Mickillop and Co, better known for their jockstraps, have recently come out with something new.  Their first ever Mickillop thong. They’re super excited about it too! Named the Jagger thong, its image dominates the front page of the Mickillop and Co website, as it should. To quote Mickillop, “The wait was long for a Mckillop Thong but the wait is Now OVER!”

The Jagger thong is a take on the traditional, basic, thong, but with a bit more added if you like. This pair has some fun option available as you will soon see. The thong is available in a variety of colors, and two materials. The color choices range from the basic.  Like black and white, up to some quite interesting shades like emerald, fuchsia, lavender, and eggplant. The two material choices also stand out.  The new thong comes in the choice of either mesh or modal. The mesh looks to be a very fine type, and gives the pair a fun look.  The pairs are simply styled, clean lines,  with white or black waistbands. The Micollop logo front and center, in understated coloring. The back is mentioned as a “soft Y back”, and is similar to a traditional thong back. Like other Mickillop products, the Jagger thong is available in a variety of pouch sizes to accommodate various types of guys where it counts. The pouches are all, of course, anatomical. Of note is that on the website, unlike most brands, Mickillop shows the backside of the pair as the main image on the product page, not the front as is usual.

All in all, Mickllop is very excited about its new thong, and we are too!

The Jagger thong is available for $25 at http://mckillop.co . It is available in the following colors: Black, Eggplant, Emerald, Fuchsia, Lavender, Navy, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, and White.

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