ability and durability.  I think you will love how the fabric fits.


The cuts are classic, modern, and appealing to the eye.  John Sievers offers two different side seam length; one that is 3 inches and one that is 5 inches.  The 3 inch side seam is similar to a low rise high cut brief that you would find in other brands.  It’s not quite a bikini, but doesn’t look like a full cut brief either.  I love the version known as the “Natural Pouch Brief.”  The 5 inch side seam is a cross between a full cut brief and a square cut boxer brief.  Known as the “Natural Pouch Freestyler,” this design looks similar to a full coverage swimsuit that was popular in the 1950s.  I see this option as perfect for the guy who enjoys the coverage of a boxer brief. But doesn’t like the constant riding up the legs that most boxer briefs offer—that sounds like me; wait, it is me!

**Of note, is the very comfortable 1 inch waistband that might be the softest on the market.  The very bold print “John Sievers” brand name is scribed all the way around on most selections. It offers a masculine appeal to the manliest of men.



The John Sievers brand offers the normal range of blues, blacks, white, grays, etc.  However, what I find most appealing are the very odd colors that I just can’t find in any other brand.  Persimmon, Marigold, Orchid, Lilac, and Grotto Blue are just a few of the bright hues offered in the line.  I really enjoy a variety of color in my collection and consider rare colors a must have for my undie drawers.  John Sievers definitely offers that.


For me, the Pouch of a brief is the most important consideration when purchasing.  After all, great underwear can cost upwards of $25 to $35.  Your manhood should be fully satisfied if your going to pay that much money for something very few people see.

The John Sievers pouch is described as natural.  That’s because the pouch in every one of the briefs or freestyler designs is ergonomically constructed. To allow you to freely hang without restriction and binding.  Scientifically, this offers all kinds of benefits from sperm production (if you are straight and want to make babies) to full erection while wearing the briefs (if you happen to have one of those moments that spontaneously happen beginning around age 12).  THE POUCH IS AWESOME.  If I had to rate the pouch on a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely go with 10!  Why you say? I haven’t purchased any other anatomical underwear that combine the feel of fabric with pouch size and true natural hang that John Sievers.  The brand is simply underwear bliss for me.

To Sum it Up:

I recommend that every underwear enthusiast out there try this brand.  Sadly, they are sold exclusively by International Jock and have not competing interests forcing a sale on the items.  You can expect to pay around $25 a pair.  International Jock runs a sale occasionally and is a great company to work with.  I’ve never had any issues ordering from them and have enjoyed over the top friendly customer service.

In short, give John Sievers a shot!  Hope to see you in some form of a Natural Pouch Brief soon!  If you have any questions or want specific advice on pouches, hit me up on Twitter @manatomicallyme.


Salvatore is an Assistant Editor for UNB. He's a normal guy that's married with kids and loves everything underwear. Communicate with him on Twitter: @manatomicallyme

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