Hello all you kinksters,

I am back from my vacation! I spent all week doing nothing but playing in a pool at a gay resort in Florida. Oh, and I brought 21 swimsuits (don’t judge me). I wore EVERY single one of them (check my instagram @HoopArtist to see them all and tell me which are your favorites). I also got to go to some fun leather events at some local spots…Fun was had by all. Right before vacation. Cheapundies.com had a sale on some Cellblock 13 wear. I blacked out for a second, and suddenly 3 things were ordered and shipped to my house (I honestly don’t know what happened). One of the items was the Black and Red Ninja Neoprene Jock. I may or may not have worn this out to a bar, may or may not have looked REALLY cute in it. May or may not have gotten a LOT of groping compliments because of it.


The Ninja Neoprene Jock is a really cool item. The pouch being entirely made of neoprene rubber. With nice firm elastic as the waistband and jock straps. This jockstrap is winning in the three departments. The strap tension, pouch room, under-pouch terminal.

The first thing that either makes or breaks a jock for me is strap tension. I do not want to have to fidget and adjust my straps all day as I move around. I am an active guy, bending, twisting…I cannot be fixing my straps. If my straps are either too thin, or too loose (which honestly, makes me KNOW it is a design flaw, cause I definitely give those straps enough booty to work with), I am over it.


Pouch Room, the great thing about this dense textured neoprene rubber pouch is it shows your bulge without vacuum sealing around it. The pouch being made of a more sturdy material. Tt gets pushed out by your junk, but still kind of keeps it’s relative shield shape, like armor. The less vacuum effect material helps give you enough room for all the goodies. Even if they get a little bit rowdy.

Under-pouch terminal. Now, I am sure I’m not the only one with this problem, but I have not actually discussed this with people yet. If an underwear has too much going on (seams meeting) right below the testicles, it chafes me over time. I am sensitive to it, and it bugs me after some time, and then bugs me long after I remove the offending garment. This jock has a beautiful smooth connection, and was bother free all night long.


One last thing that isn’t in my criteria, but I thought was really cool. I found it unusual and pretty comfortable that the jock straps extended all the way to the front pouch instead of nearer to the sides. Putting it on the first time was a little more “hmm” but once I figured out where the straps needed to be, everything was great.

To find more cellblock 13 wear click here.

Until next time, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!


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