COCKSOX furnished the CX15 Mesh Brief for review.

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Great fabric, cool mesh panels, anatomical pouch

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

SALVATORE Recommendation: This was my first pair of COCKSOX. I can’t believe I waited so long to add this brand to the collection. I am truly impressed. I wore the CX15 Mesh Brief around the house all day and decided to go ahead and give them a shot in the gym. The brief stayed in place and the mesh panels provided a very cool and breezy workout. This cuts down on sweat and odor while working out and allows for a more enjoyable experience.

Construction: The guys at COCKSOX do everything they can to provide the best of the best when it comes to how they put their underwear together. Not a single detail is left out as they sew and stitch some of the world’s finest men’s underwear. I usually see a diminished quality when brands work with mesh. This brief, however, is impeccable.

Fabric: The 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex blend is absolutely perfect. What’s not to love about its sleek appearance and soft touch? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! The blend is stretchy and form fitting giving you the lift you need with a natural feel. Soft to the touch and sturdy enough for a workout—sounds like a great combination to me.

Sizing: The sizing on this brief is true. I got what I ordered and will never second-guess the fit of anything I purchase from COCKSOX. Order exactly what their website has for measurements and you are sure to be pleased.

Pouch: The pouch is what makes or breaks a good pair of underwear in my opinion. I am no stranger to judging pouches by their appearance and almost always have a perfect eye. Honestly, COCKSOX appears to give an uncomfortable pointy look to the pouch that seems binding and uncomfortable. Don’t be fooled! The pouch is perfect for the anatomical lover. I enjoyed and it and can’t believe how well this pouch fits.

Daily Wear: I’d feel comfortable wearing this bikini cut brief to any function and under anything. The thin elastic leg bands and low-rise cut waist ensure no embarrassing lines. This is important if you’re like me and wear a few different outfits a day. Wear them to the gym, to work, out on the town, or even under board shorts. They are great for almost any occasion.


PAIR: CX15 Mesh Brief

COLORS: Black Shadow, Frost White, and Emperor Red

FABRIC: Body: 95% Nylon 5% Spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $28


Where to buy:


Andrew Christian furnished the Black Collection Air Tagless Boxer for review.

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Fabric, Pouch, Executive Look

Cons: Absolutely Zero

SALVATORE Recommendation: The Andrew Christian Black Collection is an amazingly crafted set of briefs and boxers. Designed to spew fashion on any occasion and under anything. Andrew and his LA-based design team seem to have created the world’s sleekest and classy cuts for any man. The boxer is no exception to the rule when compared against the other designs in the collection.

I am a true fan of modal fabric and great fitting pouches in designer underwear. This boxer combines the two to create a utopic fit that goes beyond most other products on the market. You can see that I review the pair with a perfect ten. The reason is simple—It really is that great. The pouch and fabric take the cake!

90017_black_boxerThe pouch is the signature oversized anatomical design that Andrew Christian has perfected. Many argue that he is the originator of the ergonomic delight that so many brands have caught on to. That can be an argument for another post. If you like the natural feel and hang of anatomical pouches, this boxer does not disappoint.

The fabric of the brief is one of my favorites. Modal is always awesome. However, the rayon made from modal is an extra soft feel next to the skin that gives a next to nothing composition. This delightful fabric stays in place. It creates a seamless look under clothing, and keeps the legs from bunching too much when seated. The boxer displays the ultimate comfort in men’s underwear fabrics.

I know many of our readers who prefer bikinis/briefs are reluctant to try boxers and trunks I encourage all of you that not matter what you prefer, give this boxer a chance. The price might be a little intimidating, but if you keep an eye on the Andrew Christian site, they are sure to run a sale. This is a must-have addition to your collection.

BRAND: Andrew Christian

PAIR: Black Collection Air Tagless Boxer

COLORS: Black, Navy, and Red

FABRIC: Body: 96% Rayon Made from Modal 4% Spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $25.00

FURNISHED BY: Andrew Christian

Where to buy:

Andrew Christian furnished the Almost Naked Steel Tagless Brief for review.

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 7/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Great stripe, soft Fabric, amazing cut.

Cons: Pouch is cut smaller than normal Almost Naked line.

SALVATORE Recommendation: I have been eyeballing this brief since Andrew Christian released it a while back. Andrew Christian’s Almost Naked line is what caused me to seriously consider anatomical pouches back in 2011. Since then, I always try and scope out his new products. Andrew Christian always produces superior products.

90045_brief_4_copyI do believe that every man should have the finest that the industry has to offer. Because I enjoy the anatomical pouch, I consider myself a student of the evolution of ergonometry (Yes, I just made that word up)! Andrew Christian is definitely one of the top producers of anatomical pouches to date. This brief took me by surprise. The pouch was much tighter and more restrictive than the typical Andrew Christian Almost Naked anatomical pouch. I found the pouch binding and almost uncomfortable. This brief’s pouch finds it’s best use in the gym or playing sports that need restriction in the crotch area of the underwear.

The fabric is amazing. I am not sure how Andrew Christian has perfected a cotton/lycra blend that feels so great. The lightweight airy feel of the brief truly lives up to it’s namesake—Almost Naked. I could barely feel the fabric next to my skin. This is something I always enjoy as a base layer.

The construction of the brief is absolutely top notch. The design and production teams in Los Angeles spare not expense in creating near perfection. Stylish and appropriate for all types of wear and use, the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Steel Tagless Brief is a great addition to my top drawer and I recommend that you give it a shot as well.


BRAND: Andrew Christian

PAIR: Almost Naked Steel Tagless Brief

COLORS: Stripe

FABRIC: Body: 95% cotton 5% lycra

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $22.50

FURNISHED BY: Andrew Christian

Where to buy:


Not going to lie. I have always felt a little intimidated going into men’s underwear stores. Something about the idea has always been uncomfortable to me. I’ve visited stores in St. Louis, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Atlanta, the Virgin Islands, and probably a few more places that I can’t recall. That feeling of, “Is anybody watching me right now,” has subsided. Why? Because I started blogging about my passion for this industry.

untitled-design-4This past week, I had the awesome privilege of having a 12-hour layover at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). What did I do, I rented a car for a few hours and headed on over to Skivvies Men’s Underwear Store in the Oak Lawn District in Dallas proper. Now that I have a new found confidence in who I am and a way to talk through my passions for men’s underwear, I can easily walk into stores and talk with the men and WOMEN shopping about their likes and dislikes. I find it really exciting to tell people about the blog (your blog) and what we are doing in the industry.

untitled-design-5After I found a parking spot (a bit challenging), I walked in the front door and was greeted by Steve, one of the clerks working. He introduced himself and gave me a few tips about browsing such a large store with a massive selection. He let me be and only emerged if I looked like I needed assistance.  I like this when shopping. I’ve been to malls in other countries where people follow you around trying to get you to buy something–annoying. Once I took my initial look around, I introduced myself to Steve as an Assistant Editor here at UNB.  He’d never heard of us. I asked if I could take a few pics with my iPhone. He called management and go clearance. The work began.

untitled-design-6This store has dozens of brands with a great selection of styles, cuts, prints, patterns, and sizes. I spent an hour in the store and could have spent two more hours. This was a great experience. I found N2N Bodywear, CockSox, Papi, Calvin Klein, Jack Adams, Pump!, Cin2, Obviously, Skivvies (they have their own brand), Gregg Homme, Saxx, WildmanT, 2Xist, Nasty Pig, and dozens more. They didn’t just have these brands, they had their collections in a full run of sizes.

Steve introduced me to Paul, the other clerk working that day.  We had a great conversation about how underwear can be a confidence booster, is normal for gay, straight, and bi dudes to enjoy, and of course–THE BLOG.  Paul is a great conversationalist who understands the industry and seems to enjoy helping others find what they want. I enjoyed talking with Steve and Paul and look forward to seeing them next time I visit.

untitled-design-2Because I was in an awesome men’s underwear store, I had to make a few purchases. I am proud that I didn’t immediately kick into pouch snob mode and buy things that I know work for me. Instead, I opted to purchase things I haven’t tried–pouches that interest me. You will have to wait and read my reviews to know what I brought. I can’t give everything away today.

Right when I got ready to check out, Steve encouraged me to walk upstairs and check out their clearance floor. You heard that right–Skivvies has a clearance FLOOR. There are hundreds of pairs of your favorite brands on clearance in this store. I didn’t see trash, I saw treasures. It was awesome!

Although I had a blast chatting with the sales team and purchasing underwear, I found something else to be particularly intriguing to me–the customers. Not only was the store packed, there were all types of untitled-design-3people perusing fine men’s undergarments. I saw women mixed with guys of all flavors and orientations. People were engaging in conversation about men’s underwear.  Customers were asking each other for advice and people were chatting in a very friendly way. I fit in–not because I found a straight guy, but because I found others who have a passion for this industry out in the open discussing their likes and dislikes.  It wasn’t sexual. It wasn’t gay. It wasn’t straight. It wasn’t even fashion. It was normal!

Thanks, Steve and Paul at Skivvies for showing me around, listening to my passions, and sharing yours. I hope everyone reading this will take the time to check out Skivvies online store. If you are in Dallas, go in person. It will be an experience you won’t regret!



4001 Cedar Springs
Dallas, TX 75219

Monday – Thursday : 10AM – 10PM
Friday & Saturday : 10AM – 11PM
Sunday : 11AM – 10PM



Shaun Sipmpsonphotography-2

I made contact with a photographer that has been reading UNB for years. His name is Shaun Simpson and he is based in Canada. He does incredible work and is a huge fan of underwear. I decided to do a little interview with him to showcase one of our reader’s insight into the men’s underwear industry. I hope you enjoy!

Salvatore: How did you discover your love of underwear?

Shaun: Always been a fan! The first time I strayed from the basic brands I wore as I kid, I never looked back. Comfort is key, but it’s always fun to know you have a bright pop of colour hiding under your austere business suit.

Jacob BSalvatore: What are your favorite brands and why?

Shaun: Tough call! Big fan of, super comfortable, long lasting, and Made in Canada! N2N, Andrew Christian, and Obviously are great for a bit of extra sexy bit of freedom. Cin2 and Calvin Klein always have a place in my drawers too; comfortable, fun, supportive, and classy.

Salvatore: What is your favorite style of underwear?

Shaun: Gotta go with the brief, but I think there is a time and place for every cut and style.

Salvatore: What is your least favorite Styles?

Shaun: Never really got into the jocks and thongs; I prefer a bit more coverage; when it comes to fabric comforts, I prefer quality and quantity.

Salvatore: Do you shop online or in stores for your underwear? Which Stores?

Matt R (1)Shaun: Pretty much exclusively online – I tend to stick with either the manufacturer’s own website, or larger retailers like International Jock, Men’s Underwear Store, or Top Drawers.

Salvatore: How many pairs of Underwear do you own?

Shaun: Between my own, and what I have in my studio wardrobe for models–easily in the hundreds.

Salvatore: Who do you feel are the most creative underwear brands on the market?

Shaun: Love the designs of N2N, big fan of their singlets and onesies. AC has some fresh cuts and colours, but tend to be a bit edgy for my daily wearing. Rufskins always has a sexy new take on classic sportswear. Canada’s Gregg Homme has a great take on men’s lingerie.

Salvatore: Are you an influencer on your friends when it comes to underwear?

Matt R (3)Shaun: I’d like to think so; every now and then I’ll clear out the studio’s wardrobe closet and give out the extras to friends. Plus, I’ll often get questions from folks asking where they can find styles they’ve seen on my models.

Salvatore: How do you use social media to follow/promote your love of underwear?

Shaun: I follow most of my favorite brands on Twitter, Tumblr, and IG. Most of my models are showing off their physiques in underwear/swimwear, so I try to tag the brands so folks know where to find them too.

Salvatore: How long have you been reading UNB? What is appealing to you about the site?

Zack S (1)Shaun: I don’t recall the exact date, but it’s been at least 5+ years now; I always keep it bookmarked. I like the clean, uncomplicated design, easy to read, and to find the newest stories. Plus, the ads on the side help me find newest brands, styles, and sales.

Salvatore: What brands do you think deserve more coverage in the men’s underwear market?

Shaun: I’m a proud Canadian, so I’d have to say JM, Greg Homme, Stanfields, Saxx, and of course Pump!

Salvatore: What can you tell me about photographing the male body? Do you ever photograph guys in their underwear?

Zack S (3)Shaun: Almost every fashion/fitness photographer I know of has a portfolio full of gorgeous women. I like to create my own niche by focusing on the male form. We have great curves too! I always love shooting silhouettes, showing off the lines of the body.

I tend to shoot a lot of underwear/swimwear looks. It’s the best way to show off the physique. A great pair of underwear can help shape the mood of the shot too–from classy fine art, funky pop, to edgy erotica.

Salvatore: How do you see photography enhancing the men’s underwear industry?

Shaun: With phones these days taking high quality photographs and video, almost every hot guy online is posting selfies, showing off their favourite brands. It seems like the men’s underwear market has really started to come Zack S (6)out of the shadows. There is more focus on the styles, cuts, and colours. A well-composed photograph shows how a great pair of underwear can really accentuate and enhance anyone’s physique!

Thanks, Shaun for giving us insight into your underwear world.  We always enjoy meeting new professionals who are doing more than their part to help the industry thrive.  Shaun is one Canadian who is doing jus that.

That’s a wrap. By the way, all of the photos in this post were shot by Shaun. Check out his website at If you are interested in doing a little interview with us, hit me up on Twitter with a DM–@manatomicallyme. I’d love to help you share your story.

Untitled design

Never underestimate the power of a great thong. Whether you are going to dance, out in tight pants, or like to lounge around, N2N Bodywear crafts thongs in fine fabrics.  Check out the Slik G today!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: DC5 Slik G
COLORS: Brown, Teal, Dark Grey, Slik Sand
FABRIC: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $20.00


Karakatoa Underwear furnished the Classic Trunk for review.

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Fabric, True Size, Cut

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

SALVATORE Recommendation: Every now and again a new brand erupts onto the men’s underwear scene. Krakatoa has done just that. Their marketing and visual appeal is overwhelmingly stimulating and captures curiosity. When I first saw their website. I flipped—their designs called to me and asked to borrow my body for a trek to the tip of an active volcano. That would eventually lead to a glimpse a near underwear perfection. Okay, a little dramatic, but their slogan, “Put a Volcano in Your Pants.” Kind of lends itself to that type of drama. The bottom line. Their appeal through marketing and visual stimulation is backed with a superior product that everyone needs to give a chance. Here’s what I observed while wearing the trunk.

Construction: The designers obviously rushed nothing in perfecting the cut of these trunks. Perfection takes practice and practice takes time. From the waistband to the leg bands, everything is on point. I feel like these trunks were cut to my exact dimensions. There is nothing shabby or cheap about their look and their function. Krakatoa nailed construction!

Fabric: What’s not to like about Micro-Modal (92%). It’s a perfectly soft and stretchy fabric. That literally feels like part of your epidermis. Amazing! I’m wearing this trunk as I type and I keep asking myself if I’m even wearing underwear. Combine the fabric with the ultra-silky and wide waistband. The result is a superior non-binding performance in an elite fabric.

Sizing: These guys have put so much thought into their products that sizing is spot on. Order the exact size of your waist. They won’t shrink and the three-way stretch fabric allows you to be true to your own size. Most guys order their underwear a size larger than normal to account for tight binding that typically comes with underwear shrinkage after a wash or two. No need here. I wear an XL in every brand on the market. I ordered Krakatoa in L (my true size). They fit perfectly.

GreyTRK_Antoine_1024x1024Pouch: When I first saw the pouch, I was a little disappointed. Being a self-professed expert in the anatomical pouch, I can spot an imposter. I was so disappointed that I didn’t even try the trunks on for a few days. Because I was sure I’d hate the bound tight compressed feel of non-anatomical pouch. When I finally got around to slipping into the pair, I realized that I had misjudged Krakatoa’s pouch. I failed to account for the superior construction and the elite fabric combination that does indeed give you a near anatomical feel. I wouldn’t categorize the pouch as all out anatomical, but I would say that the pouch is more than contoured. At any rate, the pouch does not bother me. There is a very solid cupping feel that pulls the anatomy away from the body and prevents chaffing. This is extremely acceptable to me and I will order more of these trunks. As the UNB pouch snob, give it a shot.

Daily Wear: I wore the trunks under a pair of shorts to a dinner party. Give me a break. I live in Hawaii. Everyone wears shorts to dinner parties. I did not get the normal leg band crawl up that I experience when wearing trunks. I also did not feel the need to adjust anything on this pair of underwear. I was crawling on the floor, sitting in a chair, reclining on a couch, laying on the floor, etc. The trunks stayed in place beautifully. The seaming on the trunks all takes place under and on top of the pouch. This allows you to wear them under tight pants or slacks. Without a huge line in the buttocks area—absolutely wonderful experience.

As we have interacted with the team at Krakatoa over the last couple of weeks. It has become evident that they are about one thing—customer happiness. Stories of guys telling their own experiences with this brand are really encouraging. Not only do they make a great product, they connect with the heart of the industry—YOU, the consumer. Whatever you do, don’t let another moment pass you buy without buying a pair of Krakatoa trunks. Put a volcano in your pants and let your underwear drawer erupt with happiness.

BRAND: Krakatoa

PAIR: Classic Trunk

COLORS: Deep Black, Flat Grey, Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Polar White

FABRIC: Body: 92% Micro-Modal 8% Spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $24

FURNISHED BY: Krakatoa Underwear

Where to buy:





I’ve always been into underwear. Since the age of 11 or 12, the idea being fashionable under my pants has always intrigued me. At times, people have made fun of my underwear choices. For the most part friends and family think that what I wear down below is simply a matter of choice. My choice to decide what is comfortable and what is fashionable. I truly believe that we should wear what we enjoy and what we like.

The men’s underwear industry is one of the (if not the) fastest growing markets in fashion. I remember the days when men wore bikinis and thongs. The early 1990’s seemed to promulgate the cause. The problem was that there just simply wasn’t a lot to choose from. Today, there are hundreds of brands to peruse online and make the perfect selection.

Several Valentine Days ago. As the Internet was becoming an option for shopping. I logged on to a popular women’s lingerie site to order my wife something special. I searched for the perfect set of fire engine red skimpiness that I thought she’d look great in. I made the purchase and got the confirmation receipt. As I was preparing to log off of the Internet, I had a flash of brilliance. What if I bought myself something to match what I bought her? I immediately began perusing known men’s underwear outlets online.

That led me to my first pre-encounter with an anatomical pouch. Why the pre-encounter label? Simple—anatomical pouches were not an option back then. I just assumed that the design was a fluke. After all, 2Xist was producing contour pouches along with UnderGear. That idea was throwing the industry in a tailspin. Full anatomicalness was nowhere on the radar.

Back to the story. I came across a retailer that I’d never purchased from before—BodyAware. They had some really Unknownawesome edgy looking stuff. I did a simple search for “red” (remember, I want to match what I bought my wife). Up popped this very sexy mesh pouch G.—the Gossamer String It matched, so I purchased. I remember getting the pair in the mail. Not much to them at all. The string portion in the back. Had a cool teardrop pattern where the waistband met the crack string—pretty awesome indeed!

I tried them on. I straightened out the stringiness and untwisted the G-string portion. I noticed that my manhood seemed to hang naturally and freely. I grabbed the pouch and immediately enjoyed the complete freedom of movement. The ergonomically design stuck out to me. If only I had the foresight to see underwear production potential. BodyAware had pre-hooked me on what I now have exclusively in my collection.

Some of you are reading this and wanting to know how my wife reacted. She thought it was great! I’ll leave the details of the rest of the night locked in the vault of discussion that only she and I have the key to. At any rate, an addiction was birthed. I just didn’t realize it yet!

What do you missthe most aboutWest Grove High?

The world of men’s underwear is very diverse. Most men find their favorites brands and order whatever fits them best. Nick and the team at Niku are exploding onto the market with some great products. I recently had a conversation with Nick to get some insight on his business. I hope you enjoy reading about what Niku is doing and go out and try their products.

Salvatore: What got you started in the underwear industry?

Nick:   I am formally trained as fashion designer and pattern cutter and I have been making my own underwear for many years. Around the year 2009 I was between jobs I wanted to create a brand, make a website and ship around the world.

I have to admit that as much as I liked underwear my other choice was denim jeans. We all love that perfect pair that fits just right. The Italian brands get it right for me: Dondub, D&G, Versace. The whole world wears jeans, but denim is a very expensive process and the environmental impact is huge. Shipping underwear anywhere to any place in the world is a much more cost-effective option for a startup like me. With underwear matching my passion for good jeans and having made my own underwear for some time it was an easy leap to start the NIKU brand on the world`s fastest growing market: men`s fashion underwear. I have always been hands on in the manufacturing industry. The processes fascinated me and I mastered all of them: Design, patternmaking, grading, cutting, sewing, screen-printing, etc. I have had some of my own businesses in the past and started out young then. This taught me a great deal about trade, the industry and business. I was too young to be taken serious, but did end up being headhunted.

To start was not an easy process. A great deal of sacrifice is required. The development process is costly. Being new in the market makes for slow sales. Hard work and determination is required to push in and win that space in the shop shelves. Education of the clients, as well as store buyers, and a slow conversion of customers to make NIKU their new best brand is a difficult process.

Many guys approach me directly or by e-mail with advice to start their own brand. The strong images and huge Internet following makes many want to be a part of it. The cost of getting started has many running for the hills. I have helped a few get to the point of having a good selling range. Others I advise to get involved in sales, shoots, blogging and many other creative ways of becoming part of this industry. For those who are willing to be consumers of the images and garments we produce, I express my gratitude, because they motivate us to push on and keep doing better.


Salvatore: Specifically, what led you to high quality men’s underwear? What setbacks and successes have you experienced throughout the process of startup?

Nick: I always had a passion for underwear. It was the first thing I would buy myself on my travels to many cities around the world.

The worst setbacks are bad business people who do not honour their word. They waste your time and some do not pay their bills. When you do not grow your business and have no funds available to buy stock in and request consignment stock.

My best success is when a client returns time and time again and they changed over to only wearing NIKU. There have been many and I am sure still many more to come.

Salvatore: From the production aspect, what does it take to create a pair of your underwear from start to finish?

Nick: The raw materials needed are elastic, fabric, and labels. Then one needs a pattern that is well developed for cut and fit. With the proper machinery it is a quick and effortless process. My skilled staff put a pair together very quickly.

Salvatore: What is the logic behind your emphasis on the basic look and your pouch design

Nick: Lots of guys like basic looks. That’s what we offer. #bestbasic refer to mainly style, eg. brief or trunk. None of the weird and wonderful creations you can find out there. The basic styles are updated with fabric, paneling and contrast bindings to bring a new modern look.

The pouches are well fitted and tested. Anatomical is quite accurate. I have to tell you this funny story about a lady that used to sew for me. As an older lady her statement was even funnier.

The pieces of cloth that make up the pouch look like leaves. One day as she was sewing pouches she told me that from her experience with men, I can cut my leaves smaller. Lol ! We had such a good laugh.  I have found that older men like a looser pouch . We incorporate various pouches with the different styles and the clients find their best pair.

Aaron 2 s

Salvatore: What types of people are buying your brand? Are your clients mainly South African or are other countries catching on?

Nick: We make converts all the time; from gay men to a greater amount of straight men. Most of our clients are mainly South Africans. We do have many foreign visitors to Cape Town who discover and support NIKU. Some websites sell NIKU to the international markets and we have shipped to diverse places around the globe.

Salvatore: How important is client feedback? Can you share some of the feedback you’ve received?

Nick: Most styles are developed on client feedback. Some of the first feedback from clients helped us reach the perfect size of the pouches. Then new preferences like low cut or high rise are some of the additions according to demand. The sales figures are the best form of client feedback. We love to see styles fly off the shelf as result of client affirmation of our fabric choices and color combinations.

Salvatore: What is the most important thing for our readers to understand about your processes, product, and professionalism?

Nick: We desire to make underwear and other garments that overtake garments in your wardrobe as your new favorite. NIKU is the first garment you reach for in that freshly laundered pile.

Salvatore: Thank for sharing your heart and passion for underwear, Nick.  We look forward to working with your brand on many posts.  Can’t wait to try your products.



There you have it, folks. From the mouth of the creator, designer, and producer of Niku–they strive to make you comfortable in your underwear.  I encourage all of you to go and check out Nick and Niku at:

If you are ever in Capetown, South Africa, drop in on their brand store and sample a few pairs!





perfecting comfort in men's undies

Salvatore and UnderwearDude are going to discuss key ingredients to comfortable undies!


Commando is an option that plenty of men go with nowadays. I personally feel so sexy in underwear that I only go commando when in the shower. That makes the need for comfortable fitting undies a premier need in my life. I don’t want to pay over $20 for something that doesn’t fit well. I want to experience the comfort I’ve grown to love in the hundreds of pairs of great undies that I’ve purchased over the years day in and day out. That comes with an understanding of what to look for in a brief.

What do you consider the top 3 or 4 categories to look for when selecting comfortable underwear?


I can’t imagine going commando either. I’m so used to wearing underwear all my life, it just feels plain weird to go without. You also lose a great way to express yourself. But on the question at hand.

Sex appeal can matter greatly, in my opinion. I feel like there are quite a few pairs that are meant to look great but aren’t up to the task to be worn all day, at least without being annoying. So if a pair looks like it would be found on a stripper, I keep a note in the back of my mind that I have to remember that I’m probably spending a lot for money for something I won’t wear often. I’ve got some fantastically fun and sexy pairs that just stay in the back of the drawer because of how ill suited they are for daily wear.

I’m pretty flexible when it comes to material, waistband thickness, etc. Unless its got like mesh lace or a pouch that won’t fit I don’t have any real big preferences when it comes to comfort.

Specific to bikinis when it comes to comfort, I pay close attention to the size of the backs. I don’t really have much of a rear end, that can’t keep the smaller backs that come on some bikinis in place. If I wanted a wedgie, I’d just wear a thong! So instead I look for pairs with a fuller back, despite the lack in sex appeal.

I’ve noticed that some of the major labels have increased their efforts, or at least the advertising thereof, of producing more comfortable pairs.

Do you think that a truly comfortable pair can only come from a pricy brand?


Great question! I think the first thing we have to delineate is the definition of an expensive brand. I used to think $10 a pair was expensive. Then it went to $20 and then $30. For me, the $30 a pair category is too much to pay for a pair of underwear. Thank goodness that brands put their designs on sale! Others may be at the $10 a pair price point. At any rate, I would unequivocally state that you get what you pay for.

I have enjoyed some of the pricier brands of men’s underwear over the years. I usually bought them through a discount retailer on or on closeout as a new line emerged for release. Funny this is—I keep finding more and more the perfect fit. For instance, Cut-2-Fit, a UK brand that custom makes undies, makes your pants (British for underwear) according to your exact measurements and desires for cuts and fabrics. You can’t go wrong with this. Their underwear will run you about $20 USD per pair. This isn’t bad considering they do a custom design (complete with drawings) and have your exact measurements (waist, penis, scrotum, and legs). You can’t go uncomfortable with custom.

I am also enjoying the fact that some of the big names are creating the same great underwear for the economical budget. Andrew Christian recently released the Basic Line. The briefs are only $10 and you get the same greatness of Andrew Christian’s premium lines—anatomical pouch, super soft waistband, and very nice fabrics. Couple that with the brands 25% off (currently running) and you have awesome designer underwear for $7.50. You can’t beat that.

One of my favorite designs goes back to the early 1990s. Hanes made a super soft line of bikini briefs. The pouch was larger than normal. I bought a set of three for $8 when I was 13 or 14. Granted, I do not shop for underwear at Wal-Mart any longer. However, the potential for a great design is always there in non-designer brands.

There are a couple of brands emerging that I encourage everyone to check out. They use super soft modal and have put a lot into the design of their underwear to include multi-way stretch fabric, slimming waistbands, and precision cut leg openings. The two brands I am thinking of are Krakatoa and Big Boys. The best part, both brands are under the $20 price point.

All in all, you can get what you desire if you are willing to shop around. Why settle for average. Go for the best.

You talked a little about seat coverage in your underwear and mentioned how that might diminish sex appeal. Can you tell me more about why you are looking for a full seat? What do full seats do for sex appeal?


My preference for bikinis with a more full-sized back has more to do with my body than my opinions on sex appeal. Smaller backs just don’t tend to fit well for me. I have the opposite of a “Bubble Butt”, which ironically can have similar problems when it comes to the back facing side of underwear. If you’ve got the rear for it, why not wear a pair with a smaller sized back.

Those of us who are well versed in the realm of upscale men’s underwear don’t balk at a $20 per pair price, but not most guys. I recently saw one of the bestselling pairs on amazon (Boxer-briefs, as you might expect) on sale for $15 by a sales site. They mention, “That’s still pricey for a single pair of underwear, but reviewers say it’s worth it.” Note that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this pair mentioned on this site, always with this caveat. It makes me wonder how different our views must be from the average male.

Do you think that buying better brands, or at least decent ones, will eventually become the norm?


 I equate the upper eschelons of men’s underwear brands to how a woman buys a bra. I recently explained this to my wife. It seemed to click to her. She knows that she can’t buy a bra for $10 at discount store and expect to get the same quality as what Victoria’s Secret puts out. She also knows that the best quality comes from high end brands normally sold in upper end department stores or specialty shops (the kind you get measured for before they will sell it to you.

Men’s underwear is the same way. I recently had this discussion with my father-in-law. He couldn’t fathom paying $20 for a single pair of underwear when he can get the exact same thing at Wal-Mart in a package of 3 for $15. The only way I convinced him was to get him in a pair of Obviously trunks with the fully anatomical pouch. It took him all of ten minutes to decide that the price difference is wort hit. He now consults with me before he buys new underwear.

With that said, how do you think we underwear experts can do our part to get men to try out premier lines for the sake of their crown jewels?


 I think it’s gotta come gradually. There are a lot of brands, such as Mack Weldon, Tommy John, and Saxx that market themselves towards the average guy. They are all still small brands, but making headway. A few months ago, Mack Weldon sold their millionth pair! I don’t think every guy is going to be adventurous enough to try a skimpy pair, but I’d be totally happy if even the basic boxer brief was a little better. I also think by promoting and buying from brands we can hope to push the big name brands to put out better products. Competition makes for better products, right?

Which smaller brand(s) do you think is or will have the most impact on bringing more comfortable underwear into the mainstream, or at least push the big brands to up their game?


There are two brands on my radar currently that are upping the ante for the everyday guy. Big Boys Pants out of the UK and Krakatoa from the West Coast. Both are using really high end fabrica and elastics to give the normal guy a little something extra to slip into for work , the gym, or anything really.

What I appreciate about both of these companies is that their price points are below the standard luxury brand for the same high quality we’ve come to expect. They make fabulous looking underwear at a reasonable price. In fact, they both have me experimenting with trunks and boxer briefs—something I never thought would be comfortable.

With that, we’ll call this Brief Talk a wrap. Whether you’re looking for something skimpy, full seated, or mesh, comfort plays a big part in everyday wear. Keep coming back to UNB to hear the latest news and information about the male underwear industry and for Comfort’s Sake, buy new underwear regularly!


Not too long ago, I made contact with Steve from Cut-2-Fit, a UK based men’s underwear, lingerie, and swimwear company that specializes in custom made products. I sent Steve some questions that I though t readers would enjoy perusing. He sent them back and we created a post detailing the production process. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know about this company’s affordable customization of fine men’s underthings.

The conversation led to Steve recommending that I try the products and write about my experience. I agreed and here we are. For the purpose of the post, we agreed to pretend that I had no understanding or knowledge of the process. In order to make sure I didn’t skip any steps, Steve had me start from the beginning. The following is short description of the encounter I had with Steve and Cut-2-Fit.

Step #1: I contacted Steve to tell him I was interested in the process:


I am interested in having a low-rise fit brief custom fit for my body.  I am typically an anatomical pouch guy and love slinky fabrics.  What can you do to help me get started ordering a pair?


Step #2: Steve replied explaining the next steps and the privacy agreement:

Morning Salvatore,

Thank you for your email. For you to decide on what cut and shaping you would like, take a look through our site in the swimwear and underwear sections. You will see the different shaping in the cut off the leg and the depth of the side seam. When filling in the measurement chart, list the styles you would like and colour of trim. This will give me the idea of what cut you are looking for.

 For the style and shaping of pouch, we can cut it with a full center front seam. This seam will enhance your profile and give you strong support. We can cut the pouch fabric as a single layer which will give you a lighter feel against your skin and a revealing out line.The other option is to have an inner lining which will not scare your mother if caught in your underwear.

 The second option for the pouch is a half center front seam. This type of cut still gives support but a milder and not such a defined profile. This pouch can also be made in a single layer or double. Because of your love of slinky fabrics, my suggestion would be a very fine Lycra.

This fabric has a matte finish on one side with a slight sheen on the opposite side. This gives you a choice of either side showing when wearing (reversible). The 2-way stretch fabric will mold more to your genitals making the brief even more anatomical. This fabric is also very breathable so ideal for underwear or swimwear.

Once you have decided on depth and shaping of the leg and what colour you would like in the low rise brief, I will do a selection of designs and source the colour for you. I’ll then send you an email for you to choose a design and colour.

 The next stage is for you to fill in your measurements. Go to Look on the main menu and you will see a drop down saying measurement chart. If you click on the chart, it will take you to a page showing a sketch of the measurements that you need to send me. If you scroll down this page, there is a highlighted section called measurement chart. Click on this and it will take you to an email form for you to fill in. This will come directly to me.

I have attached a signed Client confidentiality agreement: Your reference number is USA765. Use this code to send any further emails to Cut-2-Fit. This will help keep your privacy.

Kind regards

Underwear Patterns Swim Patterns

Step #3: Take the measurements and submit using the secure web form:


Thanks for the information.  I submitted the online measurement form and look forward to looking at designs.


I will say that the measurement portion of the process was interesting. The chart says it all. I recommend that you use an actual tailor’s tape take these measurements. If you use a tape measure, you’re going to end up injured. That’s an embarrassing set of stitches if that happens.

I sent the above e-mail and got the following response:

Morning Client USA765,

Thank you for your measurement chart and info. I will send you possible designs and colour choices on Monday. Have a good weekend

 Kind Regards
Steve Cut-2-Fit

Step #4: Choose Your Designs

Hi Client USA765

I hope you had a good weekend! As promised, here is a selection of fabric samples for your Swimwear & Underwear. For the Underwear designs, I left the body section blank. This will give you an idea of the shape. When you look at the print samples, you can visualize how the finished garment will look using the various patterns.

All the printed fabrics I use is produced digitally. The results give greater clarity and depth of colour. The reverse side off the fabric is plain white.

All of your underwear designs have a 1 inch black elastic waistband. The legs are trimmed in a ¼ inch black binding which would work on any printed fabric.

 For design 2&3, there are inserts of a black power net just to give a skimpier effect.

For designs 1&3, the leg shaping goes straight into the waistband. This will leave a gap making the design look skimpier.

 Design 2 has a continuous leg shape and side measurement of 1 and ¾ inch when finished.

For the swimwear designs, I have added some colour to show you the visual effect. The choice of colour is up to you.

Design 4 is trimmed around the waist and legs in a contrast colour to the body with a side measurement of 1 and 3/4 inches and a ½ inch contrast trim round the leg.

Design 5 has a covered 1 inch waistband in the same colour with a ½ inch contrast trim around the leg and a side measurement of 2 and 1/2 inches.

The pouch is contoured for both Underwear & Swimwear designs and the fabric.

The fine lightweight fabric (80% polyester 20% Lycra) will mold and give a clear outline of you crown jewels. This is fine for underwear, but I must warn you that your Swimwear leaves nothing to the imagination. If you desire, I can line the pouch for you. I would go for one of the fluorescent colours.

Let me know what your choices and we will get started!

Kind Regards

Swim Drawings Underwear Drawings



Wow. Thanks for the level of detail you have put into these drawings. Exciting. Here are the choices I’ve come up with:

Underwear= Design #2 Color-Black with blue streaks (in stock)

Swimwear=Design #5 Color-Neon Yellow w/ contrast trim (your choice of color because I like surprises)!

Thanks for your assistance!


Good choice!

I will start drafting your patterns tomorrow. Without a liner in the pouch of your swimwear, the plain fabric shows a defined outline when wet. Just FYI!

Chat later

 Step #5: Wait to receive the goods:

Here is the tracking code for your parcel: RN125768692GB

It’s an International tracking code and must be signed for on arrival. You can go to to track the parcel using the above code.

Have a good weekend!

Chat Later

IMG_5264 IMG_5265

That’s the process. I found it simple an user friendly. Now to the goods. I received the underwear and swimwear in the mail about 7 days after the package was shipped from the UK. I was shocked at how awesome the look of the designs turned out. Steve not only took the time to do exactly what I asked of him, he followed up to make notes on how he can adjust the design for the next time I order.

Check out the designs below. Keep in mind, I took these photos using a low res camera. I will do another post reviewing each pair so that you can get a good idea of how they fit and decide whether you should try the custom ordered underwear business out. Thanks for reading and at leas go check out Steve’s website:

Underwar Purchasing

Today’s high-tech cyberspace allows for ease of purchasing any myriad of products. I live on an island that is somewhat limited in the things that my family desires to sustain our home. Simply put, we purchase everything that we can online. This is a much simpler way of purchasing for a large family. Because the online purchasing of everyday products is easier than store purchasing. The men’s underwear industry has shifted over the last decade. To a heavy emphasis on web-based companies.

I started experimenting with underwear over 25 years ago. That makes me sound old, but in reality, you’re only as old as you allow yourself to be. What it does mean is that I’ve experienced a wide-range of purchasing modes in my underwear history. I’d like to share my own self-history of purchasing modes with you to see if you relate of identify.


Discount and Department Store Purchases:

My early teen years were probably much like any man’s early teen years. Full of exploration and discovery. I explored everything from sports to music to underwear. I discovered I was good at some sports and not good at others. I found music as a passion. For the purposes of this post. Underwear options were discovered and have since become a passion of mine.

There were really only a few of options in my town for the purchase of underwear. Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and a store called Cohns. Wal-Mart carried Hanes bikini briefs and an off brand of silk string bikinis. K-Mart had Joe Boxer bikinis and thongs and Fruit of the Loom low rise briefs. Cohns carried the very famous Jockey Elance Bikinis. How do I know this? I purchased them all and tried them.

The purchasing process required an encounter with a sales person that was sometimes uncomfortable. Until I realized that everyone buys underwear. I also realized that stores wouldn’t sell men’s bikinis and thongs if people didn’t buy them. I connected the fact that sometimes the stock was low to the fact that MEN BOUGHT UNDERWEAR styles other than plain white briefs.

Purchases through this in person method carried over into visits to JC Penney, Sears, Dillards, Macys, and others. I found myself purposely-perusing shopping malls for the latest fashion briefs on the market when we visited bigger towns. This was a main mode of purchase for a very long time.


Mail Order Catalogs:

The idea of mail order has been around for well more than a century. The old way of purchasing was to order something from an ad in the local paper. The order was shipped to the town general store and you were allowed to retrieve it there. People ordered everything from livestock to specialty groceries in this manner.

The clothing industry caught on to this very early as Sears and JC Penney Catalogs go back quite some time. My personal history of purchasing men’s underwear encountered this very early on. The problem was that as an early teen. In order to purchase by mail order, my parents would have had to have written a check. Debit cards didn’t exist at this point and credit cards were only used for emergency. There was no way in the world that I was going to ask a parent to write a check for a skimpy bikini or thong!

This didn’t mean I didn’t look or even order the catalogs. International Male and UnderGear were regulars in my mailbox. I always tried to intercept the mail to ensure that I got a hold of the catalogs first. I found UnderGear through a friend’s parents who left it lying on the counter at their house. I jotted down the number, called when I got home, and voila—the catalog was in the mail.

As I got older and acquired my own income and means of purchasing. I remember filling out the paper order form in the center of the UnderGear catalog, writing a check, putting both in an envelope. Mailing the order form and money off to UnderGear. Then, the wait would begin. I’d check the mail with anticipation and wait and wait and wait. Tracking numbers were non-existent. YOU JUST WAITED!

Of course, the process got a little smoother with the acceptance of debit cards. I can also remember, filling out the order form and calling in the order with a debit card. The wait was just as painful.  The time to receive the goods was cut down by a few days. Because I didn’t have to wait for my order form to be received in the mail. This was a much-welcomed modernization to the underwear industry.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.30.20 AM

The Online Shopping Phenomenon

Let’s get into the 21st Century. For the most part, everyone is familiar with purchasing underwear online. After all, UNB is online and we basically talk about products and point readers to those products’ web pages. I’d say that we all purchase underwear online. Rather than talk about this awesome mode of purchase. I want to tell you about my first encounters with online purchasing.

Right before I got married. I decided that I wanted to spice up my honeymoon experience with skimpy underwear and swimwear for myself. Also, super skimpy underwear and swimwear for my soon to be wife. I knew that Victoria’s Secret had large stores in malls, but that seemed embarrassing. I also knew that awesome men’s underwear didn’t exist in my small town America shopping mall. I decided to give online purchasing a shot. I went into my office computer at work (after hours so I wouldn’t get in trouble). Used the dial-up Internet service (I can still hear the tones playing as the phone dialed into the world wide web). Carefully selected my purchases from Victoria’s Secret and UnderGear. I actually have pictures of it all, but I won’t share because the quality is lacking.

Needless to say, online shopping is my primary source today. In particular, I like that I can shop several sources at one sitting to get the best deal. Everyone offers discounts. Occasionally brands will offer a larger discount to compete with sites like Amazon. Free shipping is exactly that—FREE! The variety and selection is at your fingertips. Time is saved. There are multiple sites that sell dozens of brands. You really get the best of it all!

Andrew Christian Flagship boutique

Bonus—Men’s Underwear Retail Stores

With the ease of purchasing online. I’d encourage you not to sell yourself short by purchasing everything through the Internet. If you happen to be in a large city with a men’s underwear retail store, seek them out and go for a visit. I am always amazed at how great of an experience in person shopping is. I get to ask expert sales people their opinions in an environment that is safe. In fact, everyone in the store is buying underwear. That’s why the store exists. It saddens me that this type of purchase may diminish over the next several years due to Internet sales. I really enjoy meeting the sales teams and trying new stuff from their displays. Make sure you give this type of purchasing a shot.

25 years of purchasing underwear has given me some awesome memories. I look forward to 25 more years. Who knows, one day maybe I’ll start a brand or even a retail store (online or in person). Thanks for being faithful readers of UNB. We enjoy every post and love your feedback. Hit us up on social media or comment below.

ChLXcL9UgAEVoRbCandyman Fashion furnished the X3D SUAVE THONG by ERGOWEAR for review.

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Super soft fabric, great golden waistband, anatomical pouch

Cons: No cons.

SALVATORE Recommendation: I was excited the day my Ergowear Review package arrived in the mail. I get new underwear quite often. But there is something exhilarating about receiving a brand you’ve never tried before. Ergowear has long been considered the “gold standard” in anatomically or ergonomically correct pouches by most experts. This begs the question that if I consider myself an underwear expert. how in the world had I never tried Ergowear? I’ve come to realize that sometimes even the most experienced underwear enthusiast misses something incredible.

As I carried the package inside, I went through my normal new underwear routine. I went to my bathroom opened the package. I enjoyed a few moments of solace with new arrivals. The first pair I pulled out was the FEEL SUAVE BIKINI. The second pair I pulled out was the MAX SUAVE BIKINI. The third pair I pulled out was the X3D BIKINI in turquoise. The fourth pair I pulled out was the X3D SUAVE THONG in vermouth.

Never been a thong man. Sure, I have a few in my collection. But up until now, I’ve never considered them for anything other than sleeping in. The idea of something riding up the crack has always been unappealing to me. That changed when Ergowear arrived at my mailbox. Something about the soft anatomical pouch that the Suave collection.  That overwhelms the thought of dislike for thongs. I enjoyed wearing this pair.

Here are few things that stuck out to me:

  • Pouch: The X3D Pouch is one of my favorite pouches. Coming from a pouch snob, you should take that lightly. The anatomy fits just right in this collection. Surpassingly, the thong lived up to my expectation.
  • Ergowear Logo: The Ergowear logo is sewn front in center on the top of the brief.  Where the waistband would be if it had one. This is simple and adds to the overall look of the brief. The logo calmly states that the wearer is fashionable and knows how to pick good undies. Some brands are over the top with their branding of products. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but it is sometimes necessary to be a little more discreet.
  • Fabric: LUXURY! LUXURY! LUXURY! Ergowear pulled no punches with how incredible this Suave Microfiber blend feels on the sensitive region. The 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex blend is very soft, displays high elasticity, is a highly resistant fiber. It allows very little moisture absorption. One of the best I’ve ever put on.

If you’ve read any of the posts in this mini-series. You will know that what I just said is almost identical to some of the other posts. That’s because the collection is simply amazing. I am so shocked that that Ergowear was able to translate such comfort into a thong. Try it out! If you have any feedback for me or just want to link up on social media, hit me up on Twitter @manatomicallyme.



COLORS: Vermouth, White, Black, Burgundy, and Dark Turquoise

FABRIC: Microfiber: 95% polyester 5% spandex


COST: $27.00

FURNISHED BY: Candyman Fashion

Where to buy:



I joined UNB back in February with an open mind to try new things. That led to very open and honest conversations with friends and family about the men’s underwear industry, very good friendships with some of the other writers on this blog, exposure to big brands that includes talking to designers and owners, and ultimately reviews of styles that I never considered on my own. One of those styles is the topic of every Thursday’s post here at UNB—THE THONG!

Thong underwear for men goes back several centuries (some argue millennia) and has descendants like the loincloth, jock strap, and modern g-string. For our purposes, the thong is a fairly modern reinvention dating to the early 1930s for some in the adult entertainment industry (mainly women) and widely produced for men beginning in the early 1970s. Why am I telling you this—to show that thongs are a fairly common and acceptable style of men’s underwear. Only recently has our society questioned their manliness.

Here are a few questions I have received through UNB considering my participation in the thong phenomena that is sweeping the underwear industry:

What made you decide to try thongs?

I believe there are two real reasons thongs now exist in my collection:

  • I committed to this blog with an open mind and promise to UNBTim that I would try new things. I never said I’d like everything that I try or that I’d write reviews that aren’t true.
  • I have tried everything that brands have sent me to review. Thongs have been a part of those assignments.

What has your journey looked like so far in reference to thongs?

To date, I have received several thongs to review for the site. At first, I was a little reluctant and then I decided to give everything that comes in the mail a fair shake. One of our distributors sent over an Ergowear X3d thong for me to try. I decided to put it through my ultimate review testing cycle: 1.) All day wear 2.) Workout-wear 3.) Sleepwear

I enjoyed every moment of each of the three scenarios. The thong portion (up the but crack) didn’t bother me at all. Keep in mind that Ergowear X3d meets my anatomical pouch requirement (read any number of my posts to pick up on my pouch snob attitude) and provides some of the highest quality fabrics out there. In other words, I didn’t go to a discount store and try a cheaper brand. Quality counts for something in every situation and you get what you pay for.

Admittedly, I’m not stockpiling thongs, but I don’t have an aversion to them at all. It’s nothing for me to randomly pull one out of my chest of drawers and not think twice about putting it on for the day. It’s just another pair of underwear.

If you’d like any recommendations, hit one of the writers up on Twitter. Everyone is game for helping you find the perfect fit.


Let me state up front. My underwear drawer is full of two requirements that until recently have been non-negotiable: 1.) Briefs (bikinis count) and 2.) Anatomical Pouches. That’s right—If you want to get me a gift, align with those two categories and it’s a sure success. This combination is the staple of my collection.

One of the exciting things about being on the team at UNB centers on the exploration of new styles. Admittedly, it’s hard to get me to see past my bias. Occasionally a review pair will show up in the mail. That is neither of the two aforementioned categories. They BLOW ME OUT OF THE WATER. That happened recently and I want to share my experience with you.

Not long ago, I made contact with the guys at Big Boys Pants. A UK based men’s underwear company that a couple of brothers got together to start a few years back. The reason they started the company will make an awesome post in the future. The bottom line—they were tired of buying designer underwear that left them in a bind. The result—the manliest, most comfortable, anatomically correct men’s underwear on the market. That’s a lot coming from an anatomical snob like myself and I don’t say it lightly.

That’s not even the kicker. The fellows at Big Boys sent me a brief, a thong, and trunk to try out. I knew I’d love the brief, was leery about the thong, and certain I’d hate the trunk. Trunks just don’t do anything for me but right up my legs and bunch up in the most uncomfortable way. Boy was I wrong.

I’m wearing the Big Boys trunk as I type and want a dozen more for the collection. What’s so fabulous about this trunk?

  • The softest fabric I’ve ever put on. 95% Modal and 5% Elestane combine to create an exhilarating second skin feel. That I’d put up against any of the big brands. The 1 ½ inch waistband is soft, non-binding, and slimming. The leg bands are perfect. To top it off, the fabric is seemed in the pouch area (which by the way is how they get the anantomical design). It leaves no embarrassing lines on the seat of the pants (slipping into UK talk)—I mean underwear.
  • Price point—Something this comfortable should not be so affordable. Compared some other brands that charge upwards of $30 to $40 for something this amazing. Big Boys price point for their trunk is only $18. What?!? That’s insane. To make the deal sweeter, they offer multi-pack discounts. These guys are incredible!
  • All of their styles come in multiple color selections with the same mesmerizing fabric. Beware when you are searching; they call their trunk a low-rise brief. Must be another language barrier issue that I’m willing to overcome for this deal of a lifetime. Not only that, they have a US based site that offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 06.17.41

I cannot overstate how much I despise trunks. However, this Big Boys will go down in history as the COMPANY THAT SOLD ME ON TRUNKS!

10 popular songs for your

My family recently trekked across the Pacific Ocean (not really—we actually flew) to move to our new home—HAWAII!!! We have really enjoyed eating local food, attending luaus, and attempting to hit as many beaches as possible. We are really having a blast. The only downside is that I went without an address for so long that I have not been able to get very many new pairs of briefs and bikinis to add to my collection. I now have an address and will commence the receiving of the world’s finest underwear!

Hawaii is an interesting place. The local culture is warm and inviting and the central focus is on the ocean. Ocean life is something to explore on a daily basis. Granted, there are a few mainland amenities that are intriguing as well. For instance, the water park looks like most water parks you’d see around the world. There is one distinct difference—people wear THONGS to go down slides and swim in the wave pull. This is a small minority, but seems to be accepted by everyone. Occasionally, you will get a really traditional male pacific islander that wears something super skimpy. Kind of blows away the idea that men’s fashion swimwear is unacceptable except on gay beaches.

One culture that I frequently give into. But need to branch out of my comfort zone to what I’m more comfortable wearing is the BOARDSHORT culture. BOARDSHORTS are everywhere. I wear them every time I go to the beach and fit right in with the rest of the male beachgoers. There are several problems with BOARDSHORTS:

  1. BOARDSHORTS have no liner. This simply causes everything to hang free and loose. Leaves nothing to the imagination when you get out of the water.
  2. There is way too much material to be able to swim through the ocean unencumbered. I find the excessive material often causes chafing as well. Once you start walking around because they take forever to dry.
  3. BOARDSHORTS prevent good even tanning from taking place. Because ¾ of your legs are covered by bulky material. Looks funny when you wear shorter shorts out to dinner or shopping at the mall.

Because I am an introvert and try to fit in everywhere I go. I give into the uncomfortable trend of wearing BOARDSHORTS. To combat problem #1, I always wear a swim brief so the boys fell support. I call this the BOARSHORT—BIKINI CULTURE. Every time I go to the beach, I want to take the BOARDSHORTS off to be able to swim faster, get my legs tanned, and prevent chaffing. I never do.

I know that we have written several pieces over the summer that deal with this subject. I really just wanted to get my thoughts out there to see if any of you are experiencing the same types of feelings. I seriously live in a tropical paradise that accepts people for who they are not what they wear. The only person who truly cares about what I’m seen is. . .ME! What do you say? Let’s be trendy and fashionable. More importantly, let’s be ourselves! Goodbye BOARDSHORT—BIKINI CULTURE. Hello ME!

Underwear Review N2N Bodywear Neon Classic BoxterN2N Bodywear furnished the Neon Classic Cotton Boxster (NC16) for review.

Rating: 7.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 6/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 7/10

Pros: Colors, Fabric.

Cons: Leg Bands, Restrictive Pouch.

SALVATORE Recommendation: I am typically a brief guy, but have been attempting to add more boxer briefs and trunks to my collection. The simple reason is that my wife thinks they are sexy and comments on trunks or boxers briefs every time I wear them. I am not saying that you should select your underwear solely on what your wife/girlfriend/significant other thinks. I am saying that she does play a role in influencing what I buy and wear. After all, we enjoy going underwear shopping together.

This particular design gave me the opportunity to try something new and add a trunk to the collection. Because I am so into anatomical pouches. The write-up and look of this boxster seemed to be a perfect pair. To add to my budding collection of trunks and boxer briefs. I received them in the mail, opened them up, got excited about the look and feel and decided to try them on. These are my findings:

Pouch: Contrary to the pictures posted on line of the sexy model with the big package hanging naturally inn an ergonomical looking design, there IS NO POUCH. The boxster is virtually completely flat in the front causing testicles to stick to legs. This overwhelmed my disappointing feelers. My system failed to recognize the potential of a pouchless trunk.

Leg Bands: The leg bands are extremely loose fitting and cause severe bunching under clothing. Personally, this is the number one reason I stay away from trunks and boxer briefs. I do not like the bunching effect. I have found several well-constructed trunks that do not bunch. The tradeoff is a really tight leg band that sometimes leaves ridiculous lines under clothing.

Fabric: The cotton and spandex blend is the most appealing thing about this trunk. The fabric is super duper soft and feels so incredible laying on the skin. WoW! Is all I can say about the fabric. Although I have been very critical about this boxster. I recommend the pair for a lounging lay around the house day type of garment. The color pops and will draw attention if you happen to be standing in front of an open window or door. Who knows, maybe that is what you are after!!!!!!

I also recognize that I have a bias towards pouch types and briefs. With that said, many people are not bothered by a snuggly fitting pouch and bunching under their pants. That’s okay. I will always say that N2N puts a lot of effort into their designs and makes incredible garments with men in mind. Don’t let me dissuade you from making the purchase. Go buy a pair and do an honest assessment for yourself. Enjoy this great men’s underwear designer.

BRAND: N2N Bodywear

PAIR: Neon Classic Cotton Boxster

COLORS: Neon Pink and Neon Yellow

FABRIC: Body: 80% Cotton, 20% spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $20


Where to buy:

Underwear Review N2N Bodywear Air BriefN2N Bodywear furnished the Air Brief (UN83) for review.

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Natural Pouch, Slinky Fabric, Lightweight.

Cons: None.

SALVATORE Recommendation: Admittedly, this is an older design with an updated color option. However, when I received the N2N Bodywear Air Brief in Peach, my eye was immediately drawn to its smooth look and lightweight feel. There was something new and clean about this brief that I hadn’t noticed before. It helped me get in the mood for a summer filled with fun new underwear colors, styles, and cuts.

If you read any review that I have done on this blog, you will know that I am a sucker for pouches. My collection is almost exclusively anatomical in nature. I have an eye for what pouch will work for me as soon as I physically get my hands on a brief. With that said, UNB Tim, put the thought in my head that sometimes a slinky fabric can give the same effect without the center seam anatomical pouch design that I’ve grown accustomed to. That led to me trying this brief and blowing my normal culling process out the window. The fabric on this brief is so sexy and slinky, that it might be the most perfect natural hang in my collection. I wish I had this brief in every color. N2N has done it again and created a manly brief that is both sexy and comfortable.

Here are a few things that I’d like to highlight.

Pouch: Read above. No need to restate the obvious. For a pouch snob, I didn’t turn my nose up when I slipped these on. I smiled from ear to ear and told my wife how awesome the design is. She agreed and even commented that they looked nice on me. She’s a sucker for a great pouch look too.

Waistband: This brief does not have your typical wide waistband that you see on many designers’ undies today. The waistband is narrow and slim and lies perfectly below the belt line so that it doesn’t stick out of pants at all. N2N perfectly matches up their logo over the hips (on the waistband) to create downward arrow focusing on the crotch of the underwear. Very artsy design that is admirable and creative.

Fabric: This fabric blend is slinky, thin, and soft. Doesn’t get any better than this. Be aware that if you wear this brief under thin pants or dress slacks. You get the full impression of your manhood without any hidden secrets. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the occasion of wear. Overall, the fabric gives you an “I’M NAKED!” feel. It’s splendid.

This design is a must have for your underwear drawer. As N2N continues the trend of updating colors to some of their designs that are flawless. I will be adding more and more colors of the Air Brief to my already outstanding collection of pouch briefs that allow for the natural to take place.

BRAND: N2N Bodywear

PAIR: Air Brief

COLORS: Peach, Black, and White

FABRIC: Body: 60% polyester, 32% Rayon, and 8% spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $21


Where to buy:

tempst ReviewN2N Bodywear furnished the Tempest Sport Swim Brief for review.

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Unlined, Semi-Natural Pouch Hang

Cons: Unlined

SALVATORE Recommendation: Here I am living in Tropical Paradise where most men wear long board shorts or trunks. Granted, shorter swimsuits are in, but I think guys are missing a great opportunity to look great in a swim brief. As you all know, here at UNB, we have put a lot of emphasis on swim briefs. From our swim guides to a series of posts about skimping down this Summer on the beach. We think swim briefs are an awesome alternative to the super long shorts. That take forever to dry when you get out of the water and inhibit greatly one’s ability to move in the water.

Honestly, the most natural way to swim is naked.  But that is currently outlawed in most areas of the good ole US of A. With that said, we also recognize that many men are very uncomfortable bearing all in a swim brief on a beach that mainly covered in board shorts. Coming to Hawaii has been a great experience. I am constantly puzzled by what I see guys and gals wearing on the sands of Waikiki and other hot spots. The men are shorts wearers and ironically, the ladies seem to prefer the Brazilian cut and thong back. Who would have thought???? Let’s stay away from those topics for now and look at a great swim brief that I’d recommend to the guy looking to see if he likes the idea. But might not be ready to strip down.

Let me recommend the N2N Tempest Sport Brief. As something that you can wear underneath your shorts with the idea to strip down, or something that you can wear by itself. This is a great brief for either occasion. Here are few things that I liked about the design.

Pouch: Because N2N does a brilliant job with fabric selection in all of it’s products. Most of their underwear, swimwear, and loungewear meet my definition of a natural pouch. This swim brief did exactly that. With 92% being Polyester and 8% being Spandex. The fabric blend allows for your sacred spaced to have plenty of space. One of things I hate about traditional swim briefs is the bulky lining that seems to bunch up the boys. This swim brief is unlined leaving you with a true underwear intimate feel. I see this as a definite positive in most situations. I also see this as a negative for the circumcised male as the impression is quite impressionable and might not be appropriate for every occasion. You will have to decide. On my honeymoon many moons ago. I remember seeing a very sexy and extremely tanned European man wearing an opaque white skimpy bikini that was unlined at the pool. He was proud and so were all of the women staring at him. I don’t have the body he had and am not sure my wife would appreciate all of the of the attention focused on my junk.

Drawstring: Not every bikini has a drawstring. This brief does. This allows you to freely maneuver in the water without worry that you’ll lose your drawers. However, because the brief is unlined. The impression of the drawstring is visible from time to time making for an odd look on the pouch. Side note—be careful to groom your pubic hair if you are going to wear an unlined swim bikini. A bush impression on the crotch is as bad a drawstring impression on a crotch.

Cut: The cut of the brief is a hybrid between a true bikini and a traditional competitive swimmers suit. This allows you to get an awesome tan without feeling like you are wearing a string bikini. The hybrid cut also maintains a full seat so you don’t feel like you have a wedgie all day. The cut is spectacular and sexy. The seat stays in place and leg bands are very comfortable. N2N nailed this aspect of the brief.

Logo: The very small N2N logo displayed on the rear of the right hip is the perfect size. Not over the top like some of the brands that plaster the logo across the entire butt (N2N does this occasionally). But just right to let the other underwear enthusiasts know that you have style. The branding on this swim brief is subtle and perfect—a special coded simple that speaks to the heart of underwear collector.

Overall, I think this is a stunning visual representation of classy and sexy. The two colors are great—bold enough to turn heads, but not so bold to get gawkers! As always, I love that N2N now offers this brief in multiple prints. I enjoy wearing mine under trunks or out in the open. Get yours and give this well thought out brief a shot at the beach, the pool, or just tanning on the roof.

BRAND: N2N Bodywear

PAIR: Tempest Sport Solid

COLORS: Tempest Blue, Mandarin

FABRIC: Body: 92% polyester 8% spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $22


Where to buy:

UNDerwear review

N2N Bodywear furnished the Studio Groove Trunk for review.

Rating: 8.8/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: AMAZING Print, Slinky Fabric, Sexy cut.

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

SALVATORE Recommendation: Summer is in full swing! And, I LIVE ON A TROPICAL ISLAND. That’s what makes this incredible print so appealing to me. I look super tropical (at least in the mirror), and the appeal of such happens to be the style of the season. N2N continues to impress me with their unbelievable trend setting styles. This design is amazing. The end of this post is simple: PURCHASE NOW!

N2N sent me the blue color. I must admit that the print looked amazing in the upclose. When I tore the package open and got a feel for the fabric, the print quickly became a bonus. The fabric blend is amazing to the touch and feels even better up next to the unmentionables. The slinky feel is slightly opaque and very breathable. Simply super desirable for the underwear enthusiast.

Two other features about this brief stood out to me—the waistband and the leg bands. Although the leg bands are little larger than I prefer. They are extremely soft and comfortable. The trunk is more of a hybrid between a trunk and a brief. The inseam length is super short, but slightly longer than a typical brief. This combined with the thicker than normal (for a brief) leg bands create quite the underwear line in slacks. If you don’t care about that—well, it doesn’t matter then now does it? I don’t want to diminish how comfortable the leg band is—EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. The waistband is smaller than what the industry has produced in the past few years. I think we are seeing a return to normal—as opposed to the “let’s see how big we can get our waistband to be so everyone knows what brand we’re wearing because the waistband is sticking out of our pants” era.

True to form, the design team at N2N combined the NHance pouch with the fabric to create a very natural hang. This is important to me. I definitely classify this trunk in the top 10 natural pouches list. Go buy it now!

  • BRAND: N2N Bodywear
  • PAIR: Studio Groove Tunk
  • COLORS: Retro Pattern; Coral, Blue, or Black
  • FABRIC: Body: 70% polyester 20% spandex
  • SIZES: Small – XL
  • COST: $26
  • FURNISHED BY: N2N Bodywear

Where to Buy:

Custom Made Underwear fromSalvatore: Not too long ago, I came across a custom fit underwear maker. I started a dialogue with Steve from cut-2-fit and decided that all of our readers might be interested in his service. He has since custom made a bikini brief and swim brief for me to try. I’m excited to share those experiences with you in a later post. The dialogue led to some questions. The answers to those questions led to this post. Enjoy learning about an increasing emergent market niche in men’s underwear—custom made skivvies. The measurements are much more detailed than just waist size. Enjoy this read, check out Steve’s website, and get your order started today:


  1. What got you started in the underwear industry? Specifically, what led you to pursue the customization of high quality men’s underwear?

I trained as a Costume designer and was taught to achieve the right silhouette needed for each performer and their role. This all starts with the correct shaped underwear followed by a build out to the final costume design.

The construction of underwear for women and men makes up a large section of my professional and technical training. The major difference between the sexes is the fact that men’s underwear is never cut or shaped to fit the male form and has traditionally produced a garment to hide things.

During my career working on productions for dance, television, theatre I decided to go against the grain and accentuate the male form rather than HIDE THE GOODS! Because of this fact, my costume designs for men always included custom designed underwear. This meant giving a more fitted shape to their underwear staying true to the male form.

This purposeful process led to many of the male artists wearing my designs to commission me privately to design and make their underwear & swimwear. After becoming an upper leg amputee a couple of years ago, I found a new set of problems for myself when making underwear to fit right for my new body shape. I started working closely with other male amputees to create custom made underwear & swimwear that was adapted to cater for their own special needs. This crossed over into my private commissions for designer swimwear & underwear for the two legged male.

  1. From the production aspect, what does it take to customize and create a pair

of underwear from start to finish?

There are many good brands on the market that cater to all different styles/cuts in underwear and swimwear. Brands generally all follow the same route by using generic block measurements. This means if you are a 32-inch waist, the garment is cut and shaped to that size and will not take into account that every person will be different shape although still having a 32 inch waist.

This is where cut-2-fit is different from other designer brands. Each one of our client’s underwear or swimwear is individually cut and shaped from their measurements. We also give every client a choice in fabric, colour, and style from our website (or tailored made to their requirements).


When a client first inquires about having a custom made underwear or swimwear from cut-2-fit, we request specific information on style, colour, pouch shaping, etc. I will then create a set of designs and colour samples following the client’s requirements. These drawings are e-mailed to the client so they can decide on which design and colour to choose. The client sends me their measurements (taken from the chart on the website), design, fabric choice, and payment. If we do not hold the fabric in stock an order will be placed with our UK supplier and we will start drafting up your pattern.

Once your fabric has arrived it will then be cut and machined into the finished garment. Once the quality of the finished garment has been checked, the finished product is then shipped out to the client. An email is sent to the client to inform them their order is on its way. The time we try to work to for each clients order placed in the UK is 7 business days from receiving payment to arrival off the order.

  1. What is the logic behind each of the measurements that are taken in order to create that perfect pair for your clients?

Men will find these measurements quite daunting, but in realty women have more measurements taken in the construction of a bespoke bra. Women are used to this and will talk about cup size, uplift, etc amongst their female friends.

Rarely do we hear men talk to their male friends about the way their genitals hang or length and thickness. This can vary greatly from one client to another. Unlike other designer brands, each order is tailored and cut -2-fit each individual client.

On the technical side, we are producing a pattern from a flat 1D effect into a 3D effect. From each of the client’s individual measurements given, this will affect the degree of angle, depth, width and shaping in the pattern construction. Because we use a Lycra based fabric, there needs to be a reduction of between 10% upwards to their measurements due to its different stretch values. With all of our clients, each one will have their own set of patterns drafted from their measurements. These are kept in their own file named with the client reference number.

  1. What types of people are using your services? Are your clients mainly UK based or are other countries catching on?

Many of my first clients where UK based and still come back to me year after year. Most of my commissions come by word of mouth. This causes my client base to kee growing. Over the last couple of years, I have seen an increase is interest from new clients from all over Europe. They have seen my designs on English men whilst on holiday. My client base has a wide selection of men from all different walks of life.

The range of requests of styles and designs that have been commissioned cover husbands asking for lace underwear to match their wife’s wedding dress so they can wear them on the big day, college students looking for see-thru underwear, office workers looking for jock briefs, male pole dancers looking for sequin briefs and thongs, posing briefs for bodybuilders, etc. This creativity of men around the world is astounding and indescribable.


  1. How important is client confidentiality?

Because of the detailed measurement chart that needs to be sent when placing an order including their choice of design, fabric or any other request I try to make my clients feel that any type of request no matter how strange is between the client and me. This is why a client confidentiality agreement is sent out straight away from cut-2-fit to the client.

When a request or order is placed, it comes straight to me. I then have a client number allocated to the associated name and address. All correspondence sent back from cut-2-fit and vice versa will have this client number for their order.

  1. What is the most important thing for our readers to understand about your processes, product, and professionalism?

cut-2-fit first appeared in the late 90s catering for men who wanted a tailored cut a style in their underwear or swimwear. Many of the first male clients appeared from word of mouth after commissions being made for male actors and artists from productions I had been working on.

All underwear or swimwear ordered from cut-2-fit is cut to the clients own body shape. Try and be as accurate as possible when taking your measurements. You should include any extra information to be used in the construction and shaping of the pouch and the shaping and cut of the leg(s).

The turnaround from payment to delivery of your order placed in the UK is 7 working days and includes free postage. Any orders placed from outside the UK will depend on shipping time to your country and a charge for postage.

Don’t think your request is impossible. We have heard it all! Just send us an email. We cannot make up garments in leather or suede. In person fitting is required for these fabric choices. Give us a try. We will work extremely hard to satisfy you and your requests!


Salvatore: I hope you enjoyed this read. Go immediately to and place your order today!