Hello all you kooky kinksters,

It’s been rainy as heck this week in Boston, but hopefully you are reading this in delightful sunshine. It is my birthday month, so get ready for some wonderful posts (my birthday is ON the last Fetish Friday of May, so get ready!) Today I get to finish up the gear I got from Army of Men in Australia: the Jockstrap/Codpiece combo!


For those who are tuning in late to the game (go back and read every fetish friday post you silly goose) Army of Men is this brilliant leather gear company in Australia. The owner Derrick puts such a keen eye on material quality and finishing. I got a harness with a strap from the harness down to a cockring, and a matching Jockstrap.


The way the jockstraps work, is you order the jockstrap itself (which has no pouch), and then you pick the codpiece you want to snap onto the jock). Since I had ordered the blue bulldog harness, I ordered the Blue Jockstrap, with the Blue Chevron Codpiece. Now, the jocks have 7 color options Black (with matte, nickel, or gold studs) and then Blue, Yellow, Army Green, and Red. The codpieces have a whopping 18 options (do I really have to list them?!) So there’s Black (with matte, nickel or gold studs), Solid (Blue, Red, Army Green, Yellow), Chevron (Blue, Red, Yellow, Army Green), Harness style (Blue, Red, Yellow, Gray), and then Tiger (Blue, Red, Yellow). Wow. That’s 126 options of Jockstrap/pouch fashion…holy moly.


The codpiece is NO JOKE. This is a healthy pouch with sturdy construction. It has 4 connection snaps along the top of the pouch to the waistband, and 2 connection snaps under the balls. Without the codpiece, the jock has a leather strap framing where the codpiece would be. The pouch is (like the harnesses) lined in leather so everyone gets to feel good.

Sidenote: I neeeeeeed this handkerchief. Someone make this happen.

The jockstrap is built just like the harness, triple layer luscious leather, matching thread. The front of the waistband (where the pouch attaches) is flanked on both sides by O rings. Which connects to the waistband, and the outsides of the jockstraps. Both the waistband and the jockstraps have multiple snaps (again to adjust fit as desired) though he still takes your measurements so the adjustments are for personal preference.

I can’t say enough magic about Derrick’s work at Army of Men. He is a true artisan (and I don’t mean when people throw the word “artisanal” on their work to turn badly homemade into luxury) of leather, and you should all look through the website (especially since my birthday is at the end of the month).

Get ready for a fun month,

You are all delicious.

TtheAmazing over and out!


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