TopColor is in the top 5 things you guys look for in underwear. This year we wanted to know what colors you guys love. This was an open ended question that you guys could put in any color or colors you loved. You guys responded with 330 different colors you loved. Some said a few colors and others listed just one. As you can tell there is a lot of over lapping colors. Here are the top 11 colors (we were going to do just 10 but we had a tie)

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Again, bar graphs are super sexy. I wanted to make every color what color it was but Excel wasn’t playing nice. The top color that most guys liked, almost a fourth of you guys said blue. This was no surprise to me. Blue is one of the most popular colors in the general pubic. So it makes sense you guys would love blue undies.

The second place was a surprise to me. You guys love black undies. I was expecting to see a few more options before we got to black, but it is a classic and can be very sexy. Third place went to Red. Again no real surprise to me. Red has always been the top color for many guys. I will admit I love a bright red brief.

The fourth place is a big shock to me. You guys picked white. I was not expecting white to make the top 10 with our readers. Many guys have said that white is boring. But it seems many of you see red as a classic and a color to embrace. It just an interesting pick you guys revealed.

My favorite color comes in in our fifth spot. Green! I love green and want more companies to make pairs featuring it. We go through phases of green being in and out. Next is pink! We recently did a non scientific poll on Twitter and asked you guys if you would rock a pair of pink undies. We had about 97% of you who answered said yes. Pink is no longer considered feminine. It also has been popular for a few years and doesn’t seem to go out of style.

When you think of underwear do you think of Grey? It’s not one of the top colors that come to mind for me. I would have never have guessed it would be in our top 11. It shows me something new about our readers! You guys like the classics of black, white and grey.

The next two colors can be on the bright end. They are purple and orange. I figured Purple would be higher on the list. It’s one of the colors in the last few years that has picked up popularity. Orange is one of those colors that is always in the periphery. It never really goes away but never has been the “it” color.

The two tied in last are Bright colors and Prints/Patterns. Bright colors are really primary colors. Ones that are fun and the blue, red, yellow and etc. Some guys bunched them into one. The last I was glad to see. Prints have been huge the last year in men’s underwear. More guys are branching out to try them and actively looking for them. We expect this to grow over the next year.

These are the colors you guys loved. But that’s not all of them. Below are all the answers we received. What is your favorite color?

Blue 23.0%
Black 19.4%
Red 15.2%
White 7.0%
Green 5.8%
Pink 5.2%
Gray 4.2%
Purple 3.3%
Orange 2.7%
Patterns/Prints 2.4%
Bright Colors 2.4%
Yellow 1.8%
Navy Blue 1.8%
None/ALL 1.2%
Plaids 0.9%
camo 0.9%
Turquoise 0.6%
Solids 0.3%
Everything, not just white or black 0.3%
fuchsia 0.3%
burgundy 0.3%
Lime 0.3%
Stripes 0.3%
Dark colors 0.3%



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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