unnamedMalebasics asked could they share some content with you guys! After hearing what they wanted to share I said yes. Some of the topics we here at UNB had been talking about as well. The first is Spring Clean Your Undies Drawer. We hope you enjoy!
If you find yourself every morning pulling worn out underwear out of your drawer filled with things you can’t even remember you own (or that aren’t yours). Perhaps it’s time for a little spring clean. We, at Malebasics, believe that every man should have a tidy drawer filled with underwear fit for every aspect of his life. That’s why we got you covered with a plan to get it done. And hey — if it looks like a mess in a month, you will know that it’s filled at least only with wearable pieces.


First and foremost, choose an time where you won’t be disturbed. Blast out some music, grab a beer and get naked you’re going to be looking at yourself in the mirror a lot).


Go through your drawer and remove any underwear that can definitely go. Remove anything that is damaged, doesn’t fit, looks worn out, doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or no longer fits your personal style. Before you move on, toss damaged and stained garments.

Try it on
By this point, everything left in your drawer should be undies that you like and that fit you. Quickly try everything on and look in the mirror. Note items that you like but may not be right for your body type – you may want to search for replacements that are suited for you. Make sure you keep playful pieces like jocks and thongs for special occasions.

As you try on your undies, make a pile for ones that look great and fit your everyday needs, a pile for performance underwear, and a pile for the more frivolous. Note whether or not you have enough underwear for your everyday needs, and record what’s missing.


Now that everything in there is neat and tidy, it’s time to treat yourself to some shopping therapy. It should be super easy because you got a track record of what you need and what’s missing… oh yeah, don’t forget to another beer!

Guest Writer:

Benoît Gorez
Content Editor


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