Classic jocks are making a come back! Over the past 10 years or so the fashion jock reigned supreme. However, wait long enough and everything comes back in style. This includes the classic jock! Male Basics just dropped 7 amazing colors.

When it comes to selecting the proper supportive underwear that protects your privates and adds a modern note to your outfit, compromise is never an option. We focus on providing stylish and comfortable men’s jocks which are meant to make your everyday life easier, living up to your rigorous expectations. Should you not be entirely pleased with your purchase, our customer care department is at your service!

strong>Premium Quality Jockstraps for Men

Our jockstrap collection was designed having in mind the ultimate comfort of men worldwide, providing enhanced support of your delicates while keeping you protected during intense workouts or sports. Made with superior quality polyester and elastane, with various modern colors and a stylish design that will win you over instantly, these jockstraps for men are an excellent choice for everyday wear, jogging, training, gym, or as a thoughtful present for your partner

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I know we have some big fans of prints out there. MaleBasics has released a few new fun prints that you guys should check out. They are the Green Pixels, Red Pixels, Spiders, Nuts & Bolts, and Poker. They range from Geometric to really fun and whimsical prints. The new prints come in boxer briefs, briefs, trunks and three in the Athletic Boxer Brief.

These are the new prints in each style.

  • The trunks are made out of 78% Polyester 22% Spandex blend. Available in all five of the prints. Retails for $19.00
  • The boxer briefs are made out of 78% Polyester 22% Spandex blend. Available in all five of the prints. Retails for $20.00
  • The Athletic Long Boxer Brief is made out of 78% Polyester 22% Spandex blend. Available in all three prints (Green Pixels, Red Pixels, and Spider. Retails for $34.00
  • The Briefs are made out of 78% Polyester 22% Spandex blend. Available in all five of the prints. Retails for $18.00

The new prints have something for everyone and in every style, you could want (Ok, I hear a few that there isn’t a jock or thong). Well, almost any style you would want. Find all these styles at and rock the awesome new prints!


unnamedMalebasics asked could they share some content with you guys! After hearing what they wanted to share I said yes. Some of the topics we here at UNB had been talking about as well. The first is Spring Clean Your Undies Drawer. We hope you enjoy!
If you find yourself every morning pulling worn out underwear out of your drawer filled with things you can’t even remember you own (or that aren’t yours). Perhaps it’s time for a little spring clean. We, at Malebasics, believe that every man should have a tidy drawer filled with underwear fit for every aspect of his life. That’s why we got you covered with a plan to get it done. And hey — if it looks like a mess in a month, you will know that it’s filled at least only with wearable pieces.


First and foremost, choose an time where you won’t be disturbed. Blast out some music, grab a beer and get naked you’re going to be looking at yourself in the mirror a lot).


Go through your drawer and remove any underwear that can definitely go. Remove anything that is damaged, doesn’t fit, looks worn out, doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or no longer fits your personal style. Before you move on, toss damaged and stained garments.

Try it on
By this point, everything left in your drawer should be undies that you like and that fit you. Quickly try everything on and look in the mirror. Note items that you like but may not be right for your body type – you may want to search for replacements that are suited for you. Make sure you keep playful pieces like jocks and thongs for special occasions.

As you try on your undies, make a pile for ones that look great and fit your everyday needs, a pile for performance underwear, and a pile for the more frivolous. Note whether or not you have enough underwear for your everyday needs, and record what’s missing.


Now that everything in there is neat and tidy, it’s time to treat yourself to some shopping therapy. It should be super easy because you got a track record of what you need and what’s missing… oh yeah, don’t forget to another beer!

Guest Writer:

Benoît Gorez
Content Editor

IMG_3607MaleBasics has released the new Neon Collection. The Neon collection is a super fun line that has a black base with a neon pouch and waistband/trim. Which makes these colors POP. I love the colors they choose because they aren’t over the top, bright day glow colors. The colors are blue, fuchsia and yellow. Here is what MaleBasics has to say about the collection:


“The collection includes Briefs, Mini Shorts and Jockstraps. We have used a new Microfiber that lets the light go through to reveal a hint of skin without being see-through and refined every piece with details in Neon Colors, following our mandate to make confortable, high quality and classy underwear.”


The collection is the first big release from Male Basics since the Spot Collection. I think they have outdone themselves. Its simple but have a bold element with the neon colors. Each pair has the signature waistband that is black with MaleBasics in the neon color. The brief and mini short have a pouch in the neon color with matching leg trim. The jock is a bit different and has a solid black pouch with the same waistband but the legs straps and trim around the pouch are in the neon color.


I love the jock for the leg straps. The thicker straps in the matching neon just sets it off for me. I think they did a stellar job creating it. MaleBasics put their own spin on the jock. Its simple but a lot of fun.

Malebasics-spot-collectionMale Basics has a new collection called Spot. As you can see above its a mix of bright and classic colors. Some of the previous collections they have had ranged from the classic briefs to really wild lace underwear. This one is more on the classic side but still has a sexy spin..

One thing that strikes me is the Waistband. It comes in black and red branded waistbands. I love how the red pops with the white/black jock! The next thing that you may notice is it’s made out of sports mesh. So the pouch in the jock, and the side side of the brief and trunk is the sports mesh material.

From Male Basics :

In this collection, we are highlighting the male anatomy by using contrast colors and shaping the pouch and the rear in a different way.

The body of the underwear was built using Yael (micro fiber), a premium quality fabric with a close-to-wearing-nothing feeling. This collection is bringing the spotlight back to the body parts that matter!

The Jockstrap is made out of Yael, giving it an extra sensual component but keeping it very masculine and sporty. It has contrast straps on the rear for a more sophisticated effect.

I really like this collection. Sports mesh is currently a big trend in men’s underwear. Male Basics has put its own spin on the collection. They made the line fun and sexy but not over the top. The one thing you should notice is the jock pouch is semi-sheer. The brief and trunk both have a solid pouch.

These have now been released and find them at the Male Basics site! See the pics below of the entire line

MBM05_0005__25988.1350497308.1200.1200It’s cold weather and you know what that means, right? Layers. Once that first chill hits my spine I start wearing thermals all the time. Most of my thermals are the waffle cotton kind from Kmart. They aren’t the most well designed pieces of clothing but they sure keep me warm. The fit is always a little off because the crotch is too low. The calves are too tight and with my hairy legs it just becomes really itchy. I spend all day pulling the waistband up. Even though they are considered long underwear I still feel like I meed to wear underwear underneath because they don’t give me the support I need to be comfortable. So even though I am warm, I am often substituting warmth for comfort wearing these long johns.

Malebasics to the rescue. Kind of..The Malebasics Microfiber Long John offers everything a guy needs in a long john. This garment offers complete comfort. They use one of the softest fabrics, Microfiber (Nylon 78% Spandex 12%), I was so relaxed in them all day. The only issue I had was that these long johns is that they aren’t for those days when its freezing out. These are perfect for a cool fall or spring day. They aren’t really for the dead of winter. The main reason is because its made of Microfiber. You have probably heard of Microfiber is often used for athletic wear because the material wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry. Microfiber is also very elastic, making it suitable for undergarments. I found the material really comfortable but I wasn’t as warm as I would have wanted.

The design is really exceptional. This is basically cut like a really comfortable brief. The pouch is lifts you up and out. Really shows off a bulge nicely. Usually, like I said before, a long john squashes you flat. I never felt like I needed to wear another pair of underwear underneath. It was so nice and soft on my body. It was so comfortable that I even slept in them. I never needed to readjust myself. In fact, I actually forgot what I was wearing under my jeans at one point because I was so comfortable. I have hairy legs and often get itchy with tight materials around my calves. These long johns are cut to hug you until about the knee. The design is then loose around your lower legs with an elastic bottom at the ankle. At first I thought that the looseness was strange and then I realize its exactly what I needed. The design is like a modified sweat pant that hugs and supports you in all the best areas. I got the pair in white which is slightly transparent but I didn’t mind. I will definitely be picking up the black pair as well from their site. With spring coming I still like to wear layers when the cool night NYC breeze hits me. These long johns will definitely be a regular in my underwear collection.

And maybe Malebasics will offer them in more colors soon? Gray? Nude? Red? Blue? Yellow? Please. Thank you.

Pros –

  • great fit.
  • soft fabric
  • all day comfort


  • not as warm as I expected
  • only two colors available.


  • Fit 5
  • Materials 5
  • Construction 5
  • Look 5
  • Daily Wear 5
  • Overall 5

This pair was furnished by Malebasics and is available for $44.10 at their site.


We are well into winter here in the Northeast. What better way to weather the two feet of snow we received in Boston last week than with a pair of long johns and a cashmere sweater! Much to my luck, two days before we were hit by the super storm, Nemo, I received a pair of Male Basics Microfiber Long Johns to take for a test run.

These long johns are made of a very soft microfiber fabric, which had a nice weight to it. They are fitted throughout the majority of the leg, with some extra room near the lower calves, where there is a cuff at the ankle. There is a grey seam down the front and back of each leg, as well as the center of the front and back. One thing I really enjoyed about these MaleBasics was the front pouch. I have had many pairs prior to this particular one, but non have supplied me with the right amount of support without wearing a pair of underwear underneath them; this pouch has a center seam, and provided a gentle lift to the ‘goods.’ They hugged the body without being too tight or too loose, and were perfect for lounging around the house, and running around the corner for a quick coffee fix during the storm. The only thing I was not satisfied with was the contrast seaming; while it highlighted my best ‘features,’ it was not consistent, and you could see where the stitching was too close, snagged or too spread out.

These microfiber long johns currently are available in black, and have a light grey contrast stitching and silver and black logo waistband. The tags on the interior of the waistband are soft and sewn into the band, as to not cause irritation to the lower back. The fabric, made of 78% nylon and 12% spandex, also held its shape and elasticity following a few wears around the house and under a pair of jeans during the blizzard.


  • super soft
  • great fit
  • low rise


  • Inconsistent stitching


  • Fit – 4.5
  • Materials – 4.5
  • Construction – 3.5
  • Look – 4.5
  • Daily Wear – 4.5
  • OVERALL – 4.3

*OUT of 5*

This pair was furnished by MaleBasics and is available for $45.00 at their site.