11800285_895226330556325_1415048249521282339_nWhat got you initially interested in photography?

Started as a game, Modeling first for other beginner photographers, then I was directing them what to do, decided to get a camera and got lucky, a lot of people starting liking my work.

When did you turn your eye to the world of underwear/Swimwear?

Since the beginning, started with a group of friends.

Describe your photography style for us.

My style?… Always finding the Sexy side in every person.

Shoots are a lot of work to set up and get right, what has been one of your biggest accomplishments in photography?

Yes its a lot of work, I think having my work feature in different parts of the globe, lots in Europe and Australia.

You have shot so many great pics last year do you have a picture you’re most proud of? If so which one and why is it special?

I think all of them are special, every person touch my heart with their life stories. can’t select only one.

Things can go wrong on shoots such as weather, models not showing and wardrobe malfunctions. What is the biggest problem you had on a shoot and how did you over come it?

I have a phrase that I apply every day.. WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE, you can say, I need this or that to make this photoshoot work, one time we didn’t have lighting, we were outdoors and we only use the moonlight (Thank God was a Full moon) and turned out amazing.. also I can tell you, out biggest problem is Las Vegas Hot Weather. almost kill us everyday during the summer.

Do you have any favorite models you like working with? If so which ones?

My favorite, is those ones that are very creatives and willing to do anything to get an amazing shot, the ones that are crazy like me and say, thats crazy and I want to do it.

Which brands have you worked with and are there any brands you want to work with?

I have several, N2N, Tito Jimmy, 2Eros, PetitQ, Supawear, WearMeUnder, CA RIO CA, Team8, RHunter, BWet, Sly Underwear and many More.

Creativity is key to making a great shoot, how do you approach a studio vs a location shoot?

It depends on the project, sometimes you have to do it on the studio, and its easier to manage the lighting and ambient, sometimes its better and fun doing it outdoors.

You have shot so many great guys, what advice can you give models to being in front of the camera for a shoot?

To Relax, Let the Photographer worry, be Yourself, don’t try to pose and fake a smile, follow directions, and always keep doing photoshoots, you never know when you can hit a big chace.

Who is your ultimate “get” in photography, who would you love to shoot?

Ricky Martin!!

What do you do in your down time when not in front of the camera?

Usually always doing things related to photography, looking for props, new locations, inspirations, books, social media, friends, workout, cooking, Talk to my mom on the phone (Everyday lol)

When you were coming up as a photographer what is the best advice you were ever given?

One that I always remember.. Don’t Quit.. Keep Doing it.

Where can our readers see your work?

A lot on my social Media (Instagram and Facebook) or type #NoelPhotoStudio


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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