TravelWhen traveling, picking out the right clothes to bring can be difficult.  Underwear is no exception. By the time you all read this, I will most likely be on vacation. Driving down the winding fiver roads that follow the mighty Mississippi river. I thought it would be interesting and useful to take the time to discuss what I look for in a good travel pair, and why.

Since I’ve got to find someway to fit 10 days worth of clothes into a tiny suitcase, let’s talk about size. If, like me, you are cramped for space.  Or want more space in your luggage to bring stuff back. Choosing different kinds of underwear can be helpful. Skimpier styles, like jocks and thongs take up far less space than say, boxer-briefs. If you wanted to go extreme, I bet you could fit 3 times as many g-strings in a space as boxer briefs. While I won’t be going this route, I will be leaving my bigger pairs behind.

Sometimes though, skimpy pairs can be a hindrance. For instance, the climate of where you are traveling to can have a major impact on what kind of underwear you’d take with you on your trip. I know I wouldn’t want to wear a g-string in alaska, nor would I wish to be in a pair of long legged boxer briefs in abu dabi.

There is more to picking the perfect travel pair than just the style. How comfortable the pair is can be very important.
Comfort really matters if you are on a plane flight or a long car ride. Wearing annoying underwear can make getting there even more of a drag. It can take away from being at your destination. So be sure to pack your most comfortable pairs so nothing will distract or detract from your trip. For me, that means even though I adore my bikinis and thongs, I leave them in home in favor of more sensible pairs.

It can also depend on who you are going with. If you are like me, not many people know about your underwear habits. So you’d rather not someone discover it. For instance, by seeing a bright green thong in your suitcase. Sometimes, like traveling with family, you may have to live up to expectations instead of brining what you really want to wear.

So what am I taking with me on my trip? Well, i’ve got no temperature restrictions, but I am going with family. Top of my list is every pair iv’e got with a functional fly. That can come in handy when nature call’s on a hike in the woods. After that, it really comes down to good reliable, comfortable pairs. I may sneak in something fun, haven’t decided yet.

A lot of this is common sense, but it does bear repeating. Though at the end of the day, like always, the pairs that you should bring on a trip should be pairs that you want to wear. Ones that you love to wear. Because that ‘s what wearing great underwear is all about, right?

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